World of Warships – Impossible tanking EPIC

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Once again I took my Musashi out for a spin and BOY OH BOY did I get myself into a tricky situation. Surrounded by 2 ships both perfectly capable of murdering me if I show them broadside. One on my port and one on my starboard side. Facing impossible decision and in basically impossible to angle situation I do what I can to dance between these 2 while I fight for survival.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. destroyers always afraid of rushing bbs. i mean it would be an easier game for flambass if jutland rushed amagi

    • Well, in all honesty it would be even easier if that useless Pommern wouldn’t swim away from Flamu… Then again, Pommern sitting in the back with 1.5 sigma lol He wouldn’t hit a barn if he was sitting inside of it…

    • There is no need for rushing a BB in a DD, I was more waiting for some actual torps?! And when they finally came he potatoed a strike from a DD that can send singlefire so Amagi only took 1 I think. Amagi seemed like one of the easiest devstrikes ive ever seen. He must have gotten spotted or shot the Amagi after he launched or something.

    • no, when i am a BB, enemy DD have no trouble rushing me. My teams DDs and CA/CL just ignore them and go farm dmg instead

  2. Nikko Andrew Parangue

    Iowa screwed up by not going full speed for the crossfire

  3. Apostolos Krystallis

    That was actually a nice historical display of the Yamato class intended role

    • Despite how its accually modeled in game to be exacly get keked from any angle close range. its really hard to use yamato and musashi that way but it works sometimes

    • But irl ships werent designed to bowtank?

    • Yamato was just a ship who could destroy cities with his guns

    • ​@CORV3TT33 yeah irl BBs show the most well protected part of their hull which is the side to the enemy, this will also allow them to make full use of their guns. The stupid 32 or 50mm bow isnt going to auto bounce a 1 ton shell smack at them at the twice the speed of sound. Also irl bb guns dont just randomly become extremely in accurate even at close range simply because rng god want it that way, that iowa would be dead the moment it poke out of that island, one does not simply survive a full salvo from yamato from 6km away

    • That’s not true AT ALL. The Yamato-class’s intended role was to serve as part of a line of battleships engaging in long range gunnery duels with other battleships, all broadside to each other–except the Yamato-class being free of restrictions from both the London Naval Treaty and the size limits of the Panama Canal meant that they could make a single battleship that would–hopefully–be able to engage two battleships at once in a single Battle of Tsushima Strait-style decisive battle, where two lines of big-gun warships engaged each other broadside at long range while sailing in a line.

      Naturally, that never happened; one was destroyed by a massive carrier strike before ever seeing an enemy ship, one was sunk by a submarine, and one was sunk by yet another massive air attack after having been forced to retreat from a golden opportunity by a single three-torpedo spread by a destroyer escort that was already fighting a heavy cruiser.

  4. Me: uhoh flambass is gonna die
    Me: *checks video time, 5 mins left*
    Me: guess not

  5. I’m a YouTube guy, and I can confirm. I want to see that.

  6. The DD division could theoretically count as griefing/harassing.
    Then again, that’s what CV are doing by design, huh…

    • @Sabre Vanson Hahahahahah, and you failed to get the point because of your self righteousness and entitlement. Do I have to explain to you just because you can find people that agree with you doesn’t mean I can’t find people that don’t agree with you. So who wins now?

    • @striker8paints bravo kid. you like cvs, you are part of the problem. carry on.

    • @Sabre Vanson oh, call me kid now? You really do have that self righteousness down. Well son, and you could be my son because I had low standards when I was younger, keep thinking your opinion means something. Oh, and I’m glad you think I’m a problem. I enjoy watching you reeee away like a child not getting what they want, it warms my old jaded heart.

    • @striker8paints HAHAHA you think i am Reeeeing…hahha your the one all butt hurt by my comment. Lol, youre too funny.

    • @Sabre Vanson I’m butt hurt? Because I told you your opinion is yours and others don’t agree? You really just can’t let that self righteousness go can you? Come on now son, reeee some more over the bad man that that doesn’t agree with you it entertains me.

  7. I’m sorry but look at the friendly pommern positioning throughout the entire match, absolute potato

    • I wonder if he hit anything

    • @Vierstraad Not even for money – just collect enough coal, and it is for free 🙁

    • @Stefan Pajung that’s okay though, its good if people can get it for free. But if you sell T9 premiums for money there will be people who just joined the game that can just buy it with their money. People with 0 battles in T9. If you buy it with coal then at the very least you’ll have some experience playing the game. Because it takes roughly around 6 months to get a T9 premium with coal

    • Reticulated Spline

      “MOM! MY TEAM CALLED ME A SCRUB AGAIN!” – What was happening on the other side of that Pommern’s screen.

    • I have Musashi somehow I never bought it for gold.

  8. Well done that Jutland player – he made sure that Amagi turned away before killing you – his torps kept coming. Without him, the Amagi player had you dead to rights. Someone has to compliment that guy in Jutland. It’s not right to not recognise what he did there.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking and was about to post. The Jutland is the ONLY reason Flambass was able to survive that.

