World of Warships – Ibuki Revisited

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on Islands of Ice was interesting when apart of the line this Sunday. I headed out south to help attack the C point, enemy also headed south. Both sides fought over it and it looked very grim for a while with most of my team way in the south. I head back to the mid to try and get another point, the game is close all the way and exciting. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Cruiser Ibuki Replay


  1. Why play any other T9 cruser when you can just play the Ibuki

  2. Roon > all tier 9 cruisers. F*ck you, fight me!

  3. Notser , Revisit the Amagi please , You haven’t played with her in a long time 🙂

  4. just take RoF and Rudder mod 3 and WASD, works very well for Zao

  5. OMG failing to complete the capture. LoL.

  6. notser aiming skill is getting rusty 🙂

  7. THIS GAME ^ is why I usually take defensive fire on my iJN Cruisers, as I operate usually 10 km + away from my enemies about 90% of the time, and I cannot count on my DUAL catapult fighters to scatter 2 to 4 squadrons – Defensive fire REALLY saves on HP ANY time a CV is in the match – which is actually about 50% of the time in tier 9 and 10 ships, that is to say because you are in tier 9 or 10 that means you have a MUCH higher chance of seeing tier 8 to 10 CVs, and tier 8s seem quite popular in terms of CVs lately for whatever reason – I wouldn’t know as I have not played ONE GAME in a CV!

  8. Ibuki needs a shell speed buff, thats why Notser kept missing his shots…

  9. Meh, I’m playing it, not impressed. In my opinion, it is the weakest of the t9 cruisers.

  10. Ibuki, tier 9 ship, tier 7 stat
    Imo, Ibuki need some shell buff, like 900m/s

  11. They should add a fuel tank to the game to keep the distance and island huggers honest…

  12. thing for commenting

    what is the most effective mode of fire? sequential or salvo?

  13. @Notser: I love your WOW content but with 2 videos a day your content quality is going down the drain, too much content is a overkill. Now, what’s special in this Ibuki vid…Nothing, other than top on battle stats, just 55k damage, nah…doesn’t suits u.

  14. Cool game Notser! Thanks for posting that one!

  15. really like this vid, gg & ty. too bad no defensive fire hey? that ibuki can take a torpedo like a champ!

  16. Just got the Ibuki…glad this was posted. Thanks

  17. holy that turrets turnings

  18. You need to revised your Tech’/Down on “torpedo bombers dodging”…. I mean really.

  19. DrunkenSailor here…can’t believe we lost this game. 🙂   I was probably playing too aggressively, but I did take out the Bismarck doing it.  But I think we all should have played base defense.

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