World Of Warships – Implacable Cleveland

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Wha’ts up people!
Today, we are reviewing the newly implemented T8 in a game that is highly entertaining and that hopefully showcases how well the ship can perform in optimal conditions…


  1. n1!!!

  2. Another great vid. Thanks Robin! This is the video you made live on Twitch, that was great to see all the magicc happen 🙂
    But I can say that this A-hole is rather disturbing… Isn’t it?


  3. Robin, not the we want, but the here we deserve.

    Nice as always 😀

  4. I just wanted to go to sleep, and you just had to upload now…

    Love your videos though

  5. Alessandro Filippi

    Really ‘thrived’? …You meant ‘thrilled’ maybe? LOL

  6. to the guy who disliked plz explain yourself

  7. Robin, just you wait until you get a Worcester. First game managed to break 200k. The USN light cruisers are amazing ships. The DPM they can pump out is truly amazing

  8. BIA World of Warships

    I saw the game the other night…. :O That was filthy mate!!

  9. Surely this has been faked… tier 8 ships always get tier 10 mm 😛

  10. if only I could get a game like that pal lol great showing from you and the Cleveland! GG

  11. The Gaming Python

    Whats with the music playing over the top? Was painful to listen to and annoying as hell.

  12. with IFHE pretty nasty

  13. I like the educational aspect of your videos Robin!
    Can’t hurt to learn something in order to maybe get half as good as you some time in the future 😉

  14. Very nice game as always 😉

  15. Fantastic job as usual! Mmmm you made some adjustments on the intro off stream don’t you?

  16. Great Vid, Robin. As always i enjoy your content. Greeting Gen. Torf 😉

  17. Robin! This was a KRAKEN under 10 min!!! GJ

  18. You French?

  19. indian apple us

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