World of Warships – I should be dead

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Wow…it’s not very often that something like this happens to me. Usually it’s completely opposite, but not today. I though you might wanna see it for yourself as well since it happens once in a lifetime xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Wish I could play but my internet has been down for two days

  2. Its not a Flambass epic game unless he losses half hp at the beginning of the battle

  3. LOL that “shield” ?

  4. Found something I can do better than Flambass: I can die faster than him!

  5. 2:53 funny, in german Keks also means cookie


  7. This video shows exactly what is wrong with the game most players for some stupid reason think attacking a ship on full hp but two tiers lower will net more haha if only they knew how epic one of my favourite ships in the game is at bouncing shots and that’s the Martel! 😉

  8. 8:05 The distance from your ship to the squadron is probably calculated with respect to the center (average of positions of all planes that are still alive). If a plane at the front is shot down, the center will obviously shift back. That’s why planes that are flying towards you can suddenly jump back a couple of 100 meters.

  9. Too bad someone didn;t set the ship on fire just after he said “I will carry on the torch”

  10. The shift from 5,3 to 5,5 on airplanes is because part of squadron is separating to make attack run and game switches from tracking cruising planes to the ones that began their attack run

  11. I hope you ate plenty of Apple keks after the match was over 😀

  12. Does anyone else crack a smile when a Puerto Rico goes down?

  13. Brate, play some more CV games. I enjoy watching those.
    Pozdrav 🙂

  14. Patchouli von Darnassus

    Keks= cookie in my language aswell!!

  15. Old Soviet psy warfare, better watch out dude,

    Conway is there where you least expect him now.
    Better check the kitty basket, or the basement

    when you have an appartment on the second floor.

  16. I tried playing reload dm but bbs sitting at 18km ish away hitting me while I cant do anything was just dumb. Cant hide behind islands all day and do good with range.
    Friendly dd dies so I’m just sitting there with no spotting other than bbs out of range

  17. 30k smack is just Tactical Adrenaline Rush being activated!

  18. There’s absolutely nothing wrong playing a range DM. You will not believe how often the range limitations when your own team just camps hurts this ship more than taking a citadel in the face.

  19. This episode should have been called YOLO. Number of sh*ts given, zero. I love when that happens.

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