World of Warships – Imperator Nikolai I Triple Kraken Unleashed

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Imperator Nikolai I on Big Race pushes the northeast initially with the hope that we could eliminate some enemy ships. The enemy kills more then they lose and we find ourselves outnumbered. We attempt to give ground while damaging the enemy. Eventually the game becomes a 3 v 6, where everyone on our team does their best job to survive. We eliminate the highest threat ship one by one, eventually leading to a 3 v 1 in our favor and a massive comeback. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV Soviet Battleship Imperator Nikolai I Replay


  1. Wow, what a game!

  2. OverDose on Notser! thanks for the video great game!

  3. yesterday in my ARP Kongo, i detonated the magazine of a Imperator Nikolai,
    never done that to a BB before

  4. Great game!

  5. you were so lucky with that MM! i always get t6 games on my imperator :(

  6. Wow. Wowee wow wow!

  7. Makes me regret I didn’t pick this thing up, got the Kutuzov to make up for

  8. Hey Notser, I emailed a replay to you last week of a game I had in my
    Cleveland in a ranked battle and was wondering if you got it. I know it
    doesn’t show the result screen in how much exp I earn, it was an after
    thought really. Just wanted to know if you gotten it or not.

  9. ok explain 2 me why some homosexual males(id call em people but nope)refer
    to ships as females??

  10. Great game as usual Notser! But calling the Atlanta a crappy ship – you
    should say that only as your feelings/opinion.

    Just because the overall numbers are bad, DOES NOT mean the ship is bad! IF
    that were true, then you SHOULD ALSO TELL PEOPLE THAT THE ATAGO IS BAD! As
    it USED to be as low as 42% win rate, and is now ALMOST identical to the
    Atlanta at 47.4 %!

    So, to sum it up, the Atago has a 1% better win rate, and on average does
    just 7k more damage on average while being an entire tier higher, far
    better torpedoes, more damaging guns, about 18k more HP, AND having the
    heal abilty.

    So you can quote overall win % and damage to back up your argument, but
    then that can ALSO be used to say “The Atago is a bad premium”

    Does that make it true! HELL NO! The Atago is the SINGLE BEST premium,
    perhaps in the game! It certainly is for anyone who much prefers cruisers
    to battleships.

    And beyond that even: The Atago is perhaps one of the STRONGEST cruisers at
    tier 8! As in ranked battles, you see the Atago as much if not more often
    than even the Mogami!

    So, sure I get that, you personally, do not like the Atlanta, and you are
    entitled to feel that way – it certainly will not suit everybody. But for
    many of us, the Atlanta is a SERIOUSLY AWESOME SHIP!

  11. it’s thriving now because there aren’t many CVs i suppose

  12. This game’s a great advert for the better aspects of WoWs. Competent
    players working together to turn the tide. Love results like this, well
    earned and co-produced. Makes you want to punch the air! Nice game Notser,
    love the channel

  13. Okay Notser, I got a question for you:

    If the Atlanta is A BAD SHIP for a win rate of about 48%, is the Hindenburg
    a TERRIBLE ship because it has almost the SAME win %? When the Zao has 55%
    – also on Average damage, the Zao has about a 12k damage lead over the Des
    Moines, which in turn has about an 8k damage lead on the Hindenburg!

    So yeah, is it a TERRIBLE SHIP? Or JUST MAYBE the people that DO own one

    Personally, I think the Hindenburg is very mediocre, though I have seen the
    damage it’s AP does against really any target. Thing is, the Zao is almost
    every bit as good in that regard! And on top of that, it’s HE does
    basically the same damage as the Hindenburg’s AP per non-citadel
    penetration – and it LIGHTS FIRES LIKE CRAZY! And the torpedoes, LOL – no
    comparison! Speed, concealment, and even accuracy IIRC, all FAR better on
    the Zao!

  14. Notser, you have crossed the line!

    The Atlanta is HARDLY CRAPPY! There are A LOT OF people who just plain

    Now I will admit, the Atlanta is NOT A well balanced ship like the Atago or
    the Blyskawica, but what it is, is an AMAZINGLY fun, high risk high reward
    premium that, played properly, WILL earn a ton of credits, can be INSANELY
    fun, and is AWESOME for training! I got Advanced Firing Training on my US
    DD captain within a week of owning the Atlanta.

    The PROBLEM with the Atlanta, and this is to sum it up in a nutshell – is
    that, to do well in her, you MUST learn how to use her – as she plays
    literally NOTHING like any other ship in the game!

