World of Warships – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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Is it still stupid, or did you just get lucky? You be the judge.

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  1. I should be sleeping, but I can’t resist a Jingles video.

  2. I’m supposed to be going to bed, darn your wonderful content Jingles!

  3. Conner Hernandez

    I dont play these games anymore. But watching them and listening to jingles really brings me back to the good old days when Id grind WOT console after school for hours on end. Love you jingles! thanks for always putting out these videos! It really helps me sleep at night.

    • Justin Kashtock

      Watching Jingles broadcast these games before drifting off to sleep makes me want to fire up my old accounts and play some WoT/WoWS, but after a good night’s sleep, saner minds prevail and those accounts remain unused.

    • *AMEN!*

  4. Important question, is he going for Secondary accuracy OR using the secondary range to get his main guns to reload faster? Cus that IS a thing you can do.

    • Probably both seeing as he had range and manual secondaries.

      I wonder if it’s sub related, they can be a pain to deal with but I’ve had a fair few close quarters expert awards from some sub trying to do its pop up at 4km and torp type yolo they do, surprisingly in the amagi as I’m grinding it right now.

  5. Little known fact, IJN 140mm casemate guns have massa/german BC accuracy as they used to be armed with AP.

  6. The Amagis 140mm get improved dispersion, the same as found on Massachusetts, which is why secondary amagi works. TBH it should be called “Japanese secondary dispersion” because japanese 140mm on Amagi and Nagato were the first secondaries to get that dispersion.

    • its because these secondaries used to be armed with AP, only Amagi, Ashitaka, Nagato, Mutsu and Kii have these 140mm casemates

    • Ah that was it, i knew there was something about Amagi that made its secondaries decent back in the day but I’d forgotten!

    • the golden gamer

      This is true if you look at the stats compared to the rest of the bbs amagi has better secondary accuracy then the german bbs

    • the golden gamer

      In fact the amagais 140 mm guns are more accurate then the kiis 100mm guns by 144m

  7. If WG didn’t have a deep hatred for secondaries there would be plenty of ships that would be good to even have some of the secondary skills to make them fun to use and more reliable against smaller ships than just using your main guns. In WG’s eyes for battleships you either have decent secondaries or really good guns but not both, but for cruisers and DDs they can have the complete package and have 2 or 3 aspects that make them really strong beyond just armor and guns on battleships.

    I think all battleships should have adequate enough secondaries(ofcourse they need the guns) that it makes it a threat to be in close range and spotted to a battleship, and the battleships that specialize in having really good secondary suites(german, french, italian bbs) should be terrifying to be within range. Only reason why I add italian bbs is cause they literally have the guns from the light cruisers on the ships and WG shafts them on both secondary ranges and AA, but that makes no sense.

  8. Wow! After 6 years watching jingles I finally get featured! And it just had to be a game where I’m pissing about with meme builds lol.

    Anyways, why a secondary amagi kinda works:
    – the 140mm casemate guns get improved dispersion
    – amagi has a turtleback that only works sub 10km
    – it’s fast
    So as long as you don’t run into 32mm overmatch, you can be quite aggressive. But also if you have spare commanders, it gives you a reason to play some neglected port queens.

    Finally, I think our CV played well, but in the end, the only reason we won is because the Akatsuki forgot to turn off his AA after having it on in smoke. If he had it off and only got spotted from 2km I don’t think the planes would have nailed him.

    • It was a good game and you played very well. thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, it was a great game.
      Thank you for submitting, and I’m glad Jingles felt inclined to commentary/feature it.
      That was both fun to watch and educational.
      Ive always heard Flamu talk abot Amagi being the only brawler in the line, because of that turtleback, but no one ever used it like that.

      Good to see someone showing off that if you understand the game’s engine and ship dynamics, you can make some interesting builds work.

    • Yes, it works – it’s actually pretty good in t8 brawls (a secondary Amagi is), holding its own even against the German 2daries monsters ))

    • the amagi, as long as you have the B hull, also is the only battleship in the game to have armor piercing secondaries.

    • @Justin Martin they removed the ap years ago.

  9. “Spotted *and* targeted? Time to execute a Full Gamer Turn!” – The Budyonny Captain

  10. It used to be a really good build back in the day! Plus secondary builds are just fun 🙂

  11. I love the Amagi, I’ve had tons of fun battles in her. I see little wrong with a secondary build Amagi, 10k range is fairly solid imo and it’s got enough to make any DD think twice about getting close, though I would say a lot of those shots would have been more punishing had they been running the reduced dispersion ability.

  12. Amagi was actually the secondary brawler to go to once upon a time since it had long range fast reloading secondaries, could only be overmatched by the Yamato, damn near impossible to citadel up close and didn’t at all suffer as badly from fire spam.

  13. I still think WG should bring in some more historical relevance and encourage carriers to first and foremost aim at their counterparts.

  14. @carlos rivas still better than the games with one team completely rofl-stomping the other which happens very often lately. Close battles like this one are much better and much more enjoyable, no matter on which side you are.

  15. 100% the NC neaqrly costing the game there. The carrier waas fine. Went after the DD. DD smoked. Somehow found the DD again afterwards and finished it off. All the NC had to do, was disengage from the DD, turn south and potentially even claim the kill on the enemy CV as it went down the 7-8 lines. If he did so, I feel the CV might have also assited with some damage and spotting, rather than trying to find the DD for the NC.

  16. @Asterion I did this on the console version. I even got “WTF??!!” Messages from enemy destroyers who had no idea how my non German battleships sank them from that range.

  17. “Japanese battleships with secondary builds make LittleWhiteMouse cry”
    – Jingles 2018

  18. The carrier was wrong simply by virtue of getting into a carrier.

  19. Grand Admiral Raeder

    @Asterion even british BB?

  20. @Balli yep

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