World of Warships – If It’s Stupid…

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… and it works, it’s still stupid, you just got far luckier than you deserved. I realise that this may directly contradict certain proclamations I may have made in past, but gnomes, like women, are entitled to change their opinions whenever they see fit. So nyaah!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Hope you’re doing well Jingles, thanks as always for the videos

  2. wienerkorv.. korv = sausage in swedish

    • Yolodude1902 Andreas

      Im pretty sure the wiener part comes from Wien, the swedish name for Vienna . Ex. wienerbröd which lit. Means Vienna bread which is actually Danish pastry in English

    • @Yolodude1902 Andreas it does idd, wienerkorv is really good, with abit of mustard 😉

    • Arthedain TheDarkbringer

      @Yolodude1902 Andreas Vienna is Wien in German as well and in few other languages (like Danish and Finnish), so it’s not just a Swedish name for the city. It’s the actual name.

  3. Correction #18 if its stupid but it woks, its still stupid, you just got lucky.

    • That applies for both the Salem and Shima

    • @Qun Minh , correction. Stupid is the Salem and Hurricane’s entire team EXCEPT the Shimakaze. To summarize, once the Salem capped B it was going to win by points. The Salem had to be killed for Hurricane’s team to win. The Shimakaze may have been the only player on Hurricane’s team to recognize this.

    • @Dennis Uerling Exactly, you just have to do the maths!
      (Also take into consideration: by the time the Z-52 would cap A, the Salem would be at C -and negate any points coming in from there. Even if the Shima had capped it…)

  4. Moritz Czauderna

    If it is stupid and it works, and it is World of Warships, it is probably Flambass going down middle.

    • @Kevin Webster Yes, there’s a lot of players better than him. No, that doesn’t make him a hack. For the ‘amazing’ games to happen, you need dumb players. Nobody is claiming he’s the absolute best WoWS player to ever exist. Even the best players in WoWS history won’t have ‘amazing’ games against good players, Hence why they’re good players. If they weren’t good players, they wouldn’t have ‘amazing’ things happen to them. They’d be smart enough to take precautionary action against, say, 3 battleships going down the middle or a low health Leander getting 2 OP cruisers at perfect broadside

    • Glen McGillivray

      @Akamatsu_Ace 3 battleships? in the middle channel?
      Give me a stealth torpedoing British destroyer

    • ? well said Moritz !

    • Glen McGillivray his division had a rando cruiser with hydro & radar who decided to come along to watch the gun show….

    • Glen McGillivray

      @Graham Strouse so: hang back detected but behind the islands during radar and only nuke the channel after the detection disappears? Sounds reasonable. Smart play not rushed play is rewarded

  5. Christopher Beer

    If it’s stupid, but it works once, you got lucky.

    If it’s stupid, but it keeps working, it’s probably not actually stupid.

    • DiggingForFacts

      *If it’s stupid, but keeps working, it’s probably because there’s someone more stupid than you out there.

    • From Schlock Mercenary (webcomic) “If it’s stupid but it works it’s still stupid and you’re lucky.”

    • Staying calm and doing the maths in a stressfull situation,
      realising they were never going to win on points either way,
      sinking the Salem against the odds…
      -Sorry, that’s not stupid -at least in my book.

      Shimas play was actually, legitimately 5000 IQ.

  6. Just installed Blitzkried 3 and was about to start playing, but… There are priorities in life 😛 BTW. Jingles, do you have any info on when (more or less) we can expect You to appear in WoWS as the special captain? Kinda getting impatient here, like several thousand other people 😛

  7. Duncan Crawford

    Hey jingles, love the content, and your cats. Keep up the good work sir ?

  8. 11:42

    Weiner: I have you now Massachusetts! Oh hold up. What? God damn it.

  9. A Sentient F-14 Tomcat

    “If it’s stupid but it works. It’s still stupid and you’re lucky”

    I remember this from the 70 Maxims of the Maximally effective Mercenary LUL

    • Maxim #43. Was waiting for someone to reference this.
      Always think of this when I see Jingles say “if it’s stupid”.

  10. “It’s absolutely no secret that wiener is coming” ~The Mighty Jingles~ ~2019~

  11. Ackchyually Jingles, I’d sware you uploaded a Yamayo replay with a slightly higher damage score



  12. Jingles you forgot to mention that the Salem had the radio location skill and he constantly knew in which direction the Z-52 was.

  13. Sometimes replays are like sailing, if it’s all smooth and sunny you’re having a great time but not a lot to talk about; whereas if there’s a pirate speedboat trying to get on your ship to evade an entire naval task force in the middle of two merging cyclones, it’s hell – but also one hell of a story

    TLDR arty replays – “it’s boring unless something goes horribly wrong” – Jingles, probably

  14. A double showing from jingles on my day off? Hell yeah!

  15. btw jingles a YueYang can’t torpedo a Shima because of DW torpedoes you remember ?

    • He meant the shimmy was torping the YY smoke.

    • he did say

    • It’s also not really any surprise at all for a Yueyang to lose a gun battle with a Shimakaze. After the Yueyang got its gun reload nerfed into the ground and IJN DDs got their HE alpha significantly buffed, they have nearly the same HE DPM. 135k for Yueyang, 134.8k for Shimakaze.
      The Yueyang after the nerf is straight-up terrible for randoms (the Chung Mu at Tier 9 is pretty much across the board better than Yueyang now!), with its only actual value being as a radar DD in clan battles.

    • @RedXlV
      Ah, is that why Shima guns seem so powerful now.

  16. TheKingsman 777

    Actually Jingles, on the 24th of July, 2018, you published a video in which Kelorn did 411,000 damage in his IJN Yamato. So it isn’t the most damage you’ve seen. It’s most probably the 2nd largest damage number you’ve seen. So there you go. Imma go back to the salt mines now…

  17. The best thing was
    That Shimakaze finished top of the team
    By 1 XP


    • If you don’t reward stupidity handsomely how can you expect it to keep happening?

    • Nah, just think ahead! If the shima didn’t kill the Salem, it would have been a loss for sure -just do the maths!
      Also take into consideration: by the time the Z-52 would cap A, the Salem would be at C -and negate any points coming in from there. Even if the Shima had capped it…

  18. The Flame coming out of the exhaust of that Henry IV made it seem like he’s using a nitro booster.

  19. Vinicius Martinelli

    jingles you did post a 400+ thousand damage yamato record.

  20. Jingles:names a video “If it’s stupid…”
    Everyone else in existence:taps notification or double shift’s in saltmines.

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