World of Warships – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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Getting a great result is good, obviously. Getting a great result despite some seriously dodgy decision-making is infuriating, because imagine how much better the result could have been otherwise.

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  1. Hmm, pretty sure i’ve seen this title before..

    Err jingles, what’s that shotgun is for?

  2. jingles, since you have so many of these videos with the EXACT same title, you may as well make it a series

  3. anonymous person

    This is so painful to watch.
    -smoking up outside of range of any enemy ship when you have an island to hide behind
    -torping a destroyed moskva and an almost dead yamato
    -torping when behind a friendly georgia
    -torping ships that will be maneouvering to avoid torps so there’s no chance they’ll hit.
    – trying to torp a thunderer who you could kill in 5 seconds with your guns
    Why can’t I get enemies like this when I play?
    And yet he still does 10,000 more damage than I’ve ever gotten.

  4. This was somewhat painful to watch

    • Haruki Yamamoto

      Agreed. Still good game thi

    • It’s astonishing to see so many mistakes in one video.
      – Pops smoke early with nothing in range, unspotted.
      – Always stops immediately when he pops his smoke, making the smoke screen one or two puffs in diameter instead of continuing at 1/4 speed to spread it out.
      – Doesn’t maneuver in smoke screen to preempt enemy torpedoes or change his firing arcs.
      – Tries to fire torpedoes or fires torpedoes at exceptionally low health ships rather than just shooting them (Moskva, Thunderer, Yamato, Shokaku)
      – Tunnel visions on Iowa, is oblivious to Thunderer threatening to run him down.
      – Never turns his AA off to avoid detection.
      – Doesn’t shoot enemy DD because ooo look, a shiny Yamato
      – Doesn’t use TRB
      – Doesn’t get into any cap for the FIRST TWELVE MINUTES OF THE GAME, including popping smoke literally on the edge of C cap at 10:00 into the match.
      – And of course, fails to support his Des Moines or do his job capping B.

    • Martin Johansen

      @Haruki Yamamoto it was not a good game.. That Grozovoi should not have survived to the end. Not even gotten 3 kills. Those team-members who got taken out by the Grozovoi is all on Janissary!

    • with my luck, I would have died 3 times already pulling these stunts xD I really hope Janissary watched the video and learned something from it. Maybe this should be an extra series on the channel, showing replays where mistakes are made so they can be called out and people can improve

    • @Haruki Yamamoto Sorry, but this was NOT a good game by _Janissary. It was an incredibly lucky game by a very poor DD player.

  5. My friends: Why do you watch a guy who repeats his title 500 times? Its idiotic
    Me: If its stupid but it works…

  6. one reason for leaving the DD alive might be the common “ Mantra”
    i see lots of players not wasting their time killing a 5k health ship when they can annoy a 60k health ship for 30k damage instead.

    • @Arphalia
      Depends on the HP and tier of the ship. Doing 10 on a destroyer is better than doing 10k on a battleship. And guns out of the match are guns less guns gainst your team.

    • My first objective as a dd player is to lure other dd’s to where I have partial cover and they are exposed to multiple people on my team… once the dd is dead, I have free rain on that flank.

    • @Helloweener If i remember correctly, you get XP and Coins based upon the health of the target you kill. Killing a fat target gives you way more rewards then killing a DD. Just a few days ago, i looked up the rewards for capping and it was way higher then i expected. WoW sucks at explaining how the game really rewards you unless you start to dive into the wiki ( aka 90% of the people will never see it ).

    • @Ben Jiro XP and silver gained from damage to enemies is based on max % of health on the enemy. Doing 10k/15k on a destroyer gives far more rewards than doing 30k/100k on a battleship despite doing 3x the raw damage.

