World of Warships – I need a drink here Izo, come ooon !!!

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Ever found yourself on a beautiful beach, sun was shining, nice view and all you needed was a nice drink? Well if only I had someone to make me that drink flambaHmm
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. A bit late with the daily video because I’m crap and I thought I published it this morning, but I got sidetracked and forgot flambaFish

  2. why the hell he is not believing you that you didn’t beached ?there man just believe him he is petty good at this game ??

  3. I think this makes the argument that Flambass is over served when playing WOW… An over served flambass is a happy flambass 🙂

  4. Call it what you will. That was a Notser. Turned out it was a cool place. Merry Christmas or whatever floats your boat. Health and happiness to you. D.

  5. I bought 1 year of premium last November when it was on sale. Then got 2×180 days and about 90 days from small crates. Typical ? Still have 400 days left

  6. Rothmann Music Extras

    4:52 “Love of my life” by Queen ???

  7. Maybe just give us an option to actually choose and sort our containers. Because its just retarded the way it is Now…tbh

  8. What stream vod was this on?

  9. 9:45 Operation Ten-Go is a success, USS Massachussets is ashore, ready to fend off the enemy attack. circa 1945 ( colorised )

  10. I wish wargaming would go to coupons for premium time that we can redeem.. I have gotten premium time gifts or containers on days that I have to go to work in a few hours which when you then get a 24 hour premium, it’s wasted.

  11. in few years lootboxes will be illegal

  12. Last year, I got 180 days plus enough gold to get another 180 days, and I already had some from a WoT purchase.

  13. Kill Steal Denied.

  14. Two days in a row same corner, same map, just ships sailing out sideways in open water!!! lol

  15. Rigged 7 ricochets lol.

  16. “Musashit”, yep… that was me who got it :V

  17. When you followed Flambass for epic unicum games but turns out he deceives us! He’s a random pleb!

  18. Stops for shore leave in the middle of a battle.

  19. hahahahahahhahahhahahaahahahaahahaha The truth didn’t mean to do it hahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha luv watchin the vids

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