World of Warships – Imperator Nikolai I “Battle Barge Actual!”

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First off I apologize for the first few seconds of the video. For some reason YouTube just wants to hate it even after several re renders. Moe and I got back into and messed around with one of the scariest low tier battleships in the game. Whoever gave us ships should be thrown in jail.


  1. That was only two citadels on the Phoenix…

  2. YES!! Nikolai is my favorite battleship. I’ve taken on Fuso’s and won.

  3. Please idc what game this is I need to see more kv 2

  4. Oh hey mo I haven’t seen you in a while….. Well at least not In any
    wtvids I remeber

  5. So this is where Mo is hanging out! Nice vid, and good to see that the
    Snickering Wingman is still alive and kicking.

  6. “Thank you for helping us improve the game.”
    Plays the most OP ship you could have
    GG World of Warships

  7. Hey bo how did u get that ship?

  8. more world of warships plz also the furutaka is called the furry taco

  9. Александр Воробьёв

    Ah, Nikolai and its magic cannons. Just pray you don’t get match with two
    carriers in each team, and you can carry game in this ship.

  10. I hated this ship your playing bo, because every time I would turn and
    angle my armor this thing would hit my magazine or destroy me in 2-3

  11. just think if you lost that first game, 600 xp i bet

  12. the one ship I kind of wanted from the boxes, didnt get

  13. That fire background animation is the laziest thing I’ve ever seen in a
    “high production value” game

  14. There’s a reason why the Nikolai’s not on sale in the EU any more…Its
    blatantly OP at its tier….Glad I got one in a Christmas gift parcel =D

  15. 5:30 Oh, questions about Japanese pronunciation? 😀
    The name is spelled 石鎚 in Japanese. Otherwise written as いしづち. The
    pronunciation goes something like “E-she-zoo-chee”. That’s a long E. Like
    saying the letter itself.

    Though really, it shouldn’t be spelled Ishizuchi in romaji anyway.
    “Ishidzuchi” would be more accurate. “Zu” is the transliteration of a
    different letter.

    Also FYI, that ship was never a real ship. Wargaming took the prototype
    concept of what would become the *Kongou* class battlecruisers, gave it a
    plausible sounding name, and sold it as a Tier IV premium ship. It only has
    12′ guns as opposed to *Kongou’s* 14′.

    Three other Japanese battleships in the game similarily did not actually
    exist as shown: The *Myougi* at Tier IV is based on an even older
    preliminary design for what would become the *Kongou*.
    The *Amagi* at Tier VIII was going to be built as a new series of
    battlecruisers, but the Washington Naval Treaty came into force, so they
    were converted into aircraft carriers. *Amagi* wound up scrapped after an
    earthquake damaged it but her sister ship the *Akagi* was succesfully
    converted into an aircraft carrier and took part in the Pearl Harbor
    attack. She was sunk at Midway.
    The Tier IX *Izumo* is supposedly based off of a preliminary design for the
    *Yamato*. It’s rather interesting though as all three of it’s turrets are
    on the bow of the ship.

  16. can we call this thing “The Nukolai”

  17. Nice to see your latest Warships video, Bo.

  18. YESSSSSS!!! there needs to be more WoW on this channel

  19. harry cowhig (hasbro6615)

    I have codes do enyone whant one

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