  7. “The Mighty Jingles masterclass” is one of the few moments of joy in the saltmines

    • I agree, Jingles you should start a new series “Masterclass…with Rear Admiral Jingles”. I am an average player and I feel more players could benefit from your insights on reviewing their gameplay. I have read a lot of the comments and would agree that Jannissary was lucky as I have had some games like this (200-300k) but they are like a broken watch… right 2 times a day, Other players…. we are not all super UniCom players, so, slap your palm to your forehead and remember…its a game. o7

  8. Honestly this could be a real good idea for a series take peoples sub par perfomance replays and give tips and tell them what they are doing wrong as long as people on comments arent complete assholes i would like to see more content like this

    • Lionheart X-ray

      Yeah i like this as a series. Show more clips like this where they have a good match and show where it could be even better. This was a good coaching lesson.

    • While I do appreciate helping out our less experienced in our community, nothing wrong with that. its just hurts watching something like this I would recommend sending your replays to Lord_Zath as there is more chances of getting your replay featured as he would stream up too 4 hours a day streaming himself analysing replays those sent to him.

    • Low Elo legends! Yes!

    • agreed, especially with DDs, theres so many ass players these days because they’re all new and its our job as vets to help them

  9. This is the norm now for WoWs, I get the feeling that he was chasing a mission

  10. Oh wow, when *_Jingles_* tells you that you’re crap, that’s gotta hurt!
    Edit: yeah, it’s bad… But that’s okay. Most people are bad at the game.

    • Including myself. I do the most stupid shit you can imagine and cringe later realizing I could’ve done better given the circumstances

  11. Thats just “I want to farm dmg instead of doing usefull things.” behaviour.

    • In this case he could have farmed even more damage by doing useful things. Like shooting at the DD and deal a lot more damage per salvo and be very valuable to the team instead of farming a little bit of damage per salvo on a battleship that he could have sank if he would have bothered to use his torp rebo.

    • I think this was more “broken clock is right twice a day” sort of thing. Got lucky playing like this, and maybe now thinks it’s a decent way to play.

    • @zameliz That’s more farming effective damage. BBs have a lot more hp, so if one is just farming damage they’ll typically want fires on BBs for as high of a number as possible. Easily healable fires then let you do even more damage down the line typically. Easiest way to get 200k+ games, honestly.

    • @outbreak21093 While what you said is true but there is a time and place for that. That being said our today’s hero on this video could have achieved even greater results if he would have done things like Jingles said on the video.

  12. Also what I was thinking, more than half his shots were nothing but shatters

  13. 13:37 This is some really good advice. The first thing about fixing your mistakes is realising that they’re mistakes in the first place.

  14. Seems like a large portion of the members of the enemy team as well as Janissary left their situational awareness in their back pocket

  15. Take this as advice/friendly criticism from someone who has a lot of time in the IJN torpboats: This was more a case of being lucky that a broke clock is usually right twice a day.
    To start, your one of 4 T8s in a T10 game, and the CV is T8. So that CV has 3 targets. Had they been good or T10, or even worse, both, your coarse of action would be bend over, grab your ankles, and kiss your aft goodby. At the same time, very good calls where made on dealing with the CV at the end. Guns to kill them, torps to ensure they die, and if all else fails, some chrome paint for the bow and a witness.
    I know DDs yoloing into the cap in the fist 5 minutes and getting killed is a meme, but you have islands to poke the cap from and a DM to provide covering fire. Granted there are T8 CVs in play, so the AA support is going to be strong and effective (insert Jingles nod), err completely useless, don’t go offering support them pop off for a spot of tea.

    Your target selection. If you can get a DD to around 20%, you have effective mission killed them. WIth CVs, mission kills happen around 14/15k, so about 60 to 80%. Splash some damage on the DD, they get spotted again and eat some more, they get blaped by the CV. But you need that damage on the red DDs, the sooner the better.For BBs, don’t trickle damage into them. Hit them with everything you have or don’t hit time at all. Countless times someone will leave a BB on sub 2k HP 6 minutes into the match. 6 minutes later they are back with a fresh ship.
    Also weapon selection: by T8, you need to know your weapons. In the 10 seconds you spend faffing about with weapon selection, I can duck around from behind an island, pop off a set of fish, torpedo beats for anything you might get off and your back in port while I might need a bit of fresh paint. The difference between a 49%/good player and a great player is the great player is going to have played out the engagement 30 seconds beforehand a just have to execute it. Mostly looking at the Thunderer engagement, it lasted about 20 seconds longer than it should have. You need to know torpedo angles. Not sure if they where about to reprint the ship, but even bow on torps will finish them at that low HP. Option 1 (torps) need to be on there way while you are working them over with option 2 (guns).

