World of Warships- IJN Light Cruisers Are Here! Along With British Battleship Buffs!

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Hello guys, today we are talking about update 11.10 and what you need to know to get the most out of this update! Enjoy!

Patch Notes:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Update Intro
0:57 Early Access To IJN CLs
2:51 Full Release Of Subs Into The Tech Trees
4:48 Battlepass
6:55 Unsporting Conduct Policy Update
8:51 Clan Battles
9:13 Brawls
9:22 British BB Buffs
10:27 New Achievement
11:05 Black Friday
11:57 Closing Thoughts


  1. I am still waiting for Zao’s buff.

    • @Keller 13 What ships have more than one type of ammo?

    • @david Michaud Most ships in the game have at least two types of ammo. Usually AP/HE or SAP/HE. Some ships only have one type of ammo though.

    • Zao got 2 buffs, they were pretty substantial, around a 25% increase in HP. Its pretty clearly not enough, but wg did buff it

    • @Art Lailey Zao has been power crept pretty hard. Especially with all of the 457 mm monsters being added to the game. Thankfully it’s concealments still holds up pretty well even with the CV onslought.

    • @Keller 13 Yes I know the ammo types. My point is that some seem to forget that here is a AP round.

  2. Fingers crossed on battle pass. Just got a bad feeling we will get less daily.

  3. Just remember guys this “battle pass” is not for us (the player base) it is for WG

  4. wargaming ” we don’t like the slow long ranged form of game play these days. ” also wargaming ” adds ships that work better at long range slow play “

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      Also WG: Supports CVs and Subs which promotes the sniper meta by constant spotting making closing in suicide by focus fire.

    • I suspect subs would die faster if we had closer up matches as there would be less alone targets to hit. Also dds would have there teammates take some the fire and therefor could actually hunt the subs. It’s the current meta that is good for subs but there not why the meta there. It’s CV and snipers that are doing it. Map design may also play a part. More islands that are realy tall and block plunging fire would help.

  5. Thank you for this informative video

  6. I like that they are updating ports, but I hate the fact that every patch they force change it for you. Fjords are still my favourite port and I immediately changed back to it

  7. I’ve not done a video request before, so: I don’t have any of the hybrids, but I think they’re the most misplayed in the game. If one is on my team, I expect a loss because they hide behind islands or at distance and play like a CV. A “how to ” might help.

    • Well I haven’t a clue how to play the Kersarge…

      I just got it to have it. Only played it twice and went… nah… this ain’t working… reload is way too long and dealing with rocket planes is too much work/jarring; between positioning, angling, and aiming.

  8. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Combat Scout achievement really IMHO is pretty useless as the whole spotting and awarding that damage upon spotting mechanism itself is at fault , first its not really rewarding just for the risk the spotter need to face , and lo behold , even in real naval conflict the scout who would locate and spot the enemy would get full credit for the engagement , but in this game its pretty much just the first salvo then enemy respond and its off for all and yet the spotter are usually still being demanded to keep spotting at the front risking his/her boat but not getting anything .. You ask for more spotting but hell the game just penalize players for spotting , not rewarding them and an achievement that put so much in demand is even less likely to ring true

  9. Monarch’s sigma was absolutely atrocious. Like old German BB level atrocious.

  10. Battle Pass may give similar rewards, but how you obtain they will require more. WG could of gained goodwill by having a purchase option of Coal or in-game credits but it is only Doubloons. Oh well

  11. The unsporting conduct penalty only applies in two cases : 1. Being AFK 100% of the game (even 1 shell hit, 1 secondary shell hit, i think – taking damage, dying, cap assist, all those prevent penalty for AFKing) so it doesn’t really concern botting, even the shittiest bots will get some shell hits, or take damage and die, so bots dont really trigger first case of unsporting conduct penatly 2. Quitting game early when your ship is still alive (Esc – Exit battle), there might be some kind of score threshold that decides if you get penalized or not (game says the penatly is for quitting battle early “without contributing sufficiently”).

  12. I’m a co-op player (because of toxicity stacked on lack of communication),and it is very difficult to grind and not spend any money. Battle Pass will definitely help out those that aren’t comfortable enough playing Random or Ranked until they git gud.

  13. Was watching some replays from 6 years ago and dang, has this game come quite a ways!

  14. Nice vid Sea Lord, thanks for the updates.

  15. From what I’ve seen of the battle pass today in game, it takes three times the effort to earn the same amount of rewards. Outright downgrade if you ask me.

  16. After going from the KGV to the monarch and not being able to hit a barn door with a banjo I rage sold it and bought the exp for the lion. I found the lion to be far more accurate.

  17. StarshipEnterprise

    For free you can get the T5-6-7 ships, and a perma bonus to T6 T7 and the perma camo for T8. Maybe if you have lots of free xp and community token, maybe the perma bonus for the T8 ship too, but the T8 ship itself is out of range of free players.
    But I think it’s a fair thing. Whales can buy the whole tree out anyway.

  18. who cares. wont have many players looking at it after this battle pass BS

  19. So far, the light cruisers ive run into, are actually decent opponents and look fun to play! Wasnt excited at first, but I may give them a try once they come out fully.

    • I got the Takahashi and… well… She’s just “meh”, not great, not terrible. Everything about her, apart from the rapid turret traverse and 360 degree rotation (which are useless with that heavy-cruiser reload time) is just average at best. Armor, guns, turret angles, accuracy, maneuverability, concealment… I guess you are supposed to build the high tier cruisers for torps, but that’s a risky move – situations, where you can sneakily launch your torps, survive and run away don’t come that often, especially with subs around. You get spotted and blapped quite easily. Trying to go for full gun build also feels questionable – you end up with a still poor reload, shells get very floaty above 13-14km, alpha damage is rather poor and you end up counting on fires – which can go either way. Anyway, my point is, that this line doesn’t really seem to have anything going on for it – it’s like the Zao’s main problem spread across the whole line: you can play it, but why would you, if there are other ships that do the same job much better, while making a lot more fun.

  20. 1+ art department, the graphic changes look really nice!

  21. Sealord keeping us in the loop, and we cannot thank you enough. For. That.

  22. EU also got the update today, you forgot we get the update at the same time now 🙂 I LOVE the new IJN cruisers, saw alot of good players and CCs being unimpressed, but my torpedo cpt skills and main battery module build works really well, devstruck 4 DDs so far by flooding caps with torps, I just play them like fat torpedo DDs 🙂 I have a lot of fun with them, but I think you kinda have to build into the torps, at least with the capt skills. Gun-DPM is not up to the level of other light cruisers, but combined with constant torp pressure it’s excellent and damage racks up very quickly^^ Also the updated japanese port looks beautiful and became my new favorite port 😀

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