World of Warships – I’m so DEAD

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Here is one the games from new tier 6 clan battles which is 5vs5 and it’s cross server.
It’s short and funny so I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. I love your content,keep it up!

  2. Oof, really close call

  3. no clue how you managed to dodge those torps … you were dead twice 🙂

  4. Holy sh*t Flambass – even the hand-spankers watching Jingles last longer than this game.

  5. Im a noob so when i see cross server does that mean like Na vs EU??

  6. The torp beats…………….

  7. Your heart rate is so high!!

  8. Damn Flambass, how many years did you spend delivering tofu?

  9. It’s only me or any other enjoy the test rank with tier 6,NO RADAR and only good positioning?

  10. Arghh, i watched the whole video normally and at the end, i spotted a thing on top left corner. As i recalled, its heart FPS, i watched the whole video again just staring at it. Kappa

  11. Secretly Flambass has Euro Dance playing in his house. Hence how he was able to dodge all those torps. 😛

  12. The DD, anticipated you was going to reverse behind the island on those torps.. But you went forward, Nice move…..?

  13. Overall good battle, i think some doors still need a bit of oil but it went fine 😛

  14. dodging torps like a boss!!!

  15. torp beats was good, but nobody says anything about a Leander not dying in a crossfire between a Graf Spee and Fuso?

  16. FLAWLESS!  I couldn’t help but notice what nice beats you have there.

  17. Torpedobeats intensifies… and intensifies… and INTENSIFIES!!! Good job Mr. “Thread the needle” 🙂

  18. No sweat 😉

  19. is this clickbait Flambass LOL

  20. Dam….Flambass skills are the best skills…… 🙂

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