    And as she is currently the ONLY available USN premium ship, MANY players
    end up buying it, and MUCH like what happened with the E-25 in World of
    Tanks (The Atlanta is essentially THE E-25 of WOWS, as it has small guns
    for the tier, but tons of them with a very high rate of fire and great
    accuracy) – where when it was still being sold, this is basically what
    would happen:

    A not so experienced player plays some games where he runs into several
    much more skilled players playing games their new E-25s, and this player
    just gets BRUTALIZED by this tiny tank he can bare ever find and even
    if/when he does it is usually far too late and they usually miss anyway.

    So, said inexperienced player goes out and buys this new “miracle murder
    machine” – only to get killed VERY quickly for a good 20 matches in a row,
    rarely ever even managing 1k damage before dying. Well guess what? THESE
    sorts of player were ALL OVER the official WOT forums complaining that the
    E-25 is far too underpowered, that the gun is completely unsuitable for
    tier 7, that it doesn’t have enough armor, that it NEEDS better penetration
    (there was a poll to TRY to get WG to give the E-25 the 75mm L100 “Comedy”
    gun that the tier 7 Panther can mount, which does the same damage, but has
    198 AP pen!) – Which, without nefing the RoF, would make the E-25

    THEN there were the DROVES of players that never bought the E-25 but have
    been on the receiving end of its punshiment, that KEPT SCREAMING that the
    tank was far too OP, and came up with endless ideas to nerf the E-25, and
    basically every last idea would have BROKEN the E-25 as much as buffing it
    would have!

    The TL;DR is that the Atlanta is IMHO, an AWESOME SHIP! Even if they came
    out with a new USN premium Cruiser at tier 7 or 8 tomorrow, even if it were
    more like the Atago in its all around capabilities, I would STILL BE VERY
    HAPPY with my decision to buy the Atlanta while it was on sale for $33

    Because even IF there is a more conventional premium Cruiser for the US
    line – I probably WOULD NOT BUY IT! Because of 2 reasons, 1) I am not
    grinding US Cruisers, yet, I have other lines I care FAR more about
    completing. And 2) I own and LOVE THE ATLANTA! It is AMAZING for training
    my US DD captain, it is INSANELY fun to sail in MOST games, and it DOES
    earn almost every bit as much income as the Atago!


    I can understand YOU not liking it, and I can ALSO understand that, unlike
    the Atago, and the Blyskawica, the Atlanta PROBABLY is not a good choice
    for Ranked Battles.

    But MANY people, such as myself, as well as people FAR more skilled than I,
    such as VoulezVousTV, absolutely LOVE THE ATLANTA!

    And speaking for myself, the Atlanta is a GREAT premium to own for money,
    crew training, and FOR A BREAK! Because she plays so differently, again

    And as for “Trying to make the Atlanta work” – that took me about 4 matches
    to figure out! Ever since then, only the Map Ocean gives me REAL trouble in
    terms of being effective and causing a TON of damage!

  15. The Atlanta probably gets played because it’s the only readily available
    premium US ship. The Sims was preorder during closed beta only, and the
    Arkansas Beta a gift for closed beta players. Albany was from a gift
    code available for only a day. Marblehead was from one short-run contest.
    The Marblehead Lima was only available for new accounts opened by
    purchasers of certain ASUS computers, and I’ve never seen one being used.
    There may not be any on the NA server.

  16. ハンセンウェスリー

    i got a kraken on the kawachi…. get on my level notser :P

  17. notser will you be fighting in the third season? because if you do i hope i
    see you there, (preferably on my side)

  18. I can’t believe you don’t like the Atlanta, I love mine. It just need
    friendly’s to help. What a great game in the big Russian. Keep them coming.

  19. Wow! 3 seal clubbers in 1 game!? Haha

  20. How does one get the IN first ?

  21. Hell of a game!

  22. Notser – thank you for bringing us a retort to your own assertions in a
    VERY entertaining manner! 3 Kraken Unleashed in a battle is insane – and I
    can only think that Stormbringer should’ve flexed out of that situation and
    become more careful as he obviously was at the very beginning of his
    kill-streak. It would’ve been a much different battle with him still in the
    game. Good job to you 3 survivors! Really nice team gameplay!

  23. Can I have those guns on all my BBs? The russian bias is so blatant I’m not
    sure to be insulted or impressed

  24. Wow that carrier did some awesome work there once you guys were able to
    focus together. Notser you also managed some awesome Island dodging skills!

    Great game! Thanks for sharing! Would be great to see a replay from that
    friendly DD though.

  25. Brian Lock (神通)

    Stalinium and Putinium confirmed.

