World of Warships – If only they had engines

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This was patch day and I know that brings out all kinds of players but sometimes it’s just funny to participate in games like this. It feels like I’m on a train and my enemies are snails trying to cross the tracks xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass in the morning, much better than napalm.
    -Lt.Col. Bill Kilgore

  2. Love your vids but lately the fps drops have been more apparent when you’re whipping your mouse around 🙁

  3. glad i’m not the only one that love to execute carriers, it’s the best way to get ride of the planes

  4. Nice warrior’s reference may have to watch that again later now it’s in my head

  5. It always nice to play against a noob camper team .

  6. So you want a Flambaby badge for nine months?

  7. Dear Flambass ,about Jaguars … Wouldn’t you love to drive a V12 E-type ? 😉

  8. Jaguar has 6 gears for reverse but only 1 to go forward?

    Is that a french joke?

  9. LOL CV player left the game HAHA he should have stuck around to hassle the FLAMBOY!!!

  10. Gnevny is one of my favorite RU DD’s.

  11. how is even posible that i had to be like….weeks in order to succesfully play with that crappy dd, and out of nowhere you come and show us dis :,v

  12. I was going to post a comment about how all your videos of become all the same T9/T10 a mismatch matchmaking where you easily win…… and then you go and YOLO the CV…… I do apologize most entertaining!

  13. French DD had cut up his sails to make white flags.

  14. Took me about 3 hours to “regrind” the Japanese destroyer line. I had enough free xp (about 700,000) stored up and researched the line. Then just win once in each tier and bingo, 30k research points.

  15. Warrior’s great low budget flick. Has become quite a cult classic.

  16. wow, that carrier sank fast ! Must have been Japanese .

  17. HenryProperCall911

    Flambass?Friend and I had an idea for a challenge for you and your squad.
    Play high tier ships with 1 point captain,preferably without equipment.You are allowed to use camouflages,flags and premium consumables.

  18. Shortest one you’ve played in a while.
    Well done

  19. Hello, exactly ( Na zdrowie ) comes from the Polish language and, as you said, has two meanings, I’m interested in how you know their meaning

  20. It’s funny, in Poland we also says “na zdrowie” in that situation 🙂

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