World of Warships- If I Could Only Buy One Premium Ship, This Would Be It

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Hey guys, today we have an updated look at the one premium ship I would buy if I could only purchase a single one! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I would buy the Atago for my only premium, but the Alabama is also great.

    • When I 1st got it, years ago, I had real problems. Recently (5-6 months ago) I took it out and with a halfway good team, doing ok. If you are a Cruiser person, you could do A Lot worse.

  2. Too bad South Dakota class ships are not in Main Tech tree:”( The Design is Beautiful and Powerful Equipments on them

  3. My favorite Premium DD is Cossack. Alternatively the Kidd is really good too, but that’s more of a Team Support ship, whicle Cossack is a DD Hunter that’s almost at the best concealment in the entire game.
    Literally, Cossack is almost the perfect DD in my opinion. You can easily fight & kill anything with better concealment than you, while you still have much better concealment than anything that can fight & kill you. Also, as soon as there is danger, just smoke. You have so many, you barely need to think about if it’s worth smoking up or not.
    Only DD i like more is my Ragnar, but that’s only technically a DD…. in reality she’s more like a super light cruiser that can hunt DDs, kind of like an Ochakov.

    • But you can get radar’d and then smoking won’t help you. The torps are not great but fair enough, the guns are quite good. I feel like I have had a better time with Loyang which has much worse guns but better hydro and torps, with again a big weakness to radar. But maybe I just don’t play Cossack well enough.

    • Cossack and Ragnar – absolutely agree. I have to add Haida to complete three best premiums for me. That is so fortunete that we don’t have to choose only one premium and can enjoy a bunch of perfect ships.

    • If you love the Cossack like me then , you will also love the vampire II at tier 10 its a beast of a DD

    • That’s good to know. I just picked up Cossack in a super container and was wondering how she was regarded. Can’t wait to try her out.

    • @Antoine Chauvet play aloof with radars around, and save speed boost for when you need to hoof it. People don’t expect rn dds to be hasty.

  4. Well I was asked by a friend the same question and my answer was this: Tirpitz. It is the best teacher for how to play battleships. You have armor good main and secondary guns AND you have torps. So for a new player that absolutely wants a premium ship I would say this ship OR the Scharnhorst same ship kinda but at a tier lower.

    • @BasJon ironically Tirpitz had more efficient placement of aa guns in real life and so also had more aa guns then bismarck did, which made some aa guns have firing angles on both sides of the ship.

    • For a long time she was the only one in my port

    • @The Box Ghost Very true but there is a but, I have played this game a very long time and I hate yes hate cvs but I know if a Cv attacks me beginning of the game and strikes me but I shoot down nearly all his planes most will move onto another target, if he strike s you and hardly loses anything he will be back in less than 1 min.

    • @Rene Garcia but has very bad armour like the bow and stern is cruiser armour.

  5. I love my Bama. Had it since way back. How far back? Back when it deleted pretty much all T8 cv squadrons and 80% of T10 cv’s. Best T8 AA by far. Great rudder shift for torpedo beats. Great earner. I’m moving out of Seattle on October 3rd to Mobile, Alabama. Gonna take the family to visit her the first weekend we have free.

    • I have her sister ship Massachusetts

    • I have visited the USS Turner Joy across the Puget Sound in Bremerton Naval Shipyard. I had no idea until the Forrest Sherman came out and I got one, that the Turner Joy was a Sherman class Destroyer. I got to sit in the front turret. Kinda cool to have a Sherman in game and have been on one too. Can’t wait to see the Alabama.

    • I got the Massachusetts B. I too live in Alabama.

    • You will love it. While in Mobile you will find many other great sights in one of the oldest cities in the US. Great seafood and Cajun fair. Enjoy the sugar white beaches of Gulf Coast! You will find many friendly folks there! Welcome to our state!

    • @bruces1g thanks alot, I’m looking forward to it. I’m 51, grew up in Cali until 1991 when I moved to Seattle. I’ve never been to the south, or seen the east coast. Looking forward to seeing everything within a 1000 mile radius lol.

  6. Marcus Jones Stinks

    Mine is the Kidd since I love to be a team player and Kidd is really good at that with its long smoke and dfaa. But if I was gonna play by myself more atago is my first pick. It was the first premium I ever bought and it’s still good.

  7. The only “premium” I would have, if I could only have one, would be Ohio. There just isn’t any premium currently out that really answers that question for me.

  8. Have to be that I am surprised, I expected to be watching another video on the Pommern. I would stay with the Pommern or the B version if I was allowed only one premium; it just works in every battle. It makes enough credits to stay in the positive. Compared to the decent number of premiums I own, the Pommern is the one ship that I do in-fact play daily.

  9. Preacher3d Chruch of Machin3

    Im a CBT player .. first ship that i bought when the game was comming out was the Atago. Never regret it. Pretty soilid t8 Crussier.

  10. Thank you for the review on the “‘Bama.” I’ve been looking for a Premium ship to purchase with my “birthday coupon” and Alabama was on my shortlist. I’ve often wondered how she differed from the Massachusetts. (Which I have also) I was curious as to what you thought was an average game while I watched salvo after salvo miss or just hit one or two shells. Then you reached 100k+ damage and I laughed because for me a “good” BB game I’ve caused enough damage to cover my ships health pool. An average game is about 50-60k. Granted, my experience with the US BB line stopped at the Tier 5 New York, on the Tech Line, and Arizona at Tier 6 as I’ve heard nothing but bad about the Colorado, so I stopped focusing on the line for now…so it’s probably why I play this line as poorly as I do. Thanks for the content! NA Boom_n_Zoom

  11. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    I would say the Atago, she’s a great ship. But since I mostly play BB’s I would also say the Alabama

  12. So I play US, IJN and Germany. When it comes to prems the Bama deffinetly gets my reccomendation based your criteria of what a premium should be. I just want to add that Atago for IJN and Prinz Eugen for Germany in case other players are looking for ideas.

  13. I would of certainly pick any premium submarine, since they will most likely be OP for years to come, the only way of getting people to buy them.

  14. I will say one thing that WOWs has been doing good at over the last few years. The free premium ships you can get for coal , steel , research points are pretty good if you have the ability to grind them out

  15. Another excellent review as always! However I think it could be improved with a ship from each class as not everyone like to play battleships! On that note I agree with chat in adding the Atago for cruiser class and one of the oldest premium ships that still perform well and the Kidd as dd! Thanks again for all your wonderful content!

  16. Alabama is a great choice. Decent guns with good range, enough to engage in tier 10 games. Decent AA and excellent torpedo protection.

  17. I will always love my Musashi and would be my first choice among all the premium ships in the game. However, from what is available in the Premium shop, I go with Scharnhorst with Brandenberg or Hyuga a close second/third.

  18. Have both the Mass and Alabama. I mostly play the Mass and when I play the Alabama I get focused and melted a lot. I will try more mid range with Alabama. I have been playing it too much like a Massachusetts.

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