World of Warships: I Really Like Massachusetts

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The secondaries, the armor, the maneuverability. I love the ship overall.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US battleship Massachusetts.


  1. Or do you?

  2. You can visit the actual ship in my hometown 😂 of course that across an ocean for you.

    • I was lucky enough to visit Intrepid and see New Jersey from afar, but it would also be amazing seeing a South Dakota-class 😀

    • That’s actually pretty sweet, I live in southern NH. I should pay ol Massa a visit 😉

    • William Taylor Payne

      ArthurTFE I’ve seen North Carolina and been on her in Wilmington. Though it seems most of the ships are up north. The only ship I’ve seen is the Fletcher class Casin Young next to the constitution in Boston.

  3. 0:33 Wow, your gameplay looks really smooth! Are you recording in much more fps?

    • What do you mean? This is my usual recording setup. Isn’t it always this smooth?

    • @Aerroon Yes! On your channel it’s been smoth for a long time. Compared to other WoWS Youtubers using 1080p60 as well, your footage looks more flued!

  4. literally any video from aerroon is a treat, even if its a 5 hour video of him just playing the game lol

  5. Hi Aerroon! If you like the Massachusetts, you should love Georgia even more. The speed, the maneuverability, the secondaries.. add in some of the most badass guns in the game, Georgia has a bit of everything👍🇺🇲

  6. Man that DD was in his OWN world, eh? Did you watch his course through the whole match? In the wrong place at the wrong time the whole time. Way out of place.

  7. Got it a while ago, really love the ship.

  8. Nice match.

  9. Good game Aerroon. Been waiting for a week…….it felt like forever! 🙂

  10. Best, funnest ship in the game. It doesnt care what class of ship it comes across and German BB either run or die.

  11. One of my absolute favorite ships in game, running full 2nd build.

    • Massachusetts is THE most fun ship in the game. I have a 19pt commander on it, and a 56% winrate in it.
      Full secondary build, even with IFHE still

    • @luuk341 I dropped IFHE in favor for Concelement, still kicks ass in CQB tho!

  12. love this BB !!!

  13. Is this a ranked match?

  14. I love the massachutes too and have it also, but why should you have to get a premium ship just to be able to play with a US BB that has good secondaries? All other US BBs have useless secondaries. That’s pretty sad.

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