World of Warships – I made myself play Henri IV

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Considering Henri IV is a tier 10 cruisers and I decided to play them all…well….here it is.
This thing doesn’t rly fit my playstyle altho’ I’m not trying to deny I made some mistakes, because I did make them.
It’s just not my thing but it can definitely cause some problems to ppl 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I’ve got this slight feeling you aren’t the biggest of fans of the frenchies 😉

  2. Hmmm….the French do wonders for me. It isn’t supposed to be played as a back line sniper. It’s a hyper aggression rushdown ship. I notice you tend to maintain max speed even when targeted, try using more throttle modulation. In other cruisers this will punish you, but with engine boost active it ends up (for me) being MUCH better than just rudder shifting (thought you still need to).

    Try not to think of yourself as a mainline combatant, sniper, or cap contester. Be a hitman, an assassin. Use islands to maintain stealth like the memes but use that time to plan ambushes and when your target let’s his guard down you punish him hard with AP or torps. HE is for kiting and will be decent for dissuading flammable BB’s. Run turret traverse, rudder shift, stealth, and take superintendent to maximize usage of engine boost.

    Henry rewards lots of forethought and sticking to the ambush playstyle. She can shine in the right hands, give her another chance and best of luck.

    Then again, I think the Hindy is an absolute garbage pale of a ship, so who knows.

    • Everything rely on playstyles and how it fits to the player. For exemple, everyone says Des Moines is a good ship. I Hate her and have a hawful WR with her. But I like French fast hit and run and sniping style.

    • bibimemyi studios

      I don t take any stealth with Henri, to maximamize daka daka power (with leg upgrade), survivability and brawling abilities with vigilance or AR for exemple. Moreover I dont take aa def but hydro, so you can easily 1v1 any ship in mid/late game… Plus, I don t even consider it to be a “long range sniping ship” in early game but a ship that will try to take some focus fire so it s team can position and Henri can take some damage (pray AR), and then it will lob shells or rush down ships when ever possible (3-5 ships in the enemy team is enough dead ships to start going in).
      MOREOVER (for flambass/hans) Henri can be really good at leading charges on the enemy weak spot/flank. You just press the “go fast” key and then you clean the 3 poor ships that tried to defend the cap against you.
      Henri can 1v1 easily at close range any ship, it can 1v2 most ships/players and if the opponent are a little unaware, Henri can 1v3 on a cap with a capable commander!!!

      (ye it s my favorite ship ^^)

    • Hindy is strong, but it’s ugly as fck 😀
      I dont play ugly ships neither.

    • play like a Batchat 25t wot style 😉

    • Mon ami! It is so nice to not be alone! Viva la HENRY! French dd line when?

  3. I fckin hate when ppl compare my zao like this , it was my first T10 and It felt mazing and now feels even more amazing! 4 x 4 12km ninja torps on each side 9,70km spoting range nearly 25 % fire chance and those japanese PHAT guns able to delete enemy cruisers when shooting acurate salvo on the side , staph comparing it to that garbage!

    • Shame the torp launchers got very fragile recently though. Rarely have a battle without at least 1 completely destroyed Really do like ma Zao though. Always loved Atago and Zao is similar playstyle but she’s been juicing 😝

    • ye, but when u really need the torp launchers they are always there for u ^^

    • Those “phat” guns ov yours do real HE i give you that but your AP only works on flat broadsides and come on any player worth his T10 cruiser will NOT give you that.

    • the des moines players usualy do so 😀

    • Ah well most DM have their own campfires with them over the game, open sea cruisers like Hindenburg or Herny IV …well they tend to mind that a bit more .

  4. henri is actually a khab with a citadel hehe

  5. I rarely got trolled by Zao somehow, is this ship was very picky toward its owner ?

  6. I’ve only gotten as far as Charlie and not in any hurry to grind up the rest of the line. Annoying to face but I find it boring to play

  7. Holy moly a cruiser line that isnt cancer, AND takes skill???? I must be dreaming.

  8. I’ve always thought the front of this ship looked like a duck beak

  9. One question still haunts me,

    Did you have Expert Marksman on your Captain?

  10. skeletaur skull night

    J’adore quand il parle français (ça fais moi quand je parle anglais 😂😂)

  11. István Horváth

    Lidl twix is awesome! Shame Im overweight, so thats a no for me. Its a real struggle to walk through the lidl alley of sin 😂

  12. That Dragunov54 guy… “Yo I’m going to sail on my own out here in the open and complain the cruisers aren’t babysitting me.”

    • best thing is, after 16k games, he isnt that good in cruisers either 😂

    • Yeah I noticed. Hell even his BBs are pretty bad, carried by his rather prolific use of certain rather powerful Premiums (I mean over 500 games in Ark Beta? I have perhaps 30 battles in it).

      Pot and kettle and something about black.

  13. Hans for Commander!

  14. That Conqueror hiding at the back at full hp for the first half of the game, and then kill-securing and shit-talking the rest of the team for the second half.

  15. Flambass, sponsorised by International Chocolate Corporation 😀

  16. This end !

  17. i think flambass is secretly french lol

  18. Dragunov54 what a mongoloid in Mongqueror….

  19. Flambass go for a cap with the Henry😁😂😂Oh my god😅😅

  20. This is why the Hindenburger tastes alot better than the floating bougete. #IAMCOMMANDERHANS :))))

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