World of Warships – ICEBERGS AHOY!

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  1. “ICEBERG DEAD AHEAD!”-Ross Hornby

  2. i gues the makers of Wargaming really like duncan. I mean he has multiple sponsored vdeos

  3. I think there was quite a big audio desync

  4. Gfggui me end hello in vhvg

  5. Sjin asks where Campbeltown’s Citadel is
    DDs don’t have citadels in game

  6. how much do you get paid for these videos?

  7. Oh shit it’s that time again!

  8. oh….its the same video

  9. At least not World of tanks 😉
    (which gone to shit)

  10. Hey! You inspired me to make a song about cabbage, I’ve uploaded it to my channel now & I’d love to hear what you think of it 🙂

  11. Where are Kim and Rythian, I thought they were your Wargaming buds? ;( XD

  12. Hey I live in Campbellton…New-Brunswick…Canada… Well close enough!

  13. 3:30 – you’re welcome.

  14. Isn’t it the same video from sjin channel?

  15. Ill gladly like to try and support dunc. Good on ya getting sponsored

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