World of Warships – I Will Sink You!

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and I played the newest Destroyer to roll off the line in World of Warships, the HMAS ! It was a surprising amount of fun! Enjoy guys!

ANZ viewers: Join free today at and battle in the Vampire marathon to unlock Aussie ship HMAS Vampire! Players complete four missions in a ship of tier four or higher can secure the HMAS Vampire free. #SP

Marathon ends Wednesday 20th Dec, 5am (AEDT).



  1. SEAN IS BACK IN THE NAVY! Till Valhalla !

  2. How many subscribers can I get by saying eggplant

    No joke but I was just watching a D-Day video.

  3. I’ve been playing this for a year or two. It is funner then it looks, especially with friends like this.

  4. I’m a Mexican, yet I support Trump!

  5. It is a fun game, welcome to WOWS Rein…..errr Tyrodin.

  6. Masta of swing (masta of swing), Masta of swing (masta of swing).
    He swings the hamma,
    Hits them and slams ya,
    for da gloryyyy
    In Eichenwalde he swung and sway,
    now watch the master as he slay.
    Always show boatin,
    drinkin and gloatin,
    Masta of swing.

  7. Good stuff mate

  8. More? Please!

  9. “hears the word history”

    rapidly taps right arrow button

  10. Most of the time I was just looking at the water and appreciating how good it looks 😛

  11. Grow a beard, you fucking Man-Child… And then Grow a brain

  12. Tyrodin, you just gave us your email at the beginning.

  13. OMFG I love this game and I can’t believe you guys are actually playing it this is amazing

  14. This is weird bc I watch Jingles for WoWS and WoT and now Tyrodin is doing this

  15. Is this game worth getting into as a f2p player?

    • ThunderChanter. If your willing to sink in some time, I defiantly think so. Though there is some grinding involved it never really feels that way. (Exept for the isumo to the yamato. I’ve been told the isumo is a chore) pick a line of ships based on your playstlye or just try to get a ship you like the look of.

      Honestly you can get from tier 1 to 5 in 1-2 days tops. And there are always events and missions to complete. I really enjoy it and if you liked the video I recommend giving it a try.

      Wow looking at this it’s like a commercial… but if you want to see wows content I recommend The Mighty Jingles’s channel. I hope this was helpful to you….?

    • that moment when you have kind of the same profil pic as someone else (:

    • ThunderChanter Definitly!

    • It’s awesome.

  16. Tyrodin! I am a WoWS CBT player and I want to let you know you are doing great for being a New player to warships i’d like to suggest you try getting up the German BB line its alot of fun, and New player friendly.

  17. Tyrodin is 27, and they call him old? Ha ha ha /cries approaching 40

  18. There is a BIG difference between when Sean makes youtube vids with Muselk and Bazza and when he doesn’t

  19. do more of this !!!

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