World of Warships – I’ll get you too motherturcker xD

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This has some PANIC in it alright. But I know my DM and I know when I’m in trouble, I also know what to do to maximize my survivability chances.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. posted 36 seconds ago *clicks* weeee here I go!

    Ha- great replay thanks Flambass, I laughed, I went wtf, and I saw justice served. Keep doing what you do!

  2. Dr.Froaderick Fronkensteen

    Loved the laugh at the end, And the fact that you completely ignored that troll calling you Flamu.

  3. I wasn’t first
    I wasn’t last
    but boi
    did I click fast

  4. flambass show us more smolensk

  5. which line are going to reset ? None – not worth it. You have to pay several milion free xp for 1 ship that was nerfed to death… not worth it.

    • 1 per season to get double amount of research points but I’m not rushing it because there’s nothing worth it atm.

    • Which ship is nerfed to ground? Also Flambass told that he will grind the Ohio anyway, as he loves it

    • @Jozsef Toth The Coulbert

    • Japanese Cruisers. Having ARP Myoko, Atago, Azuma, and Yoshino I will not miss anything while regrinding. Rinse, repeat every season.
      Being relatively comfortable with Japanese CA will not screw up my Stats.

      Save research points for that stupid op wet dream of a Russian BB coming.
      Play that for a couple of weeks only, because anything other doesn`t make sense anymore.
      Get bored.
      Do a final nostalgic match with my Yamato, an actual ship.
      Never come back.

      In one sentence:
      do the Object 279 again

  6. Nice job, I thought you were dead versus the Musashimi. Well played.

  7. I was going to say Mushybrain is the tier 9 short bus of choice.
    Then I saw where that Richelieu was at the end. Either a bot, or can’t afford the Mushy.

  8. Jimmiar Reltherford

    *Kills Musashi less than 2km away while hip firing*

    America Approves????

  9. Hmm Flambass is Flamu…well exept they look very differently, talk very different and live in 2 different countries and one has a bit more salt on the food…

  10. A turcker, who is also a mother.

    Oh my!

  11. Killgasm in Palpatine voice…next level vengance xD

  12. Did you trade your trademark 2 motherturcker? Love the vids!

  13. Kenny Krogh-Ehlers

    “MothertURcker”? :O ….might whant to change the spelling mate, before some one thinks, you don’t like Turkish players LOL

  14. After watching this, I thought you should make a compilation vid of surviving the impossible.

  15. Avoiding those torpedoes wasn’t luck, most carrier players drop as close as possible to make dodging harder, but that means if you turn in instead of away, you can hit the torps before they arm. Sometimes though, it sure as hell FEELS like luck. GG

  16. i have seen a lot of flambass’ games and i think that was the best ever ! perfectly played – well done.

  17. Real Life – A single Zuni rocket misfires on the deck of a 60,000 ton supercarrier and ignites a neighboring planes drop tank, which leads to massive secondary explosions and 21 aircraft being destroyed and over 130 sailors being killed.
    WOWS – After being hit by over forty 8″ rounds from a nearby enemy Des Moines the 45,000 ton carrier Midway finally catches fire.

    Isn’t the answer to OP carriers obvious ?

  18. Voice bot fancies flambass confirmed. 🙂

  19. It’s just incredibla that a Des Moines can’t defend itself agaisnt a CV…

  20. Nothing worse than seeing your teamates battle ship explode knowing your cruiser is now the center of attention.

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