World of warships – If YOU ranked out, feel special

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Here is ranked aftermath video where we go into details of what was good/bad in the previous season and where we discover some VERY interesting information about the game and ppl playing it.


  1. I got to rank 9. Next season I was rank 18. Nope.. it’s not worth it.

    • It certainly feels like that every season

    • samuele benetello

      it will be even less worth next patch with the arsenal implementation

    • You either quit after ~20 battles or stick around long enough to get to rank 1, also going insane in the process. It took me like a week to finish because Rank 2-3 teams were the most random I’ve ever seen.

      I can’t believe how many people at T10 suck massive ass, too. Honestly, if the no star lost if you’re first on the losing team thingie didn’t exist I’d never have made it past rank 3.

    • No Flambass, it didn’t seem that way, it was that way. I was rank 9.. season ended. Next season I hadn’t played a ranked match because WG put me way back to rank 18. So, it wasn’t like I lost games or stars before the next season.

  2. The fact that I couldn’t even get past rank 10 cause of the stupid tier 10 change, really makes me ready to move on to skull and bones. Especially since 3 seasons means at least another year. Can’t wait a year on a game for an extra grind with so much aggravation that is ranked

    • At least 1 T10 isn’t really that hard to get, I don’t play a lot and have 5.

    • Márk Szabó. Do u have premium time. On wot I ground 10 tank lines at a time. Here I mainly ground 1 line (3 games a day) from 3 weeks before ranked and now after still don’t have a tier 10.
      And it was only from tier 7. With maybe 20 200xp bonus days.
      Might not seem like a lot to u but look up how many battles you played in your high towers to get a tie 10

    • Most of my stuff I got from events or supercontainers, and there’s plenty of free premium days you can get by just playing the test server for a few battles. I don’t have premium usually, but when I do get a day or two of it, the grind is quite manageable.

      Although I’m not sure how efficient you’d be in a fresh T10 with 3 weeks of experience.

    • Márk Szabó. 3 weeks experience?
      We’ll have your heard about the arsenal. They are gonna let people get tier 10s easier with no grinding

  3. Moving the safe zone to 10 didn’t do anything. People ruined it not really wg fault. I’m sure people did that when it was at 12
    People stopped at rank 10 cause they didn’t have tier 10s .Quitting early is probably more from crap random teammates
    17% of people who wanted to play ranked but didn’t have tier 10s

    • Yeah my highest is Tier 9 ship so i could only go to rank 10.

    • Started the season late. Got to R10 after 20 games. Have T10’s, and tried a couple games but bad matchmaking (unbalanced teams) and long wait times in the queue made me quit. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be good enough to reach R1 anyway and the rewards along the way didn’t seem to be worth the frustration.

      Congrats to those that ranked out!

    • You are 100% correct. WG lost “total game time” because players just didn’t have T10s. It’s too bad because a lot of people, like myself, wanted to play more but we just don’t have the T10s.

    • Bender Rodriguez

      Irrevocable R10 most certainly did do something. It lowered the threshold to reach R10. R10 was essentially the new R12 or whatever the previous irrevocable rank was. Bad players made it further ahead and couldn’t fall as far back.

      The fundamental problem with every Ranked season (and why I don’t play it) is that it doesn’t take skill, only time. There are people who ranked out by playing 500-1000 games at a sub 50% WR. Those are the sorts of people you regularly run into and whether or not you win depends on which team they’re on. Objectively speaking, Ranked is just CW without the skill and teamwork that comes from being in a clan. It’s an awful mode that demands you play it obsessively to rank out. Being a super unicum with 60%+ solo doesn’t change the fact it will take you over 100 games to rank out. That’s time I could spend playing for credits, experience, or god forbid FUN. You know, that ubiquitous thing we all supposedly play video games for but often forget about.

    • Only have T9…. couldn’t proceed further than Rank 10.

  4. These are global stats Flambass. Same can be found on the american server for example.

  5. Special, yes, but not in the sense they think. I remained at rank 19, as i remembered how boring and frustrating it is. Only amusing part was watching a Croatian chap rant and rave 😉 LOL

    • Haha,i also did one battle in ranked this season(and i have all the tier 10 ships)and i seems like nobody knew what the game was,terrible.Also ranked 19 now.

