World of Warships – If only I had a smoke screen xD

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Udaloi is a russian tier 9 tech tree DD that recently received a buff. Now it carries a smoke screen AND a heal. I mean you can see it in port…you can see it in the battle as well…if only humans came equipped with eyes, that’d be great xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. If only you did flambass my youngling merry Christmas

  2. pass me a smoke would you

  3. What’s your captain skills on this DD, Sir.

  4. Oh Flambass, never change. Loving Udaloi so much, I am actually a lot better in that ship than Smolensk.But I usually take DEFENSIVE AA which it can get instead of the speed boost… imagine how many planes you’d have shot down with THAT _and_ the smoke screen.

  5. l was wondering why you weren’t using your smoke when you should have been

  6. 12:10 – Can you explain this Research thing again, I didn’t follow. thx

    • @ThrawnCCB yea but flambi said “reset forget – stacking” I don’t get it either. If you reset you can’t reset a 2nd time for a stacking research point count cause you can’t reset a non completed line.

    • He means you can just continually reset and research the same line over and over again if you want to

  7. Late in the game you say, “As expected he turns…” even though your torp angle from 10 secs earlier doesn’t really reflect you expected the Worcester to turn…

  8. An easy legendary for the Salem would just be to give it the same one as the Des Moines – keeps it as basically the same ship with the same differences as before but you don’t have the manouverability mismatch. Quite often I’ll suddenly realise I’ve not been using my consumables – good to see that Flambass does it sometimes too:-)!

  9. Merry Christmas Flambino!

  10. It seems I’m well loved. I got over 7kg of Chocolates for Christmas.

  11. Poor Flambass.. get old and decrepit.. in OP Uda.. and he forgot about the smoke . I’m in my 60’s whats your excuse? 🙂

  12. when are the world championships, ? for WOW
    does flambass play or commentry .?:)

  13. What if they also have a torpedo ship they love and a sturdy BB like cruiser they love?

  14. Udaloi is currently my favorite DD in the game. I usually play it with Full Gunboat build though, no concealment. 8.9km concealment, 14.7km range, 11% fire chance with flags. Set as many ships on fire, force damage con, and full rudder mods = dodge EVERYTHING and laugh at battleships and rocket planes.

  15. and I hardly ever use my own Smokes in Udaloi either. I use them for my Des Moines and radar cruisers so they can push up with me and provide me Intel and Fire Support for caps.
    And for our focused BBs late game who need my smoke while I spot for him and defend him.

    Udaloi is an excellent fire support DD. Just like Sims.

  16. Cool video. Thanks, Flambass and Merry Christmas!

  17. I have seen the USS Salem in real life so I am a bit bias towards Salem over Des Moines even though they are essentially the same ship, so anything WG does to make Salem better I am all for.

  18. Had me laughing at the end. Just noticing you have smoke and heal even though you used your heals during the battle…lol

  19. Flambass, what ship would you reccomend more to buy? Georgia or Alaska because as of now they are the same price in the premium shop.

  20. Easy decision unless you love two things that are very different, like destroyers or battleships..

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