    • Seriously? My first thought after looking at the minimap was – what a noob in that Jutland. I don’t think he landed a single torp on him for like 5 minutes. And instead of finding some better angle at the end, he was getting more and more in front of him making it even easier for Amagi to dodge his torps. He was also constantly smoking and firing his guns at him – thus revealing where the torps are coming from.

      Yes, it’s true his torps at the end forced Amagi to turn and, maybe, saved flambass’ life but complimenting him for a good play?! No way! 

      Have you seen the scoreboard, btw.? He ended second from the bottom and I’m not surprised at all.

    • @Marcin Gajek – DD’s who team play don’t score well – only dealing direct damage gets you good scores. That DD was distracting the Amagi so that Flambass could fight all 3 BB’s at the same time and survive. That DD player was looking at the big picture and not selfishly farming damage for himself.

      This is supposed to be a team game. Obviously most players are only in it for themselves – you in particular.

    • @lunsmann “was looking at the big picture”? .. so that “Flambass could fight all 3 BBs at the same time and survive”? Dude, please… 

      First of all, he distracted only one BB – one that started fighting with flabmass as the last one – not all 3. Second, if he did a better job (read: connected some torps), flambass would have to fight only against 2 BBs instead of 3. Third, you’re almost suggesting like this was that player’s conscious choice to help flambass fighting 3 enemy BBs (instead of selfishly farm; btw. I cannot see why he could not do both things at the same time), which is BS. He had positioned himself in such a way that he didn’t have any alternative – he just had to sail further south-east and torp that Amagi (theoretically, he could try to pass by him, sail north and then sail all the way round to the other flank but taking into account the score and the advantage that flambass’ team had at the late stage of the game – it didn’t really make any sense).

      Was he distracting Amagi? Yeah, to some point, I guess. BUT… 1) If doing anything that distracts enemy (like shooting at him) = teamplay then practically every player in WoWS constantly plays for the benefit of his teammates (which is, obviously, absurd). 2) What would be a greater help for flambass: hitting that Amagi with a couple of torps (damn, that DD was full HP – he could even rush him and ‘execute’ him if he wanted/knew how to do this), or just “distracting” him with firing torps that never connect? It is a rhetorical question, no need to answer…

      Summing up – I don’t see any real teamplay on his part, as you suggest, not to mention any “big picture” he could have in mind while doing what he was doing. Actually, taking into account all circumstances (no DD, radar CA, or CV that could counter him + BB being busy fighting flambass) he should have done waaay more than he did. Simply speaking: he should have torped and killed that Amagi (and boy, he had pleeeenty of time to do so), but was simply too incompetent to do so.

  9. 12:15 even I noticed that dispersion right after it left the turrets!

  10. Flambass, watched this video cringing my teeth being you were surely distracted by the discussion in chat, understandable. But that’s not the worst part of it, the worst part is your teammate literally left you to join the other part of the team as you battled the 3 BBs on your own, glad it worked out.

  11. This is what would happen if this ship actually fought other ships in the war instead of getting sky-cancered by CVs

    • Yama got sunk by cv sooo. I mean it technically caught cvs. Also Yamato really. Never faught another bb if I remember correctly

  12. If either the Iowa or Amagi had sped up, passed and outlflanked a reversing low health Yamato, this might have had a different outcome. Instead they timidly match his reversing speed and both die. Shrug.

    • That Amagi and Iowa were absolutely brain dead and idiotic. Flambass was at like 2k health at one point and they didn’t have the brain capacity to shoot at the superstructure

  13. That Pommern played just like his stats said he would.

  14. 15:58 how dumb people can be it’s unbelievable

  15. This will just encourage CVs to find good cover very early, which isn’t bad.

  16. Reminds me of the time …. (imagine a skier being towed behind a boat) I was in DD following & immediately behind (like right at torpedo arming distance) a BB – while I was jinking and doing S turns trying to stay under his guns and avoiding his aim – desperately waiting for my torpedoes to reload.

  17. Seeing as CVs regularly hunt down and slaughter DDs, it’s about time a effective counter strategy was implemented against CVs. In American football we call that move “rushing the quarterback”. I hope more DDs gang up and go piggy hunting 🙂

    • Players start bitching about this shit. I just say “but fuck you though”

    • A counter strategy would be nice, but I doubt that a 3 DD division would be “effective”, because unless the adversaries are running a lemming train or the opponent CV is incredibly stupid and decides to push forward with the team, the first thing they need to do would be to break the enemy line and reach the CV, which is close to impossible without help from teammates.

    • @LeckMichImArsch They would all have to spawn on one of the flanks. But If they hugged the map border, have good AA and maybe have the friendly CV scout for the enemy CV… it could work. I take it back, they wouldn’t even need good AA if hugging the border because CVs normally don’t check the flanks. Just low concealment from surface ships.

    • 899 Division

  18. I uhhh… I actually laughed at that joke, I’m definitely going to hell when I die

  19. I get Chat banned every 2 weeks for just writing stuff like “Go here”, “what the hell happened” etc.
    I have a feeling that once you get chat banned in the beginning, youre in a treadmill and will get chat banned way more easily.

  20. The time out generation are so whinny when things are not all in there favor.

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