World of Warships – Imperator Nikolai I – OP or just good !?

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Player: tomtomtom_2016
Ship: I
Map: Archipelago

Nikolai 7 6 Medals (Double Strike, Devastating Strike, etc.) turned a losing game into victory 132K

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  1. Erster echt cooles Video

  2. I was Listening Sybreed – I am Ultraviolence and suddenly this video
    appeared on subscribed list 🙂
    Perfect matchup .

  3. Magnus Årøy (NorwayTrucker22)

    Hi Panzerknacker. I have sendt in a replay to you with the Bismarck. Would
    you like to show it?

  4. you know why this is such a good ship? dem guns have almost no vertical
    dispersion :3

  5. Meh… Good but not spectacular game. Now a 200k+ damage Nikolai game, then
    we’re talking.

  6. Lol…kinda annoying they sell OP ass ships. Feels unfair when instead of
    balancing they just don’t sell them anymore. I think it’s a marketing
    scheme though; you never know when you buy a premium, it may just be
    something like a Nikolai. Guess you gotta buy as much as possible right?

  7. Overpowered

  8. Yes that’s right, show full broadside AND fire HE…low tier scrubs never
    fail to amuse me.

  9. 10000%OP look at south calolina and all tier4BB

  10. Considering the ships it fights, I say its op. Best ships that it can fight
    are tier 6

  11. the Soviet sea monster has been unleashed..better watch out guys..

  12. If that DD south would not have killed that CV I would think he is a bot.
    Just sailing around there.

  13. great results for a T4 match. I spent quite a bit of money on the Santa’s
    presents trying to get the Nikolai, got most of the premiums some of them
    multiple times but no luck and was about give up on it as the promo was
    nearly over WG decided to extend it a week(not surprising given how much
    money they probably made).
    So I thought might as well try one more time. bought 10of the $3 boxes and
    in the first five opened was not one but THREE Nikolai’s!
    Even more surprising, out of the remaining 5 boxes was a Molotov a Prinz
    Eugen, and a Gremy!
    I wonder if this was played on the NA server, if so I have to give props to
    that enemy CV player for having the guts to use the name “LoliLover” on
    WoWS rather than some hentai porn forum.(I had to pause the vid to be sure
    I was reading that right)

  14. the imperator has basically no verticle dispersion for its shells. Its
    super overpowered………..i want one !!

  15. is a 140k könig match worth of being seen?

  16. Silva Bane (Silvabane)

    Win rate of 60%.
    Yes, it’s OP.

  17. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    What is vertical disperssion?? In Imperial Russia don’t know such west

  18. luv that Nicolai

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