World of Warships- IJN Battlecruisers FINALLY Here, U-4501 Insanity Unleashed & More : Update 12.9

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:38 Japanese Battlecruisers
5:04 U-4501
7:15 Voyage To The North Pole
9:15 Salvage For Victory
11:18 Halloween Operation Returns
12:36 YouTube Memberships


  1. Ya know whats funny, the U4501, by far the most unique sub so far IS STILL CHEEPER then some Coal ships. Hell i think USS Black is the most expensive ship of the bunch. Like, its one thing for a sub to go 40 plus knots on the SURFACE but U4501 can do that kind of speed UNDERWATER! If DD players where not salty enough, JINGLES SALT MINE gonna be working Triple overtime to supply the sheer amount of salt.

    • Yeah insane speeds under water is the last thing subs need right now. I don`t know how and why WG got the idea this would be a good thing when the community is already unhappy with subs in general.
      I guess it is the usual story, it prints money because people like to buy OP ships, health of the overall game is secondary.

    • meanwhile some TX DDs are putt putting along at 30-35 kts because you have to maneuver while chasing subs. Going to be real fun lol

  2. the most funny thing is the collab with heroes of might and magic – i was like what, why ?

  3. I wonder how short of range they mean by short range. I suppose I could look it up, but I find short range subs a lot more fun to play and to play against. Nothing annoys me more than long range pinging and nothing is as boring as playing those subs.

  4. if the tier 10 battleship is called Bungo would the next superbattleship be called Umbungo?

  5. Reshuffling the IJN BB line would take away dev time from adding more CVs and subs.

  6. This temporary battle type on the end of the month you have to use a destroyer, because the destroyer line has a gimmick have fun with it. The torpedoes are insane

  7. Does these JP BC line still have that magic dispersion where it is more dangerous than a Dead Eye skills?

  8. wtf 38 knots underwater? they trying to break the game even more?

  9. Glad you commented about the new sub being available for coal, as I was looking through the Armory page. The same boat is up on the main armory page for Dubs

  10. I guess I know what my next Coal Ship will be.
    Waiting for the Halloween Map and Gamemode.

  11. I will wait for the Japanese BCs to go tech line. Got way too many T9 ships to finish out before I do something as dumb as paying for one.

  12. bungo 2.2 sigma with cool spotter plane with bonus to dispersion :~)

  13. PickelJars ForHillary

    I want my Bungo captain to be named Pete.

  14. I was also wondering if they would readjust the Japanese BB line for the new BC since there were BC’s already in the line. And of course they a a billion-dollar company, they are multinational and are pulling money from multiple game streams. I did not doubt it.

  15. if they would ever bring in the U-505, i will spend money to buy that sub, the real U-505 is actually 45 miles south of me in Chicago, and whenever i actually go to the city, i will go to the museum of science and industry and just look at its glory and marvel on the industrial machines that were made back in the 40’s and beforehand

  16. For the Salvage event, Doubloons are actually the only resource you can use exclusively to buy your way through. Every other resource can only fill the bar 92.5%, dubs can do 100%

  17. Great video. Thanks, man.

  18. Sea Lord can you make a video on how to get more resources? It would help me a lot as i need a video like that myself. 🙂

  19. How’d. That’s amazing to go through the canal between the Island in two brothers”.. however what kind of mods do ya use? 😊

  20. It finaly happened to me. Tier 9 premium in bundle #1

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