World of warships – If it’s stupid just DO IT

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  1. Flambass your german is so funny xD

  2. I’m a simple man: I have German hydro – I kill enemy destroyers.

  3. i see the map and laugh as i know exactly whats coming 🙂

  4. Even the best players have to troll and derp around sometimes ?

    cause you cant play allways serious, I knew it from my self ?

  5. Done this several times on tier 7. you have to try this with Belfast, Fiji + Atlanta/Flint/Belfast/Fiji in a division… ? There is actually a replay by Aetam where we do this ?

  6. Great video just shame about the word ‘special’ being used to often which might offend so people..

  7. anybody getting an audio jungle in the back?

  8. this is a kamizkaze R with hydro and better guns…how is that not OP at tier 6 , which has japanese competition u can shit on entirely.

  9. nice to see the notser host, hes a gent

  10. gg love it real funny trollishush

  11. I love your videos man. You made me a better player, thanks keep it going!

  12. My team did it too and we failed disastrously by destroyed only 3 warships and lost all allied ships

  13. I love it when Flambass says speshul XD

  14. lol you doubled up at the start with the audio

  15. The start is like FLAMBEVIL MODE. Hydro DD + Strange voice <.<

  16. Why is the audio and video off quilter?

  17. You should always talk in german. I had to laugh so hard when your saying german words. xD

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