World of Warships – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 33 seconds
    Last time I was this early, carrier still had fighters.

  2. Time to go make some breakfast and start my morning the right way: with a Jingles WoWs video.

  3. John Paul Jones

    As soon as I heard Jingles talk about unusual Monty builds I immediately thought “secondary build.”

    • My brain just went “IFHE”

    • I run secondary build monty, surprises a ton of DDs that stray too close.

    • I was considering something far more absurd. I was thinking, “Was there some DLC that I missed and this Monty shoots St. Louis’s, instead of 16″ shells, that yeet HE all over as they fly towards their target dealing the total health value of a St. Louis to the target? Or did this one get torpedoes? This one is a carrier battleship? A submarine battleship? A space battleship?”
      Jingles: “It’s a secondary Monty.”
      Me: “Oh. . . . How normal. There goes my excitement for the month.”

    • My first thought was that he’d be using the legendary, honestly.

  4. “I’m really struggling to think of an occasion where it would be useful” – when someone you’re not looking at shoots at you from long distance, you can start maneuvering to try and avoid the shots.

    • Unsung Warrior 99

      Ya I normally run it with Bayard to either play the throttle or change course moment it warns me

    • @GaldirEonai I did than on my conqueror, however i used all of the available rudder shift increases. It worked reasonably well, unless i sufferd from tunnelvision. Actually a lot of this “outside the box” stuff works a lot better than people think, but you really have to commit to it.

    • @Cole Arthur Doesn’t really matter, if you are spoted you should be checking, if anyone is shooting at you anyway (like one had to do back when the detection indicator was still a capt. skill), if you have “priority target” skill you even know when and by how many enemys you are locked on by. So you can always be ready, to evade incoming shots. Therefore utilizing the bare minimum of situational awareness and map awareness you render the “incoming fire alert” skill obsolete and make it a waste of a skill point, that could be better spent on the “Expert loader” skill or even the “Preventative maintinance” skill both being more usefull in far more situations.

    • not really useful skill at all. 1st of all, if this is one on one situation, you just need to zoom in to see where their guns are pointing, and the tracers. 2nd, if it’s 1 vs many, you gotta bet at least some of them are shooting at you, but this skill doesn’t tell you who and how many are shooting. 3rd, the priority targeting tells you that how many people are targeting you, even though some may not be shooting at you but who will pointing at you but not shooting? also important are DD with their torpedoes, this skill doesn’t include torpedoes i think so that’s another advantage of priority targeting over this .

  5. the tank that flew

    12:56 that scream in the background shook me. Wasn’t expecting to hear it lol

  6. Jingles, it can’t be that hard thinking of new titles… Right?
    k back to the salt mines i go

  7. Montana wasn’t running Priority Target, Jingles…

  8. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    The way i see Benson… looks like Laffey.

    Laffey is a Benson class destroyer, problem is she drinks too much Cola.

  9. “Something different about his Mon-“-Jingles
    Its a secondary build, isnt it?

  10. Blame YouTube

  11. 20:26 “Ride now! Ride to ruin, and the world’s ending! DEATH!”

  12. Advantage of triple dd division is that you overwhelm the single dd you bump into – if teams were able/willing to support individual dds this wouldn’t be a problem but quite often theres only one dd on a team now anyway, in which case 3 dds can easily punch through/roll up an area if there’s no radar (as happened in the first video). It opens up lots of tactics – cross torping, ambush etc. Bear in mind dds rarely operated alone in real life. I think Jingles missed something in the second video too – the radar minotaur said he was saving his radar for the smolensk, the smolensk was friing from behind island cover until the minotaur comes out ambushes him and takes him out first shot, even if he’d not though the mino could have radard him. He’d have had to run early enough to stay out of radar range of a ship he couldn’t see….

  13. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Jingles, haven’t you learned yet that people who play Wargaming titles don’t give a shit about how their performance affects the team, or at the best, the game? XD

  14. 4:18 im gonna call people like this that ignored the obvious threat “mansleys” after the mansley in the Iron Giant movie that called a nuke on his own position because his blood lust for killing the iron giant was so strong it blinded him to an incredibly obvious bad idea

  15. 4:02 holy shit look at that base xp. It’s like both teams lost.

  16. “If it’s stupid but it works it’s still stupid, you just got lucky!”

  17. I seem to do a lot of stupid playing this game, sadly it almost never works.

  18. Copyright claim.

    Which is bullshit, there’s a clause called Fair Use.

  19. Shame they removed cross team chat on WoT, that was half the fun

  20. That first match was something straight out of Ender’s Game

  21. Ruty Quty Kandi

    Once me and my two buddies decided that we were just gonna have a fun game so we all got in our Visby’s and by some strange miracle we won. The ships with no smoke managed to back and entire enemy team down. In game its not a matter of who has the best strategy but who has the most competent potatoes.

  22. @Ruty Quty Kandi Visby is actually a good ship in its tier. It still can do enough damage in tier 8 game. Skane on the other hand underwhelmed in tier 9 battle.

    Anyway, the game decided by which team are the least incompetent.

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