World of Warships- I Try The Auto Aim Exploit/Bug

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Hey guys, over the weekend I took a whirl at the weird sky aiming bug/exploit that Yuro posted about and discuss what its like to use it in battle, try it out for yourselves and let me know how it works out for you, enjoy!

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  1. Morning all.

  2. Yeah… It’s working good … Tested on Atlanta , Bismarck , Haida , on missions , random and co-ops … GJ WG ;)))

  3. I tried this with Kitakaze in clan battles. It’s handy for HE farming but only when you’re safe. The view is so restrictive that you can’t respond to any other ships. It can hurt or even kill you in some situations.

    • You can just hold right click and look around, right? Or does it not work with this technique?

    • @Onauc C Just tested it and free look’s fine but if you need to switch targets/all manual aim you really don’t want to have to go through any extra steps and 2nd zoom is just terrible for dds.

  4. It only works on people who go on a straight line, so it really depends on what server you are playing at.
    Best used at NA, worst at Asia, and not amazing in other servers

  5. Agreed, it’s not that useful, at least for me. And it feels weird, in some obscure way I can’t really explain. I haven’t really noticed being on the receiving end of this bug, but I tend to use that WASD hack a lot.

  6. Bjorn the overly, excessively enslaved singaporean

    SeaLord whenever you fire Shiki’s guns, pls let us hear it

  7. I think the only thing this mostly does is it removes the need to aim in situations when the aiming would be trivial anyways. Behind islands is an exception, but you can shoot just as well with the minimap circle. It just takes a bit more effort that way.

  8. What amused me, was WG’s response, acting as if this is some type of newly discovered bug that they will address “soon” – whereas I’ve talked to veteran players, who have been around for years, and they admitted that they knew about this “bug” quite some time ago, and that it’s been in the game for as long as they can remember.
    If you watch the two vids that Yuro linked in the description of his vid, they describe how it works and show it’s use in much more detail – and those vids are from back in November of last year – pre 10.0 – so this does appear to have been around for some time.
    If you watch the mini-map, you can tell when you’ve managed to activate it – you’ll see the small white circle that shows where your shots are supposed to fall basically “lock on” to the target.
    I found you can scroll out further than the second notch and this will still work. I would scroll out to just where my crosshairs disappeared, point the camera at the sky, and it would activate – and the green aiming circle would stay on the horizon – with a little practice, I could use the circle on the horizon to make horizontal corrections for movement.
    I do agree, probably 95% of the time, where you can get a direct view of the target, it’s going to be faster, easier, and more accurate to aim in the “normal” way. The times where this would be of use, is when you have a target behind cover, which is spotted and the game will give you a target lock, but you can’t get a direct view of the target to estimate just how high you need to aim.

  9. Playing both WT and WOWS for some time, I thought this was just a feature with WOWS that it auto calculated the Y axis to some degree, the same as it does with the ships speed etc as you can tell the difference between the Y axis in both games. Would be interesting if they actually change this.

  10. vasilis vergoulas

    It can also work against you,if you are in close range and zoom out to have better awarenes, since it doesnt aim at the waterline and may be the reason for some weird misses

  11. I have tried this, but I have not been able to get it to work and so went back to the usual method. I guess I didn’t have my tounge stuck out correctly or something 😛

  12. I tried this last night on a moving KANSAS behind an island. First Salvo miss, 2d Salvo 4 hits. When moving at long range trying to use the minimap and the little aiming circle is a challenge. But at closer ranges better to use normal fire control.

    That being said, remember Wargaming has given us search radar but not fire control radar. If we had fire control radar then we would lock on and their would be no way a target could survive being locked on as the old analog computer would take into consideration target speed, bearing, wind, temperature and sea state. With gyro stabilized guns (like HELENA) then almost no contest.

  13. I feel like the most important thing is to lead the X axis… the Y axis is only harder if they are blocked by the islands. It’s not a big deal in my opinion with this built in assist.

  14. I kinda felt the same, I was bored last night and tried it. For ships with a direct line of sight I felt it hurt my aim (due to ships just being smaller, and further away). For ships close by it really did nothing, was needed as it’s not hard to place those shells.

    I tried it for ships that where island camping and found it no better than aiming with the mini map, the only use case I could possibly think it was useful for is HE spamming ships without a direct line of site, who don’t need to land every shell but even if several miss they are still spamming at a reasonable rate.

    I honestly found it to be blown out of proportion, at least compared to what everyone was saying. You still have your normal weapon arch’s so it’s not like you gain anything from it when shooting, if stuff is in the way it’s still in the way. Basically felt like aiming with the mini map, which most people can do easily anyways.

  15. Tried it in a training room and a few games. Useful, but situational.

  16. I didn’t watch euros vid on it however I’ve known about this since I started playing the game and while honestly I’m not happy it’s now well known haha I might as well say, maybe euros video didn’t mention that to lead a ship on the x axis all you have to do is line up your dot with the intersecting lines representing your gun trajectory and their ships path

  17. I found this years ago. But, I think I saw it along with another bug at the same time and didn’t realize it was useful. Basically, I could aim as high as possible at a ship well within my range and all the shells would still drop into the water before it if I was shooting over an island.

  18. The fact that you do not use a crosshair reticle is amazing. I have a hard time using a crosshair. Not using one would be amazingly difficult.

  19. so everyone just figured out you can use the minimap to help aim, that explains a lot

  20. My suspicion is that is a feature of auto aim. Note where the circle is on the map on minimap.

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