World of Warships- Illinois First Impressions: WTF Is This Thing??!!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new TIX American Battleshipcruiserthing Illinois! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
3:47 Armor
4:57 Ship Stats
6:50 Consumables
7:26 Module & Commander Build
11:08 Gameplay Review


  1. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    Easy to get into brawls with this ship, also expert loader is a must. Turrets are also a bit squishy

  2. It’s a fun ship to play, you do however from my experience as well will become the focus of everybody on other team. I’ve had some stupid high potential damage games in this ship.

  3. NegotiatorGladiarius

    I will second the idea that the aiming module is generally the better choice. The reason is that -11% to dispersion may sound less than the 12% reload speed, but actually that 11% reduces the area in which the shells land to 0.89*0.89=0.7921 of the original ellipse. That’s an almost 21% reduction in the area where the shells land, and usually an even bigger increase in how much of that is filled by the enemy ship.

    • Is that how it is calculated though?

    • NegotiatorGladiarius

      @Dean S Yes, because it is -11% on both radii of the ellipse. Ergo, squared, etc.

      Well, exactly how the shells land statistically in that ellipse is also using the sigma, but that is a constant for the ship and no module will change that.

  4. This thing looks exactly like my kind of goofy fun, probably gonna grab this once I have the Ohio.

  5. pretty cursed little bit OP platform, having a BB tankiness and reliable DPM as cruiser also capability to fire over island reliably.

  6. I just started this game myself, use to playing a lot of war thunder, still do for tanks, but never got use to the naval part.. I can say this game is nice for playing naval warfare

  7. Interesting, that ship has smaller caliber Main guns than atlanticos secondary guns.

  8. I’ve come to the conclusion Master Mountbatten is only happy with either 18inch guns or with Eddie Vanhalen ripping on the secondaries.
    Likewise Sea Lord. Likewise.

  9. need to grind some lines to get her , looks goofy hope we have t9 operations some day
    wonder how good secondary setup will be in my pve skillset
    also people in your chat are lets say quite lively xD

  10. If Illinois is your 1st RB ship, you only need to reset 2 times with the bonus as you start with 10K and get 20400 with each 2x reset.

  11. Just some content suggestion but it would be fun if you can make an iceberg explained type video of Wows.

  12. have to get it. its the only research buro ship i dont own. looks fun

  13. While I want the Illinois, I am not going to subject myself through the painful reset of most lines, I usually wait for 2x and reset the St. Vincent line, it is an enjoyable line.

  14. got it,. like it. It works just fine in ranked and easily works when up-tiered.

  15. I’m not sure you’ve seen some of the other reviews. I think I see it being used as a heavy cruiser and the trick on using the amazing DPM is to fire your guns… a lot. Spending lots of time to aim and consider your targets might work on a standard BB, not sure wise on this one. You’ll roast them to death at range, and destroy them up close with AP.

  16. Love the Illinois! They should make a T10 version with Alaska guns.

  17. I would classify it as an ultraheavy cruiser.

  18. this was my third RB ship and I love it. Going in and womping on cruisers and DD’s is awesome. It is alot of fun. would it be a competitive ship nope of the RB ships i think only the Ohio really fits that bill, but if you like the Dakka this is the boat for you. being able to sit at 50% health comfortable because you are a BB getting full use of the AR oh my so much fun.

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