World of Warships – I’m With Stupid

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Cruisers sailing into islands, ships turning to show broadside when 203mm AP is aiming at them, Destroyers launching torpedoes into allies, AFK ships at the start of the battle… all this and more! And that’s just the ships on the winning side!*

*for any given value of “winning”.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Notification Squad!

  2. I don’t know why but I feel that this video is Jingles’ commentary at top form.

  3. Salt miner #118 reporting in

  4. Iron_Maiden_Fan101

    Could anyone tell me if the British cruisers are any good. I have recently started playing the game and I have the tier 8 french cruiser. I heard they are fun at higher tiers but is the line as a whole good or only certain ships?

    • Russell Coles thanks for letting me know but I think that I will first go ahead with a new cruiser or bb line since I already have 2 dd lines with which I am at tiers 8 and 7 right now so I am looking for a bit of a new experience. I will keep this in mind tho when I am starting a new dd line

    • +cobrazax I’m going off of both overall line quality and end-goal ships, the Tier Xs.

      As it is, the French cruisers are more comfortable to play; the Russians generally have bad detection ranges.

      Don’t get me wrong, the Russian cruisers are fast, but they’re still slower than the French, and are significantly less maneuverable. They’re also a lot softer, to boot.

      On top of that, the entirety of the French cruiser line, save for La Glasscannon, is very solid and can be enjoyable for those who like that playstyle. Russian cruisers, on the other hand, have numerous ships that are mediocre or just plain bad; Kirov and Schors are considered mediocre/bad ships, and the rest of the line doesn’t really have any ships that are considered outstanding by the community.

    • +Jim_Kirk1
      Kirov got great firepower for its tier, same as shchors, but they are squishy. luckily, u got great range with them so use it.
      from T5, all russian cruisers are VERY strong if played correctly, usually at long range with their railguns!
      as someone with 10000 battles, ALL (including CVs) T10 ships in the game (i got nothing to spend xp or fxp on) and 61%+ SOLO winrate, u can trust what i say…
      btw i got same in game name as my name here, in EU server.

    • Iron_Maiden_Fan101

      Jim_Kirk1 I never had a problem with Gallisonaire I actually tended to enjoy it more than the algerie. The problem for me with the algerie was that it only had 4 front facing guns making it hard to constantly dodge shots and get firepower

  5. The Helena repaired a fire just before the engine got blasted.

  6. Dabz’ first salvo was HE and set that Helena on fire, The Helena used it’s damage control on the fire and had nothing to repair the engine with.

  7. That Aoba player actually did well in that game though. He probably just did the Notser, as several players are guilty of doing from time to time.

    • No, he actually did well at the end as well. He did what enemy Myoko should have done earlier. I believe he beached on purpose and tried to reverse behind island without giving broadside to anyone

    • TBH I’m going to chalk this one up to the absolutely terrible hitboxes of some of the islands in this game. Jingles made it seem like he rammed the island nose-on but it looks more like he got jammed there after drifting into it.

  8. I sit here waiting/praying that you don’t showcase my ineptitude at WOWS. Gave up the other game nearly 2 years ago due to reasons.

  9. The Helena is not using damage control because it has used it before to put out a single fire that the initial HE salvo has set.’re not observing your own videos!

  10. At times, watching a video like this makes me feel a lot less depressed about my own potato play. I’m not the only useless player around.

    • It’s fun when you surprise yourself with your own accidental competence as a useless player. And someone’s gotta make the good people look good. Useless player represent!

    • no matter how shit you are, there is always someone even worse, thats my motto 🙂

  11. Early morning navy watch and a video with Jingles. Today got better.

  12. Jingles: “What is that Kirov doing?! … Kirov! What are you doing?”

    Kirov: “Reporting.”

  13. that was a great game 🙂 bet none of us are going to be able to get near that island anymore 🙂

  14. “…and heck even a little bit of romance at the end… *wheezing pause* Don’t worry, it is two brothers…” aw HELL NAW!

  15. Regarding the FARAGUT you get a lot of issues lately getting into the games. You get stuck in the loading screen and even see the ships moving in the mini map :))) Last night i had to restart the game like 3 times to make it go away…

    • same, ever since I installed wgc for the test server

    • that can be a very legitimate reason: I felt like he went AFK to make snacks while the game tried to sort him into a team, and had to answer the phone/other interruption, another reasonable reason why you might be afk.
      The fact that sometimes people just join up expecting the team to win despite themselves being AFK, that is less helpful.

    • Loading bug happens at least once or twice a day to me. Record was 7 times in a day last week. Happened when I first started about a year ago and ever since 2 patches ago it happens much more often.

    • If using HDD, defragmentation helps

  16. Reminds me of the time i got surprised by a Anshan destroyer while in my Anshan.
    I had just fired my torps (at someone else of course), when he came barraling around an Island into my face at full speed, his torps missed, i tried to ram, he turned away and we ended up side by side next to the other island. I had speed boost and -50 Acceleration Module, He was gonna reload real quick. Soooo i stayed next to him as he tried to get away, even in reverse I hugged on to him, so i wouldn’t get torped. then when we went forward again I pushed him into the island, sailed on, turned enough to launch and torped him instead.

    Then of course I was spotted and sunk… couldn’t defend myself cause i couldn’t stop laughing.

  17. Luca Pietrogiovanna

    Kirov Captain: “Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!!”

    • For God Emperor Jingles!

    • I think he thought he was a pirate and tried to board their ship

    • sometimes in this game, I start to wonder if some of the players are from WOT: and that Kirov felt a destroyer must be like a light tank, and decided to suicide scout to help his heavies and mediums work out where everyone was.
      Then I remember that the tactic doesn’t work well there either, and destroyers can do far better by chilling outside of max detection why idling behind friendly cruisers using island cover, while also being available to fire yet more guns at destroyers or cruisers who want to sneak into torpedo range.

      The only time to suicide is the usual legendary braindead charge against the final two hostile battleships to torpedo both at the same time at the end of the game. The rest of the time you have mobility, speed and stealth to offer protection better than any armour: shots that don’t hit you can’t hurt you, and if people cannot tell where you are, there won’t BE torpedos nor shells for you to dodge.

    • Luca Pietrogiovanna, and then he found out Bobby Shaftoe was on the other team.

    • oh god i laughed way too much at this comment

  18. I once had a *Belfast* in my team that was firing AP at a fully angled battleship and then I asked him why he was doing it and he replied “royal navy AP has improved penetration angles”

  19. Been in the hospital for 6 days. Can’t play the game so this and other videos is my only warships fix. Anyway another great replay overview jingles! QAPLA!

    • Wargaming Super Noob

      I hope you get out of there soon and are back to normal real quick. We need people to show up all this stupidity. Plus, Jingles told me I had to work this weekend because the salt mines are down a man (help us!!!)

  20. That AFK DD player and others AFK’ers are or was probably having the same issue as i did that the WG server is still locking up at battle load start and WG do not want to know this is still an issue and it have got worse with 7.12.

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