World of Warships – If You Can’t Take A Joke…

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It’s like I always say, if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t be playing World of Warships.

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  1. When someone says “Special” all I can think of is Flambass’ “Speshuuuul” lmao

  2. “If you can’t a joke you should be playing World of Warships”

  3. I just noticed that you can see welders on the side of the ship when the repair consumable is active.

  4. Team: Nice, we have DM’s radar
    DM: I have a better alternative…

    A pro gamer move indeed

  5. 04:00 No, you can clearly see the Tier 11 ships in the battle, Jingles…

  6. Akshually Jingles, the torpedoes at around 6 minutes appear to be from the friendly Condé who just died, as there are 4 of them and Shima has 15 of them. You can see the Shima launching his torpedoes a few seconds later

    • To be fair to MJ, 20 km Shima torps are so slow and take so long to reach 20 km destination, that you can launch second sets with first ones still in the water

    • Also, the Torpedoes at 8:50 were Schlieffen torpedoes, not Shima torpedoes, judging by the fact there were 4 (a fifth would not have clipped an island, spread would be too tight for that) and their less then pedestrian sailing speed.

  7. Sokuratesu (the Hayate) seems to be a great person. Moral winner for sure.

  8. I am so triggered that he never used his spotter plane when he should have. When the Shima was in the smoke and spotted if he had used his spotter plane he probably would have spotted him. At any point after when he was alone behind the island he could have used the spotter plane to spot torps and maybe the shima as well. ughhhh

  9. Team: DM use radar.
    DM: looks at fighter planes consumable *sweats*

  10. Schlieffen: “HES IN G2 KILL HIM”

    Hayate: “Its G3, learn to read a map”

    my sides

  11. Aside from using scroll wheel to zoom, this looking-around-without-lock-turret thing is giving me anxiety too

  12. I believe a fighter is default when you just grinded DM so the guy could just have his first battle on a DM.

    • The same thing has been screwing me over so often when grinding through mid tier cruisers. I played so many unnecessary battles with def AA instead of Hydro because I couldn’t accumulate the brain cells required to remember to switch it out.

    • Doesn’t make him less of an idiot though. Who doesn’t check their loadout when buying a new ship? You put upgrades on it and that’s the same menu as the consumables. Also the way he played in the match tells a lot about how good that guy was lol

    • Matthew Baraclough

      Also, who takes a ship they’ve never played before straight in to ranked?

    • Correct his first & only battle in the DM so far 🙂

  13. I love the Hayate players response to the Schlieffen revealing his location to StonedYogi’s team. I would have given that Hayate a compliment for being a nice person even if he was a 38% WR player, because I want to game with friendly people, not d*ckheads.
    To give the Des Moines player the benefit of the doubt; I’m pretty sure when you get the Des Moines, the fighter plane is the consumable in the slot and you have to change it to the radar (It is that way on lower tier USN cruisers that have radar and aircraft in the same slot), so maybe he’s just unlocked it and forgot to put radar in. Again, at least he’s not an absolute cancer-player like the enemy Schlieffen…

  14. Its been so many years. And I still half expect you to play “Yamato anthem” when you introduce this ship 😭

  15. Angry shitheel BB captains in T10 Ranked? Nah, never seen anything like that before🙄 Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone decide they didn’t want a radar on a heavy CA. So yeah, hell of a match.

  16. I didn’t even know DM could spec a fighter, and she’s been my 2nd favorite USN cruiser for years now. 😂

  17. It is glorious how impeccable Jingles misidentifies Torps xD
    Those were clearly a set of four from the Schlieffen, no clipping the island needed

  18. 5:45 Torps are not 20km Shima torps. They are the torps the Condé killed him self to get off!😊

  19. I’m pretty sure Des Moines comes with fighters when you get the ship and not the radar so I’ll give him a pass for that. The Hayate might not be a great player but he sure as hell is a funny guy

  20. Whoever is playing the Hayate, please continue being funny and make people laugh in whatever game you play.

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