    • mynameiswritinwater

      ahem : additional criticisms : CV why shoot HE ( against a target that auto extinguishes) instead of AP . and always turn INTO an attacking aircraft to shorten their reaction time to aim and arm their weaponry.
      leaving the Grozovoi alive : no comment. Staying behind your cruisers to farm enemy BBs instead of spotting targets with your superior concealment = highly questionable. as is shooting any torpedoes from the second row (passing your allies) or head-on into a target (Yamato) instead of at an angle = extremely questionable and foolish .
      Use of the reload booster … not even going to comment on that. similar for the use of the smoke or how to leave it … small hint – extend the overall spread of the smoke, move inside it, never sit broadside to any DDs you know off …aka the Grozovoi . oh and always leave on the side away from the enemy a few seconds before it expires: you were very lucky no one ever shot at you…. out of incompetence,..
      Basically : farmed a lot ob BBs with fire damage, being lucky the enemy CV was a massive incompetent and having a pretty outclassed enemy team = a lucky result but as the saying goes, even a blind chicken will find a seed from timeto time.

    • There’s probably only 1 or 2 other things I hate more than asking for someone’s assistance and they say “affirmative” then just turn and sail off in the other direction……
      Like you acknowledged me asking you for help yet you bail out on me????? I don’t know lolol that shit just REALLY REALLY REALLY pisses me off.

    • One, course*. Coarse means thick. Two, Thunderer lacks Conqueror’s stupid heal thank god

    • @Sgt. Frosty on that I can agree. but there are times that by the time I even turn my guns to shoot the damn thing, it disappears. But I at least try to call it out when I can see them

    • Play a real ship. Ijn torpedo boats are for children

  16. I like this. As a casual player I often don’t know when I am making these kinds of mistakes, which I often make in the heat of the moment. All I do know is that suddenly, I’m dead and I don’t know why. If I think about it at all, I realize later how I goofed up, but usually don’t understand the principle behind why it was a goof up, beyond that single situation. Knowing how to spot errors and WHY those things are errors will hopefully make me a better player and a batter teammate. Please have more of these, and please consider making it a series.

  17. Couple of tips to add:

    Spread your smoke around a bit more and move around in it taking care to line the ship up in a good direction to bug out and Dodge torps. Smoke screens are torp magnets.

    If you press and hold right mouse button you go into “free look”. The guns stay aimed at what you were looking at and you can look around. If you’re locked onto and aimed you can even keep firing the guns and unless the target changes course and/or speed, keep landing hits. When you release the button you go right back to the pov you had even if you were zoomed in at the time.

    You can also use free look to get guns pre-aimed so if you need all guns aimed over port side but looking to turn to strbd, look left, press and hold right mouse and the turrets will turn where you need them while you worry about looking where you’re going. It reduces the time spent waiting for turrets and launchers to swing round onto target when you actually need them.

  18. This is something I was waiting for ages ago. A replay commentary where the moments has been spotted out, what could have done better.
    I’d love to see more like this! Thank you!

  19. Hoping to give the crew headaches to reduce performance lol

  20. Phoenia's Productions

    “So how many times are you going to use this title?”
    Jingles: You dare question me? Extra work in the salt mines!

  21. Also odd to not fire AP against broadsiding BBs when they were close.Even though it’s only 100mm, it does a lot more than HE.

  22. as dumb as it was to do, I can only assume that the point behind shooting the hull and turrets was to try to set more fires, because he often already had the middle section(s) burning. atleast that’s what I hope his reasoning is

  23. Animal Crossing ADDICT

    yes you should

  24. …’s still stupid, you just got lucky.

  25. “it’s still stupid and you just got lucky!”

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