  6. well…all I can say is that after each season I feel “speshul”
    and not in the good way

  7. I did enjoy ranked this season, most people dont really like that the season was tier 10 but atleast there are no OP premiums like belfast at tier 7 for example. However I felt like it is significantly easier to play a battleship or cruiser and save your star than to save your star in a destoryer but that might just be me, I just ranked out in montana. Oh and also you should always keep in mind that when you reach rank 5 you are just halfway there because those last ranks will take atleast as much battles as the previous ranks if not more.

    • absolutely agree, I tried Gearing, z-52, about 51% wr, Montana was just not my thing, with minotaur I did not want to risk it and GK offers nothing new to the table, other than low accuracy, then i ranked out with Des Moines, yes, it is risky to be close to the enemy to use your radar, got killed first a couple of times, but impact is huge, especially those times, when enemy team does not have a radar

  8. I know a lot of people, including myself and most of my clan-mates that I division with, only wanted to reach rank 12 to get the flag rewards, and then quit ranked and play something that’s actually enjoyable. Ranked is just a stress fest for a lot of us, but it is a lot of fun watching you, Flambass. Thanks for the stream, the salt, and now the stats!

  9. I don’t have T10 so I couldn’t get past R10 and grinding for one is way too time consuming…. plus T10 is not appealing to me.
    Welp :/

  10. The biggest problem was splitting the season into 3 tiers. There are still plenty of people that have T8 and no T10 or an unsuitable ship for ranked (Khabarovsk f.e.). Or they have a low level captain for competitive (you normally get to T10 with anywhere between 10 and 14 captain points)….

    Simply checking if there are enough people with T10 ships is not enough.

    • hear hear the super unicum speak … honestly are you that high on something or that low on self esteem ?

      both situations are quite normal … I have both T10 RU DDs with at most 14 point captains … none of them is really suitable for Ranked … well I could troll there, but I don’t want to ruin the game for others. also there are plenty of capable players that don’t progress past tier 8 because T9 and T10 economy is crap without premium (even a win can net you a negative income, this really does not happen at T8).

    • Lubos Soltes khaba was a strong ship for ranked. Especially in the dd heavy games. One of the few good points of this season was there was no one meta that worked.

    • Lubos Soltes 10 points for a t10 sounds really low to me. If you carry the same captain from t1 to t10, you should be around 15

    • Yes, if you have a single captain that you keep all the way from tier 1-10 you end up with something along the lines of 15 points -+2. This is without spending doubloons on retraining and/or economy flags that is.

      However if you want to say keep your captain on a lower tier ship that you really like and/or has a build that isn’t optimal for going further up the tiers of whatever line you’re grinding, or maybe there’s a split like the Russia DD one, then you will run into problems getting proper admirals for all ships.

    • Tony Burton well i jumped in my Khaba a few games and were the only dd on my team.. that’s just a almost definite loss… bit with multiple dd’s ypu gain the advantage, but i did not wanted to risk the mm only gave 1 dd per team, so i jumped back into my shami.

  11. I stopped at rank 10. It was not a fun season at all.

  12. Simon Winterstein

    Played a total of 120 Battles, 80 of them on rank 6… Most frustrating shit ever to miss R5 like 6 times. There were guys with like 800 Ranked battles and 45% winrate always R10 Irrevocable

    I did reach R5 eventually but going for R1 would have cost me the rest of my nerves.

    • Alexandru-Dragos Albescu

      me to. quit playing DD and played CL – Hinden. had many that just got a T10 ship with 35~40%win rate ( Yamato ) the majoraty what progress .. he made the damage and saved his star …

  13. one question … do you know how many players / accounts DONT play ranked? … when i play on NA in most of the battles (tier 5 to 10) i see only 4 to 6 players from 24 who played ranked … on EU maybe some more … i think that more than a third DONT play ranked and when i look at our clan … only 6 out of 30 played ranked … like Jingles … and after last ranked battles (reached rank 10) its really a waste of time and a lot of other reasons for me to play this NOT … and also NOT in future … but … congratulation and respect to all this players who made it through this battles 🙂

  14. Tried Ranked, then decided I’d rather punch myself in the balls for five minutes than endure the drooling Spunk bubbles that I encountered.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski

      Everybody says they quit Ranked because of bad teams. You are all fucking liars. You just lost a few battles and quit before you had to face the possibility that maybe, just maybe, YOU are the potato and not your teams.

