World of Warships: I Really Like The Marceau

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I really like the Marceau. She’s fast, agile, does everything. It’s perfect in every way, except for the things she’s bad at.

0:00 Game
12:44 End Screen
13:33 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 French destroyer Marceau.


  1. Would you like to see her in an unconventional Clan Battle match?

  2. thats a strange République you wanted to yolo there

  3. Would be cool if there was a buff that gives an extra consumable

  4. Friendship ended with Kleber. Marceau is my best friend now.

  5. @Aerroon Think khaba need a little buff meme, Using a speed boost 50% for 20s with Ramming speed bonus and having a commander ussr say: stay alive with 10% if detonate or ramming or devasted strike with 50% or more hp, like a preventive death, imagine stay alive with detonation medail and ramming but stay alive xD.

  6. Man you are my best, i watched all your videos for 3,4,5 times 👍👍👍👍👍👍 best like for you.

  7. Panzergrenadier Tempura

    11:50 ” but i cannot read the Burgonne…… Burgo-knee…..or…Bourgoggna…” Honestly the last one sound like it was a russian ship name

    Also because of your video I started to pronounce french ships name like Kléber or Richelieu like you even if i’m french X)

    I still really like them ^^

  8. Green ship names are fine to read for me too, but the red ones… can’t read them

  9. I thought i was your best friend 😭

  10. I remember got 4 speed buff with marceau and I was practically untouchable hahaha

  11. > as long as I survive, I’m still useful for the team

    And then the CV comes and makes every DD on the same flank irrelevant

  12. Is there any replay that you play marceau with CV in match? I love to learn how to dealing with it

  13. Chat Message at 0:22: “I hate cookies, just watched Aerroon movie about FDR.”
    That is a hilarious good joke

  14. Fun fact: French ships are male.

  15. By the way how does saturation work with heals or with those heals?
    Do only hull/cita pens count as dmg at some point? Do they become un saturated again?^^

  16. I’m thinking of another tier 10 premium, Thunderer or Marceau?

  17. What I really like about your vids is the commentary, it really helps with understanding your gameplay and understanding how to play a specific ship! Thanks for the advise!

  18. 11:28 thats a bourgogogognenene aerroon 🙂 nice game one day i get her too^^
    I bought petro and is so god damn tanky!

  19. She is a good ship had it for about a month or so she performs well but haven’t played her much as just dont enjoy high tier very much anymore

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