  26. LONG LIVE THE IMPERATOR!! (I think that means, “Long live the Emperor,” I
    think….. does in it? I don’t speak Russian, but that makes sense.)
    Totally agree with you on the speed and cap thing, I have got Kraken
    Unleashed with it and still lost because unable to cap and chase down those
    ships that “run away.”

  27. A Nikloai and a Fuso gave me an absolute beating in the New Mexico the
    other day, and even though I was outnumbered the Nikolai stood out,
    seemingly doing a disproportionate amount of damage.

    On another note, will you be doing a video on the Kutuzov? Tier VIII CC
    with smoke. Do ittt.

  28. Notser is the only WoWS youtube that says “points of damage”

  29. nice battle notser

  30. Notser, when are the new ships lines coming ?

  31. Nice one Notser!! great game.

  32. f u google no real name

    What is a kraken unleashed?

  33. Good job! The Imperator is one tough Russian ship, heh.

  34. I’ve enjoyed my Nikolai for the most part, but I seem to have the worst
    luck when playing it when it comes to matchmaking. I don’t think I have
    ever had a game in it where I was top tier, and the majority of the games
    I’ve played have been against tier 6 ships. So seeing videos of others that
    get generous matchmaking always makes me jealous.

  35. -Pull a Notser- Now that is the right tag for anyone attacking an island
    with their ship lol. I am glad I found your channel sir. have you
    considered streaming? Great voice/commentary.

  36. great video Notser—
    its refreshing to know U are like a bunch of us who get so much
    satisfaction out of Seal Pup Bashing.
    I know , the game purist say higher tier players shouldn’t be swimming in
    the Seal Pup Playpen.
    but its so much fun.
    I have kept the Isokaze & the Minakaze for just this reason.

  37. EPIC!
    Congrats to all the kraken unleashers :)

  38. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I bought the atlanta because I thought it would be great, but I was just
    unaware. it blows!

  39. I enjoyed that game ^_^
    Notser, Do you have the Mikasa?

  40. GG, just shows that you dont have to division with someone, if you can get
    one or two competent players on your team, you can overcome very poor odds.
    This game is not like WoT. One person cannot dominate a game to the same
    extent they can in WoT.

  41. What a team! I’d like team mates like that in my matches…

  42. What a great gameplay and what an encouragement to all those out there
    trying hard to carry the team and not trying to ninja kills or something
    similar! Keep up the great vids Notser – I see your viewerbase rising and I
    hope you will get one of the big ones. You have the voice and the talent to
    make even boring sequences enjoyable!

  43. You wont see that happen again most likely.

  44. The ship’s speed can actually help against ship-launched torpedoes.
    Since the speed loss is 50% when in a sharp turn, you can easily make
    torpedoes overshoot you.

  45. lol this is great. ok so the ship is not bad just the players then. because
    your a above average player 60+% win rate. well none the less good battle i
    cant wait to jump in a battle with you soon.

  46. But but but… three Krakens… oh god, I hope they won’t multiply!

    Awesome game, very enjoyable. :D

  47. what an outstanding game.

  48. Man! Notser is jelly of that Isokaze XD
    I still love you though

  49. Love your vids notser. 3 krakens in one game is crazy. I’d love to play
    with you sometime.

  50. I have to Noster, I absolutely love playing this Russian BB. It is just as
    competitive in Tier V as it is in Tier 4. I just hate it when there’s 2 CVs
    and they immediately send 4 TB squadrons and bombers to take me out because
    of the little to no AA defense. It is a solid ship that’s allowed me to
    earn a 71% (20/28) WR.

  51. You should’ve named the vid Krakens Unleashed, it sounds better but it’s
    not your style. The music around 0:30 is one of my sought after OST…gotta
    love Warship’s soundtracks. Have a good day/night, wherever you are,

  52. Did i see an AP round cause a fire….

  53. Yep that’s a first never seen 3 kraken in a game. Most i have seen and this
    was before it was a reward was 2 in the same game. Once both on my team and
    once each team had one.

  54. That was a great game :). Maybe you can make a new section with this kind
    of games…like to show only cut scene or something like that. Just saying.
    Keep it up mate and have a good one. Cheers!

  55. so nice teamwork

  56. Go to bed Noster!

  57. Lol I saw you online last night playing. man I must have played 100 games
    from t1-t8 trying to luck into a battle with you. wow what a battle. that
    isokaze is a beast ship. 3 krakens?!? unheard of round these parts. thanks
    for the entertainment notser and the other players in this battle

  58. OH Noster

    Im a Asian player
    and I really like your videos.

    Thank you so much for making those videos. :D

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