World of Warships – I Sank Your Waifu

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In which we explore the consequences of being an asshat and see what we can do about setting damage records in the Atlanta.

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  1. *looks at thumbnail*
    At least you can virtually, in real life your wifu sinks you financially….

  2. 1 view and 5 Comments. Gotta love the notification squad!

  3. Oh god, Jingles is sinking further into weebery.

    Welcome to the Dark Side. Will Akizuki get a little black headband with gold lettering?

  4. 0:25 “we’ve got a bit of a mixed MAG for you today”

  5. Thank you jingles, a world of warships video on my birthday sweet!!!! 30 today

    • Have a good one, pal. You are still a sturdy ass stallion, go celebrate what your body can still do!

    • It is also my Birthday I’m 17 what a coincidence Happy Birthday!

    • Congrats. Turning 18 this year myself on the 26th of december.

    • Happy birthday

    • +samuel harbron Fuck, now I feel old…. I was 17 once, 34 years ago, life was different back then….

      I’ll leave the rest of the ‘life was hard back when I was a boy’ story to your imagination… try not to get too drunk! Though to be fair, at your age a hangover is a relatively minor thing. And no, I am not encouraging underage drinking… just being realistic in that it happens!

  6. I could have sworn the title was ” I spank you Waifu” the first time I read it.

  7. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    10:10 was that Akizuki or just Jingles’ stomach making noises?

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      +Ian Fairfield I thought that too, but I went back to the beginning of the video to see the name of that Akizuki player so I could search for him to see if he has played any battles recently (he has not, apparently, so He hopefully got what he deserved), and when I jumped back I heard it again xD

    • +Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl *Akatsuki
      It’s #JinglesEffect

    • Swore that was my stomach too o.o

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

      +Pilvenuga thanks. It’s all the fault of that bloody kitten ^^

    • Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl I was eating, so I half thought it was me, and half thought it was jingles.

  8. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    On Invexus the only profile is still available and you can probably see that he was permabanned.

    • SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

      Lol he didn’t play a single match for days when I posted it. 😛

    • SonOfAB_tch2ndClass if you look at his clans roster ingame it says he last played in a match today. It may be that he’s limited to co op only but this dbag still has an account and is in fact still able to play.

    • As of May 7th, Invexus has played 5 Random Battle games. So he is not being subjected to just playing CO-OP matches. It really sucks that WG can’t stop players like this for good.

    • Joe Cameron it’s not can’t. It’s won’t.

    • Fatso_Jesus I stand corrected and agree. I should have said Won’t.

  9. 7:40 – the data protection laws in this case are doing far more harm than good. The twats and arseholes have IMHO abrogated their right to that protection.

    • I’m not buying the data protection argument here. If WarThunder can list the nicknames of players who were permabanned for illegal client modifications, why wouldn’t World of Warships? Nicknames are not personal data. Emails are, but you’re not featuring emails.

      It really does smell like trying to avoid scrutiny players could apply to customer support actions


    • It’s a bullshit answer used as an excuse not to send ANY response to tickets. This way it’s impossible to say whether tickets were processed or not.
      Behaving like an asshole in a PUBLIC game is a PUBLIC event. By saying that X (which is a public, well-known PSEUDONYM) broke Y rules (which are public) in a particular game (which is a public event) and consequently got the sanction Z (as detailed by the aforementioned public EULA) is NOT “disclosing private information”. It’s being transparent.
      You just have to see how long it’s taking the dev team to add the minimap to the list of blacklisted interactions to realize the support team, which is most likely mainly made out of underpaid temp workers who hate their job, just don’t give a DAMN about your user experience. All they want to do is tell their bosses they’ve met their daily ticket closure quotas, and if no one can tell when they closed the ticket without even reading it it’s all the better.

      Incidentally, it’s probably the reason why they ask for a replay, even though I suspect they might have to keep the chat logs around for legal reasons anyway.

    • +Gig Anonymous what the fuck are you on about, im pretty sure you dont have the slightest idea of what actually happens at wows HQ, unless you’ve been there, youre just assuming things and blurting them out as false facts.

