World of warships – I’m a crybaby as well

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Weekend isn’t enough, you have to be a crybaby well.


  1. “I can’t carry this” – nuff said

  2. there there. we all have been there…

  3. thats why i say all the time…IQ-test before the game start 😉

  4. It seems that a clantag is in no way an indicator for good players 🙂

  5. I came for the warships. Stayed for the signing.

  6. nice team 😛

  7. That Orion gave me cancer…

  8. And this is the game that made me decide to give ships a miss last your suffering saved me Flambass…like a foul mouthed Jesus with a sense of humour and without sandals…you don’t wear sandals do you? :p

  9. Muhammad Shafiq Vinales

    cing cong cing cong cing cong.. I hope you understand what I said.. papirennnnn

  10. Unnecessarily insulting and cruel. I watched six minutes, and regret it. Never again.

  11. Lol. There should be a function during the loading screen that the game realizes some players are too dumb to play, so they get cut and the rest of the team get their hp pool.

  12. If that Wyoming didn’t hit you this game could have gone a lot differently. That’s the tragedy. Like the butterfly, one special ed player can dictate the course of a game for better or worse.

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