World of Warships – I’ll let YOU guess how the game ended

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It was monday, I was losing left and right and I needed a win……did I forgot to mention I was rly pissed as well ???
You know how things go when I’m pissed…….or do you?
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Oh I am First woop woop …. That never happens lol

  2. MajesticDemonLord

    Wait – I see TTT Durin in this match!

  3. So?? How did it end? Of course everyone’s first choice, the way you put it, is that you lost. So, did you get the win or not?

    • Ofc we lost, DD got radared, others got blapped

    • I hoped for a story of glorious fight of the last ship remaining in your team and a nail biting victory. Well, maybe the next time.

    • Calin Vaida If you want that, you’ll have more luck in low and mid tiers. High tiers tend to result in one team plowing through the other team with little to no resistance

    • Yeap, this is why I always said that smth has to be done with the MM. I believe that equalizing the win rate of the opposing teams would be an idea, as a team with an average of 55% would win in 95% of the games against a 53% average team….and this is only 2% difference. But…we’ll see

  4. Tier 10, still doesn’t have any clue what a broadside is :p

    • Im changing from US cruiser line to Russian now

    • William Artrup too bad Stalingrad/Krohnstad aren’t in the free to play tech tree. Although their regular cruiser AP is very good. Just as well on the DDs.

    • Commander Nightingale Getting citadels on GK in a North Carolina at 15km+ range is even more satisfying (especially when said GK then rants in chat because his turtle back armor prevents him from getting citadeled)

    • +William Artrup Let’s be honest though… a DM would have turned the yamato into mush all the same in that situation. Yamato is the only T10 BB with a raised citadel and going broadside to any ship with decent AP at that range is tantamount to suicide.

    • Being full broad side is a no no but to see 4 shots that hit for over 23k was just like…wow. It was impressive because I usually play dd’s and and the only reason I am at t8 in cruisers is because of the split, so maybe with more upper cruiser and BB play I will see this happen more often.

  5. yamato…….omfg, broadside point blank to a moskava

  6. It ended with someone whinning about potato teamates who loose the game for him.

  7. Nooooo, don’t like super serious Flambass! Let’s have the happy one back lol!

  8. AN… THAAEN ??? …… NO AND THEN!!!!

  9. Fabiano Schwegmanius

    Hi Flambass, have you tried giving the AP a chance against bs dds? They changed the 127mm ap on US ships to short-fuse ap, so it actually sticks in dds now and is very effective in dd knivefights

  10. You don’t sound to well mate. hope you’re ok or is just because you had a run of bad matches/teams as I know the last week I’ve had that same issue

  11. You got what you deserved for entering the weekend potato jungle on your own, it’s advised to always enter said jungle with a local guide and security. The rumors are that the potatoes living in that jungle are flesh eating zombies. You have been warned!

  12. Horrible teams, crap rng and poor design ideas have taken the promise out of this game-I wish I had all the money i put into it back. I can’t remember a game that has so many negatives to overcome before you even start playing it.

  13. lol that hardly reminds me on my 1.4k base-xp game with shira. Ofc i lost but atleast someone from the opponents team gave me a +1 (thx ITA-Clan) =)

  14. Flambass with all the mods and Captain points settings in port my Gearing has a 1m.09.2 sec torp reload but in game it’s 1m.40 sec just like the Gearing you just played, why is that?

  15. I feel you. Today was one of the worst win rates I’ve ever had. Out of 10 battles, 2 wins. Was top ex 8 out of 10 and a few times beat the winning teams top xp. I decided this is just a bad luck day. So frustrating.

  16. I knew when i saw that Yamato sailing broadside against the Moskva that wasn’t going to end well. I learned about angling by the time i had a tier 4-5 ship. How do you make it to 10 and not know?

  17. “That should be game” … you sounded so positive 😉

  18. Yamato seems like its armor is paper-thin. Citadel city.

  19. Damn. It’s amazing how many people suck in tier 10s.

  20. real DD player always check for radar ship first Second by TAB key 🙂

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