World of Warships- I’m Sorry WG, But This Is Absolutely Infuriating!

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Hello guys, today we talk about the deeply flawed ping mechanic with regards to subs, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Definitely agree, this mechanic takes so much focus to just look for the ping indicator

    • And then dropping ASW on where the ping was is useless 99% of the time

    • AND cvs dont have to worry about this cuz they get automatic pin point accurate ASW lol

    • Aww boohoo wahh wahh boohoo aww poor wittle babies someone get them some milk!!

    • Same thing with Destroyers. You can’t see them until they are on top of you, if you can see them at all,. They can hide in smoke and often times the 1st indication of a DD attack against your BB is 5 torpedoes off your beam you can’t avoid that take most of your health. The 5 behind them send you back to port. It’s hard to understand how subs are any worse. One big point, sub torpedoes have no where near the power of DD torpedoes.

  2. DDs have to wait up to minutes for torpedo reloads and subs get belt fed torpedoes. Damage control needs a 30 second reload if you have to use it for EVERYTHING.

    • @Kompressor2007 ”If you hit”. It takes a lot of predictive skill and luck to land non guided torps in any meaningful quantity, even for annoying spammers like the Japanese DD’s. It’s not so hard to just launch torps in a general direction then ping them to land somewhere.

  3. I’m not terribly upset that a battleship can’t directly counter a submarine, but a destroyer would be equally unable to detect the sub. And for some reason WG decided to make homing torps track better on DDs…negating their better maneuverability.

    • I thought that playing an ASW DD would be the answer to subs, but it’s an exercise in frustration. They’re almost as fast as you are – submerged! You still have no way of spotting them, you just have to hope they spawn on the same side of the map as you and get lucky, otherwise you’ll run around being useless.

    • Just delete the class

    • Any dd with hydro simply wreck a sub, especially the german line.

    • Hydro should be more effective against them as well, also if i shoot a sun with my guns they should be deleted from the universe, in what world is a BB unable to kill a sub with a full broadside.

    • @h3nM i know of only one

  4. I have been struggling with the very quick ping wakes as well. When you are otherwise occupied, it’s hard to catch, and it does not provide much on location information. As you said, if they spam ping, more information should be provided about their location/heading.

  5. I like the no fire bug in this patch. Seems to have something with the 2nds. You can remap the fire to space as a work around or reboot client.

    • Try pressing rt Ctrl (unlocking your cursor from your guns/camera) and interacting with the settings on your mini-map (just open the window), that usually fixes that bug for a while

  6. It might help a little if they allowed Deep water torpedos to hit subs. Kind of mind blowing that they are in the deep water, even at periscope depth, and cant be hit by them.

  7. Another interesting factor is the damage. When I look at the scoreboard, and look at the dmg I’ve done to a sub, I often see a 50% higher number on the airdrop than the total. Which in theory should mean the sub should be dead minutes earlier. But I guess this is a result of them buffing the heck out of damage saturation.

  8. Every single game I have experienced where there were subs in the line up that come after me has gone one of three ways:
    1. What happened in this video, where the sub constantly pings and torps with no consequence because there’s no way to keep track of him while he’s going full speed
    2. he stays still while pinging and gets nuked by every ship in range with airborne ASW.
    3. He pops up after being dark almost the entire game, at 2 km, shotguns me out of existence, then disappears to do the same to someone else. RPF doesn’t show his location, hydro doesn’t show his location, radar doesn’t show his location. Pinging doesn’t show his location accurately, IF he uses it in the first place.

    The only conclusion I can come up with, between this, hybrid ships, CVs, Funny Button superships, the literal tsunami of new, poorly thought out lines and premiums, and the horrendous mid-tier MM that’s basically forced me to play T10 only [no doubt intentional because that’s where the money’s at these days], is that WG have accepted the playerbase is shrinking, they hate us, and all they want is to milk whoever is left that’s gullible enough to fall for it out of as much money as they can before the entire game goes under. Because all these destructively bad decisions make zero business sense in any other context. They aren’t the decisions someone would make to increase the longevity and long-term profitability of a game. They’re the decision of someone trying to get as much money out of the playerbase as they can before they shutter it entirely. It’s why I’ve stopped spending money on the game. It’s no longer an investment in long term enjoyment. It’s burning money that is going to disappear in the not-so-distant future.

