World of Warships – I think he just won the game

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Welcome to HansTV.
Here is one of the best games from SHITSTORM SATURDAY tournament.

Rules were simple:
2 tier 7 and 1 tier 8 ship allowed – most premium ships were banned

It’s a game between TWA and GWDYC and what a match it was, few more coming from finals.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I.. well then… I guess that Gneisenau sacrificed everything he ever knew to the RNGesus for dispersions like that… holy shit.

  2. What mod was used on top for the overall team HP ? I’d honestly like that mod !

    • Casters mod with score timer

    • thank you Flamby ! Keep the vids coming Sir! Is it on Aslain’s or Hakabase? not sure but would check for it now

    • aslain has it called combined team points or some other almost engrish name.

    • Thanks found it, it’s called “Team HP bars” if you go on top of the installer, you can select Castor’s Mod and it automatically selects the mods for you. Already played a game with it, actually kinda surprised to see my team had 703k HP against the enemie team’s 682k HP at the start of the battle …. That’s something one might look into. Because a overall HP advantage could affect a teams ability to fight.


  4. flambass is rpf any good on mino or should i stick with manual AA?

  5. Moral to this story….. you see Angel on the other team….. just run

  6. The last time i did that dispersion i didnt win for the rest of the day

  7. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    German accuracy living to its meme

  8. Warpack confirmed ! 🙂

  9. 7:44 the dispersion German BB captains dream of.

    EDIT: Never mind, that Gneisenau is blessed by dispersion RNG that makes Yamato jealous.

  10. Blap blap ?

  11. How many goats you ask? i’m guessing they skipped the goats & went & sacrificed a family member for that god like dispersion! Holy shit!!!

  12. Was this a commercial for gneisernau? Holy crap i wan that dispersion aswell

  13. Okay now I’m going to have to rebuy the Gneisenau. I miss those aggressive BB plays.

  14. Many virgins were sacrificed for that dispersion…….

  15. “Nelson is the slowest T7 BB”

  16. He sacrificed goats, cows, pigs, neighbors…

  17. Yet its like firing a sawed off shotgun at any range when I play this ship.

  18. So where do I get the gold ammo? 😛

  19. 30k salvo with 4 barrels in a KM BB? Wow.

  20. Can i have that dispersion trainer /script/ hack ? 😀

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