World of Warships- I Should Have Gotten This Ship Sooner

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the TX Premium French Destroyer Marceau, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. Ya know the ironic part is I was legit just looking up if this ship would be worth buying as I was between this and the Napoli. Ended up going with Napoli.

  2. Raymond Reynolds jnr

    Happy new year sealord and everyone else hope you all stay safe and healthy and have a prosperous new year

  3. Marceau is my fave DD. There’s something really cool about steaming along at 55knots.
    She’s a highly effective DD when used carefully.

  4. Got it few months ago. Very fun ship, strong as well, but need practice to get constant good results. Waiting for the F. Sherman now 🙂

  5. One of the most fun ships in the game !!!! While playing Marceau you don’t need speed, “You are the speed” !!!!

    • after putting the bleu special skin on kleber i wish WOWS would do a sonic colab and put a sonic skin on kleber and marceau 🙂 wonder who would get the ouganda knukkle skin

  6. Honey Springs Homestead

    Santa crates were not so good for me this year. Bought 68 of them and best I got were Loyang and Belfast 43… but did get a bit of coal and some other ships of the trees 7, 6, and 5 varieties. Can’t complain though as it’s all a gamble with the mega Santa crates just like the rest. Would have loved a Benham, just saying wargaming.

  7. People complain about BBs sitting as far back as possible and sniping then that poor Yamato in this video perfectly explains WHY that is the case.

  8. I’m a 50% WR player. Mostly BB main. An average potato. However… I have a knack for sniping DD’s. One of the few BB’s that actually shoot at a DD when spotted. However… I have stopped shooting at the Marceau. She is so fast there is not enough lead to hit her.

  9. I love this ship, is my favorite, but i spent all the points on the reload speed and leave the range
    It’s a fucking monster

  10. The only downside you missed was the rather bad cammorating (not too bad actually when compared to kleber / Khaba).
    With the new German secondary ships around gunning in open water can become a pain and a shima with engineboost+speed captainskill can keep you permaspotted for quite some time before you are able to catch up or go dark.

    • Every time I run into a Shimakaze while playing Cruiser or DD and that Shima is in my backfield, it becomes target #1. If I run into a Shima in a Marceau, attack….atttack…atttack.

    • German secondary not really problem a full gunboat build which i recommend both kleber and khaba is a fast ship you dont even want go close to cap but if you choose to do then you can just get RPF for the captain and rush the shima or any torpedo boat dd. They cant outrun you and with RPF you know where is and people gonna strugle with hitting you because of the speed. Its work 99% every time after you kill the torp boat you can go range and burn down everything.

    • @DeteCT0R Ofc you can always get at range and farm farm farm, but with that you cant support the fight for caps, it wont win you games (if the enemy know what they are doing and dont overextent after they get the caps), especially in Ranked.

      Same with RPF, had this situation in Random where a Shima was followed by a Schliefen pushing a flank, sure I knew where the shima was, but rushing her down was impossible as I would have spend too much time inside the secondary range of said Schlieffen 7-9 km behind her.

  11. Thanks for the review! I was hesitant this week about getting the Marceau after watching Flamu and Notser’s videos, but I play my gunboats the way you do. I will get Phillipe first, though, as I’m just about to get the Kleber, too.

  12. One thing I like about this podcast is that SLM aims as badly as I at times. It’s nice to know, unlike the ‘impression’ sometimes given by some podcasts, that folks don’t always aim perfectly with ships they haven’t played much lately. 😉

  13. There is one big difference between Marceau and Kleber– torpedo reload time!

    The Kleber has its first set of torpedoes up in 77 seconds. The Marceau will not have its torpedoes ready for 142 seconds. The Marceau has the speed to get to torpedo range nearly a minute before it can launch any torpedoes! When using the Marceau, you must remember that your torpedo readiness status is not indicative of the enemy DD’s torpedo readiness status (In a Kleber, if your fish are unready, odds are that the other guy’s fish are also unready).

    That being said, she is a very fun ship.

  14. The Invincible Iowa

    I bought marceau just to spend my discount in a coupon, and I fell in love with it; ive been maining her in CB and having an absolute blast!

  15. I got mine a while back and I have that range boosted out to 16km where it just melts secondary build battleships and with RDF skill I just about always win engagements against any other DD I run into since only another one of these is getting away from its 55kts max speed.

  16. I have the Marceau, and I just love her. One of my favorite things to do, is to rush smoke clouds of DDs that are busy farming other ships. Surprise!! Boom, boom, boom…you’re dead!!

  17. As solely a DD player I hate running into a Marci. I’ve saved enough coal for any ship and commander that I want: you talked me into it! Thank You!

  18. I’m looking to pick this up but my Harugumo with its 2.5 sec reload its really good most DD get shredded and with a range of 15.1 km its good at island lobbing but its slow at 37. 5 nts with flag.

  19. Marc Van Artevelde

    I’ve been grinding the French DD line, I’m up at Mogador now, love the mugger playstyle. I already have Philippe and also got Le Terrible because I don’t have the coal for Marceau (yet). Would you say it’s still worth getting Marceau if you have Kléber?

  20. Just got the ship today and i have an absolute blast. Though i do play it more as an ambush ship vs dds. RPF on, find dd, erase it, profit.

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