  10. “Data protection laws”….. in the US?

    • EU. World of Warships is a Russian game, but the majority of the players are in the EU. (As opposed to World of Tanks, where the majority of players are Russian.)

    • Right but the issue was sent to customer service NA. That’s in Chicago, IL. Hence the joke.

    • +Howard Moth I would presume that Wargaming has the same customer service policies worldwide, because it would be simpler that way. Meaning that they’d mostly follow EU rules everywhere.

    • Actually no. While typically branches of international companies follow the same guidelines there’s nothing in place to hold them to it. Case and point, you may recall the drama more than a year ago when WoT released the Chrysler and a popular community contributor negatively reviewed it. Drastic differences between how EU and NA handled the issue.

  11. why can’t war gaming just say “A PLAYER HAS BEEN BANNED” then put up the date it was reported. Where is the breach of data protection in doing that?

    • I was thinking the same thing! In what form does an answer that the arsehole got banned does any data breach? They won’t provide any other info on the account besides he got banned!

    • +RedXlV i dont have any facebook, but some one shoot put that on the WOT facebook page… who knows ey…

    • Might be the case that there were ppl that got themselves banned, but they’re just 16 year old idiots and it’s not worth it to make their accounts own, the internet get on their case, internet diggs and ends up doxxing personal information and said kid getting their life ruined. It’s just a game. A better solution might be the “avoid as teammate” that is in Overwatch (a 5 person ban list) . Probably would be better then just name shaming ppl.

    • Gig Anonymous I know some of the tickets are handled properly.. though some aren’t. I remember coming back to WOT after about a three month break only to find my account name pink and I wound up getting a three week ban when a pair of friendly tanks decided to continuously ram my tank to tick me off, and I wound up firing back at one of them while another team mate one shot the other. I sent in the replay and a ticket asking them first off why I was pink when I hadn’t even played a game in months, and if they could remove the unjustified three week long ban. They responded by apologizing, giving me a free day of gold account, and changing the ban time to only three days.. which was still annoying but whatever.

    • +Syfer Polski you can’t because data protection laws protect from that

  12. Andreas Müller

    More important it´s an Atlanta with a Kraken, High Cal, Confed and SOLO WARRIOR.

    • I’ve seen people farm Kraken, High Caliber, and Confederate awards all day. Arguably the most prestigious award in the game is the Solo Warrior. “Stand alone against at least 4 enemy ships and win the battle” is a task that nobody wants.

    • Andreas Müller

      +OEFBugout in nearly 10k games i have only two of those myself. And damn they where hard work games.

  13. “I GOT MY NAME IN THE TITLE OF A JINGLES VIDEO!” “He spelled it wrong…”

  14. onewhosaysgoose

    Actually Jingles, his name is “I _sunk_ your waifu”, though we can all understand if you were simply correcting his land lubber errors.

  15. theScottishKoala

    Welcome back to world of warships with REAR Admiral Jingles ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

  16. Jingles (16:44): “They’re down two ships to just the one enemy.”
    Narrator: “They were actually down four.”
    This has been today’s edition of Checking Jingles’s Math.

  17. WG: we need replays for clarifying the circumstances.
    Also WG:* does not supply replay system*

    I didn’t know that there is one now. Case in point.

  18. Jingles that response sounds like a complete copout from WG, ofc you can say an account is suspended that’s all one needs to state, if that was the case nobody would be banned on forums or social media would they, it certainly would not say in such a public fashion.
    Your not gaining any other info, no names, emails or anything else.

  19. Guess I’m a little late, but much appreciated for featuring my Atlanta replay, Jingles!

    I will show mercy towards some Akizukis in the future as a thank you 😉

  20. Data protection argument is bollocks. You simply add into the TOS, that if you break any of the rules you agree to your user name and sanction being published and/or shared in any format. This is probably a very minor clause compared to many of the things everyone already agreed to by clicking “I agree” without reading the TOS.

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