World of Warships- If I Could ONLY Buy ONE Premium Ship, This Ship Would Be It

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Hey guys! Today I bring you guys my yearly “One Ship To Rule Them All” Video! Enjoy!

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  1. Can you do a video of this same concept but at each tier or for each class of ship?

  2. Midnight Rose: Gaming, Driving, and Living

    Kearsarge Black has been my go to since i got her. 1.5 million credits a battle, and almost never under 800k credits. She is so powerful too. Literally a tier 9 Montana with super high damage planes. My highest damage game so far was just over 200k and it was in the Sarge

  3. Kearsarge is a solid tier 9

  4. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Gun reload is 36 not 33 seconds, I believe I had Pommern on the brain

  5. Every average WoWs player: Get any ship but NOT the submarines! (I-56 and s-189 or Alliance, Gato)

  6. Me and a friend of mine started playing this game again about 2 years ago. We both saved up coal for a tier 9 premium, he got the Kearsarge and I got the Pommern. My playstyle suits the pommern and his the kearsarge. But I do believe that its got to do with skill a bit as well. The pommern’s guns aren’t that bad and the armor is a bit more forgiving in my opinion.

  7. I got mine for free from a random free super container, and it took me a few plays but I love that ship. I’ve ran into the “it’s a CV player” with one a few times but man this things a sweet ship

  8. The biggest problem with the Kearsarge is not the ship, but the player… specifically those who play it like a CV and just park it behind an island and use the planes. IT’S A BATTLESHIP!!! The guns are its main feature and they are really good guns. I like this ship.

  9. I got the Kearsarge for coal a month ago and I had a really hard time with her. I tried playing her at mid range and I always got HE-spammed to death or ate a few torps which always took half my health away or more. Then I tried a more passive approach and I didn’t do any damage because I was too far in the back. The most damage I did overall with both approaches was 80k.
    The planes are good, but aren’t the easiest to use in my opinion. I’m probably just too dumb to play her right. Traded her for the Bayard a few days ago. So, everyone who is successful in this ship, I envy you.

  10. Broccan Mac Ronain

    My favorite (thanks to your suggestion) is the Azuma. I am having a blast in her. But I will probably be getting the Kearsarge with in the next few weeks, though I am going to need practice with the planes.

    • Really the Azuma??? I have no use for the Azuma or Yoshino because,, all you can do with either ship is spam HE from max range and hope you don’t get deleted by a battleship!!

    • Broccan Mac Ronain

      @Runfox _ I use the ap and smack BBs and Ca’s that show me broadsides as well.

  11. My 1 premium to rule them all is a toss-up between Atago and Azuma. I enjoy them both immensely, they’re both fantastic at what they do, and so fun to play

  12. Since they added the much needed air strike depth charge (ASDC) planes i would say you made a good pick. I got the Kearsarge shortly before subs came out and she was near OP but really fun. When subs came out, all subs made a bee-line for you as they knew you did not have ASDC. However, now at least have some defense against the subs. Having already played CVs for a while, playing the rocket planes was fairly easy and if your good you can get +8k per attack. Timing your planes and gun reload maximizes your damage. One word of caution, most players consider the hybrids like a CV so they, their brother, and their dogs will try to focus fire you; thus, be careful and travel in a group of your teammates. Oh yes i hear the welders on the repair crews are top notch so you get the long American repair time. My fav premium of all of the 268 ships i own is the Massachusetts BB.

  13. I have heard you say how good the Keararge is many times, however, I have yet to see anyone make any real impact in the game with it as they always play it like a carrier in the back, so I’m not really sold on it, My go to make credits and have fun is the Thunderer which of course is no longer available!

  14. If you play a ton of carriers, I reccomend Malta. Very sold CV, deletes light cruisers, does great damage against heavy cruisers and battleships. But otherwise, for everyone else, I absolutely reccomend the Kearsarge. It has a very unique style, good gameplay, and good credit output. Just all around a good fun ship. Worth the coal grind.

  15. Secondary build is such a sleeper in co-op and limited events like Airship Escort. Been some fun surprises when ya pop up from behind an island.

  16. been on my coal list for a while, but got tempted into the Pommern and GK. I promise myself this will be the next one I get.

  17. My one ship would be Atago. Even after all these years she’s a solid all round pick. The only issue is as a crusier it can be a bit squishy for newer players, but the heal helps with that a little.

  18. If you don’t know how WG ended up with this and the Hybrid Tree, just remember the USN was trying to figure out what the Royal Navy were doing with the Nelson Class, and immediately went “BattleCarrier!”

  19. She’s definitely a solid premium. Planes take a bit of adjustment to learn how to aim since I’m definitely a battleship and cruiser main, but as said Kearsarge is an excellent gunboat. The planes also definitely provide some utility in late game situations where I need to reposition to another flank. (Though, also, planes get a bit funky with leaving your ship on autopilot while flying which had lead to me getting clapped a couple times)

    As for my personal favorite, while she’s not particularly meta or relevant, Hood. I’ve had her since she was released, and she’s far and away my favorite. Partly historical significance, and also I personally vibe with the play style of that ship. Nowadays other ships do similar play styles and arguably do it better, but, she’s still fun and was definitely worth it for me at least to purchase

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