World of Warships – I said NO

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When they just wonR;t listen….what can you do….I tried to warn them but NOPE !!!
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I love your gameplay videos keep it up

  2. Flam up new WoWs vid
    *Instant like*
    Saludos desde Colombia o/ sigue así!!! (Keep er’ going)

  3. LOL
    ¿Hablas español? 😮

  4. Flambass is stat padding in the Fletcher. shame on you stat padder.

  5. hi mate, any word on the ring?

  6. If he could only hear your speech may he would have taken it into consideration xD. Btw, nice spanish there

  7. 9:00 You said that you said “NO!” but then you are saying that you’re “Not interested”. But that would actually be “NI!” instead of no so i’d suggest using Ni instead from now on.

  8. Complains about torpedo angles…

    I’ll just be over here in my Jutland wishing they were half as good 🙁

  9. Hola, guapo, ¿cómo estás?

  10. Flambass what codec do you use to render your videos. I use OBS to record footage, but my videos don’t seem to be as clear as yours once I’ve uploaded them to Youtube.

  11. good vids but really hard to listen to all this

  12. Of course he speaks spanish. It’s because after the war, hans went to argentina 😉

  13. Como Esta. Not Donde. Como is how. Donde is where

  14. it’is only but a scratch!

  15. i just recently got the german tier 9 DD (forget its name) and im starting to like it more than the fletcher idk why

  16. yea iv seen more secondary yamatos and i even faced one secondary montana

  17. randomly click on videos, get in here , love your saying during the game,
    make the game a lot more interesting, really enjoy it !! ,
    and i’m not good at playing Fletcher ,this give me confidence of what Fletcher can do

    • I think Flambass’ best narrating comes when he is playing French ships. Especially when there are citadels not sure what the direct translation, “COUP BLAHHHLALAMIER!!!!!!”

      Flamb is always spot on with it.

  18. You really needed a video for today, huh? Because there was absolutely nothing speshul about this match

  19. Dakle reka si: “ne može”…

  20. Can your boat launch torpedoes from both sides ?

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