    • @Dr Greenthumb what if any sense does this make? hydro only works if they are max depth??? call me ignorant, but no rational person would expect such a bizarre and illogical game mechanic.
      and also this ‘strategy’ of hovering your team over a sub will leave you completely vulnerable to surface ships, who will end up on your flanks before the sub surfaces. you might get the sub, sure, but the game will be lost. the mere presence of a sub nullifies your effectiveness against anything else. if you aren’t laser-focused on getting the sub, you will be a free meal. if you DO focus on them, you will be a free meal to their team since they can go undetectable for 4-5mins. subs just aren’t making sense.

    • @Dr Greenthumb Wrong.. Hydro reveals them at any depth up to the normal hydro range expect max depth. At max depth it only reveals them up to 2km. Soundes like you dont know anything and a are a bad player.

    • @Michael Wilson wg wants the game to die all we can do is warn new players not to invest money

    • @Dr. TeaRex Now to be fair on CV torps not even the CV player can correctly predict which way it goes because it’s completely random (saying as someone that has only used line IJN CVs aka only 2 torps per drop), unlike subs that can aim that.

  9. I would like proper sonar/asdic on the DD and the ability to hunt those subs down with the depth charges… then those things will become more usefull as well 🙂

  10. I have taken the last few days off from playing because of the sub issue. Was having a good match, but a sub kept pinging like crazy and by the time you turn to look for it, the icon was gone. Meanwhile the surface ships you are fighting are just going to town and I like a good brawl, but the sub just kept smack torps. I decided after that match, Spring is here, I have other things to do that aren’t frustrating, so I would take some days off and do enjoyable things. Maybe someday WoWs will get this corrected. They brought in a line of ‘ships’ that the original ships weren’t designed to deal with and a mechanic that is very broken.

  11. I remember reading a book of memoirs by a Royal Naval Officer who served before and during WW2 and him describing his absolute horror at seeing first hand how easily subs at periscope depth could be seen from aircraft – basicly, they may as well have been surfaced. If this type of mechanic was introduced, imagine how much more SKILL would be required by sub drivers….

    • Add a speed vs visibility penalty to the SM at PD as that’s real …. Feather and increased visibility if U go faster than 1/4

  12. One of the official mods in the modstation will show sub pings on the radar for a few extra seconds so that helps me drop my ASW more accurately

  13. Aside from the obvious issues, what pisses me off the most mechanic wise is that surface ships with hydro can only detect subs within a range of 2km! In real life hydrophones were literally designed to actively search for submarines! The detection range should be the exact same as surface parameters, that alone I think would fix a great deal of submarine interactions.

  14. I agree, I just played a game in the Azuma and was playing conservatively (staying back) and was destroyed by 2 waves of torps from 1 sub. Repair was in cooldown, he was out of my ASW range.
    This needs to be fixed.

  15. The most annoying thing as a BB is that due to the short reload of torps from subs, you find yourself having to turn near-constantly if you push even remotely close and you turret’s simply can’t keep up, leaving you pretty useless.. :-/

  16. The most egregious part of the coddling of this class is the fact that they can detect your location and even render you temporarily without you ever being notified it happened. No other form of detection occurs without the opponent knowing they have been detected. Only submarines get to do that. Even CVs don’t get to break the rules this hard.

  17. The average submerged speed of ww2 submarines, in real life, was 8 to 10 knots at best. Until the German type X appeared. I don’t play subs in this game but they are obviously way OP and unrealistic in their capabilities. They have taken much of the fun out of the game. Also, active pinging was very rare, most period subs only had basic hydrophones submerged, that gave only rough range and direction capacity submerged. It’s bs

  18. As someone who used to hunt submarines for a living, you can plot a sub’s speed, course and range after just 3 pings using Target Motion Analysis. Each subsequent ping would update and refine these calculations. One of my early lessons in Anti-Submarine Warfare included this analogy: Imagine you are searching for a man in a dark room. He turns on a flashlight. You kind of know where he is then, don’t you? That’s what Active Sonar does. Subs are bad, but at least I can kill most of them and while annoying, they rarely seem to be able to solely determine the outcome of a match. Most of my current tortuous games still revolve around CV players and the outsized effect that a poor or even mediocre CV driver can have on the outcome of the game.

    • It would help if the ping indicator took longer to delay, I think … as-is, you see the ping, and if you didn’t drop on it you’ve lost precision on the ping location by the time of the next ping, especially if you’re trying to shoot something else.

  19. Agreed. The short duration of the ping acoustic is way less than the detection range bloom for firing surface ships & leads to an unfair advantage. If you ping, detection range should bloom outward like surface ships.

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