World of Warships – Ibuki – The Misunderstood Beauty

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I noticed that in my video comments, a lot of people mentioned how they were struggling with the , so figured I might as well make a video and help you out with this misunderstood beauty of a ship 😀 know her strengths, play to them and you should get solid results. Enjoy the video and hope it helps 😀

Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. I really like your videos man, but can I suggest something?
    I think your gameplay vids would be a better if u didn’t say the outcome
    before it happened on screen, rather reacting then stating

  2. I’m struggling with this ship,but switching to the range module and kiting
    the enemy has helped allot.

  3. hey Chase, what skill should i get first for German BB? vigilance or
    superintendent ?? Please help me or anyone ?

  4. I ended up free xping 100k xp to get the Zao not becuase I did poorly in
    the Ibuki, but because I didn’t enjoy playing the ship. Zao is much more
    fun due to its armor and ap in addition to everything else. I’m so glad I
    played the Mogami back when it was a very unique ship. I think going from
    the op mogami to the Ibuki was a problem too becuase the Ibuki was just
    worse than the t8 lol.

  5. I free xpd 80k of the ibuki to get the zao with a discount. Otherwise I
    would play it till I’d grinded it out. It’s a nice ship. Great upgrade over
    the mogami. Kept the mogami. Sold Ibuki.

  6. ICheese it is then.

  7. just got my ibuki last night, this video really helps. thanks i cheese XD

  8. Oh that it was this game huh
    Hope I didn’t look bad in it XD

  9. I’m just curious, but why are people calling the Neptune the ‘NepNep’?

  10. Thnx for your work iChase, and double thnx for showing and assisting IJN
    ship. Just have a look at the start of Jingles last WoWs “Last Man
    Standing” video and you know who plays IJN ships on EU. Japanese ship
    gameplay is why I watch these things. I hope they fix Mogami again.

  11. I really dont get the shit towards Flamu. You guys should appreciate his
    great Videos. And btw he never “flames” without reason, and he is probably
    the best WoWs Player out there right now.

  12. Did I just see “NepNep”
    iChase are you ONE OF US

  13. you should have switched to AP when fighting the ZAO he was mostly
    broadside to you at <10km

  14. *Pukes Violently* It gets the Mogami’s guns…

  15. HyperDimension Bliss

    Wait, looking in the chat after the Neptune sinks, Chase said, “poor
    NepNep.” Is that the reference I think it is?

  16. Christopher Matarazzo

    what’s owo in chat?! lol

  17. Hey iChase, I like these videos where you help viewers improve the play of
    a specific ship. Keep it up!

  18. Use your airplane!!!

  19. is it wrong that i using AA build on all of my IJN Cruiser guys?
    just asking

  20. I see you were Div’d up with DeuS_Cannon – I’ve played with him before too
    – great player.

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