World of Warships – If It’s Stupid But It Works…

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Stupid comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it works, mostly it doesn’t. But when it does…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Actually Jingles.. the York got 210mm guns 😉

  2. I put Steven Seagal on my Mighty Mo … so now my ship can’t turn, can’t hit anything, and instantly sinks ….. to be fair, he was just the cook and not the captain …..

  3. Hollllld on
    You recorded that first video?
    Did I hear that correctly?
    Cause i could’ve sworn I saw the cunt who *did* record it report the BS driver.
    You’re not saying you are that cunt, are you, Jingles?

  4. Bismark ignoring a very vulnerable Edinburgh… I guess some people have more money than brains.

  5. A Kraken Unleashed without the Kraken gif? What is this?

  6. My mum said jingles had a creepy voice and asked why I watched him…. I said I liked his commentary and it makes me relaxed…. she said that was a stupid way of relaxing….. can anyone guess what I said to her??????

  7. Jingles I think it’s time for another return to war thunder,I don’t know why you left again for the second time but the French planes are here and I think you’ll be happy with what was added

  8. Don’t u love the moment when jingles says the izumos in the smoke firing his 152 mm he at you

  9. Bismarck with torpedo ribbons? How’s that possible?

  10. 5:29 Teammate’s like, “dude why don’t u fire AP rounds? wtf.”

  11. I wonder if the bismark had one of those moment where he did relize he was firing HE insted of AP be the only thing is now hes famous becase of it

  12. wait… you cam report people for sucking…?!

    why doesn’t every game do this!!!

  13. i was laughing the whole time i watched the Missouri battle, the enemy Izumo was clueless.

  14. Bro I hate people that focus like this

  15. notice how when the conqueror took his second shot at the enemy g.kurfurst, his rear turrets were’nt even pointed in the direction the shells travelled? if you go by the onscreen reticles at least anyway…

  16. Uh actually Jingles…. the yorck carries 210mm guns, not 152mm.

    I guess I’m gonna see myself off to the nines.

  17. They are stupid because they don’t know the fact of the game not because of they are brainless and even they are stupid they still useful

  18. Conquerer is overpowered and requires a HE nerf.

  19. That enemy Izumo at the end, either there is no God or Evolution failed. What a muppet!!!!

  20. Kristians Kažmers

    Still no video about Sunray in the darkness 😕

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