    • I didn’t even bother participating at all because I knew it was going to be like that from all the streamers I was watching.

    • Slawomir Chmielewski maybe. Or maybe you’re an angry little man living with your mum whilst you wank off to animal porn. See, I can make assumptions too!

    • Touche……………………..!

    • I’ve been playing only since February, so I’m still a bit of a newbie, I already know I’m not skilled enough for ranked, but I gave it a try anyway. And you are partly right, in that, 95% in PvP are potatoes and if you don’t potato with them, you get focused and die. I die a LOT in PvP because I don’t like sitting still. I actually like Co-op because 90% go forward and are not potatoes…..oh, and the people are pretty cool, much less Drama…peaceful and fun!

      But again, I’m still new so I may not know what I’m talking about and my comments above may change with time.

      PEACE! 🙂

  15. Congrats to all who reached Rank 1, for your persistence, if nothing else. I personally reached rank 7 this season and did not have the patience to try further. I am not a great player (hell, barely above average) but my observations were (for ranks 10 and higher):
    1. People were trying too much to preserve their star, (cough…Conquerors/Republiques…cough…)
    2.I was expecting better teamplay from rank 10 and higher, only to be dissapointed by crazy, Hail-Mary tactics at the beginning of the battle. I know that I am not a super player, and I am not experienced in high tier tactics, so I was relying on -perhaps-better players than me to provide the game plan. Maybe due to my inexperience I stuck too much on the gameplan. I found out that a plan is good, but you need a lot of initiative to continue. Caveat: If you show initiative and it works, you are a hero, if not you get reported…
    3. Being the only DD in the team is VERY hard. Due to the dearth of CVs, you have to provide spotting for the team, taking sometimes suicidal risks due to the prevalence of radars, or else being reported as a camper/bot.
    4. People, show some patience with your DD teammates. In high tier meta, their torps are next to useless (except in knife ranges), smoke is highly situational and they can be one-shotted by everybody. When a DD enters a cap, he is mentally preparing for a royal paddling and praying fervently for effective support. Usually, when a DD enters a cap, he rarely gets out alive. #DDlivesmatter!
    5. Regarding cruisers, it is a mixed bag. Since it is the most versatile class, you have to depend on MM to provide radar/hydro.
    6. The most frustrating thing is seeing tanky BBs island hugging and screaming for support, 20+ km from the enemy. Guess what, my BB friend, YOU are the teams fire support! You are supposed to be there to keep the enemy’s attention, so the team can work. i dont mean you have to push no matter what, but your guns are what keeps the enemy from pushing. There are numerous counters to torps, but no counter for 16/18 inch shells!
    Well, these were my observations. Sorry for the lenghty post.
    ADDENDUM: Please, decide on a game plan at the BEGINNING, not after evereybody hares off to his favorite spot!

    • amen to all you ve written.Nuff said.

    • savvas74 bow tanking is the only deterrent from 16/18 inch shells but only so much till they spam he.

    • Too true!:) I played with the Monty too, trying to be the obvious focus magnet, and everybody started HE spamming. Luckily, I did not use the bow on tactic, (it locks you into a specific direction), I kept continuously on the move. A BB has the HP and the resources to shrug off light to moderate fire damage.

  16. andreas pedersen

    Yeah you are Speshuul 😉 Did manage rank 1 for the first time, and feel pretty satisfied by it 🙂

  17. That “player rank” graph only adds up to 67.9%.
    Presumably 32.1% of people quit before making rank 23 (you start at rank 25?).

  18. 200 games for someone of your ability to go from 5 to 1….that’s months of play for me. I am a crap player but still enjoy the game, but I do not have the time to play so intensely, so I’m not interested in ranked. The highest rank ship I have is T7 (well I have the Cleveland at T8, but I don’t count that as I didn’t ‘earn’ it) and the prospect of grinding relentlessly to higher tiers with salty people does not appeal either.

  19. good points…this ranked was a nightmare – 5 was the best i could do without loosing my mind. – best regards Pasch

  20. Explanation why so many people (including me) stopped at tier 10:
    Simply didn’t have a (decent) tier 10.
    Simple as that. And let’s not forget – with tier 10 ships, you *LOSE* money a lot of the time, contrary to playing tier 8 and below, where you tend to *GAIN* money, which makes it harder to rank out when it’s tier 10 ships. rank 10 being a safe zone did pretty much *nothing*

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