World of Warships- I Never Thought I’d Actually Play This Ship

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Hey guys! Today we take a look the tier VIII Premium Japanese CV, the legendary Kaga! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Can you do a retour series in premium ship that is actually good for credits farming and how much percentage they give instead of normal ships?

    Also, the russian BB’s revisit from tier 3?
    Would like the german also 👍🏼

    One last thing, how to play bb (each country) in each tier would be a good suggestion series 🙏🏻🙏🏻!!

    • Why Tier 3? Not even Wargaming wants you to play ships below T5 otherwise those would count towards progress off anything really.

    • Because, as a new player you’ll have 0 info and understanding of what your knowledge is 🙏🏻 I think it is only logical 🙏🏻

  2. I am no CV player but I agree Kaga is new player friendly.

  3. One thing you didnt mention that make the dive bombers even more new player friendly than they already seem is they have almost a glide bomber drop pattern where after they go up and down extremely quickly they still have the majority of their drop timer being flying level at low height, giving them time to realign their drop and combined with the small reticle makes them extremely good DD nukers.

  4. Back in the day watching Fem wreck everyone cross dropping was a thing in rts

  5. I haven’t played my Kaga in an age, but I’ve always enjoyed playing it.

  6. 8:00 that Boise kept firing after he died lol, the sailors deserve medals of courage!

  7. God this was my favorite CV to play pre-rework

  8. USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

    Imagine not winning a CV on CV duel in a Colossus.

    • i agree

    • It happens all the time. Colossus itself is extremely vulnerable to most attacks and has only short-range AA. Meanwhile, if your opponent has a brain, your rocket planes aren’t getting the big hits and you have to work for it – especially if the opposing CV has an armored deck which negates your other big hit.

  9. The Kaga is my favorite credit farming ship. When you get uptiered to tier 10 farming yamatos and GKs is always a great way to get credits.

  10. Kaga is one of my favorite ships in the game, not only for its ease of credit farming, but for its enjoyable, easy play style.

  11. I got Kaga, enterprise, and Graf during that one event, used to love the enterprise, still love kaga.

  12. Kaga is the definition of throwing planes at something until it’s dead.

  13. Few years ago I got Kaga B I think it was in a crate. But it is still one of my favorite CVs in the game. I dont play cvs often, but when I do.. I want it to be Kaga

  14. Fun fact: old Kaga’s secondary armament used to have two different ammo types, HE shells for the 127mm same as all Japanese ships today, but her ten 200mm secondary guns had AP shells! back then when all commanders had the same skills, people could build into secondary’s and the 200mm would melt cruisers and the 127s still could cause fires although unlikely to do much meaningful damage

  15. trickponystudios

    Aggressively played Russian CV’s either the Pobeda or Chkalov can easily rocket to death an opposing T8 CV in a handful of runs as well. It is pretty standard practice to CV snipe with them especially if there is a significant skill disparity between the CV players.

  16. I have this ship but as the black Friday ship got it in my prime lot box and hop into battle from time to time!

  17. Kaga was fun as hell before the CV rework. A sea of torpedos

  18. Been waiting for this a long time, thanks for the review, gonna get the Kaga now

  19. I got Kaga from the last lunar new year event or whatever. She was the very first random bundle, cost me 888 doubloons. I got a taste of what a good higher tier cv was like to play, and now I want more. Just bough Malta last week.

  20. Kaga is the only carrier that I’ve had success with, mostly by carrier sniping and then having late game air superiority.
    I wish the secondary battery was a bit better though.

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