World of Warships- Impressions After Playing Submarines

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Hey guys, just a couple more thoughts I had after finally getting my hands on subs on the live server, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Considering how bad it could’ve gone, this isn’t that bad

    • Baring in mind most of the games I’ve played on the EU server most/all the cruisers and battleships were filled with bots players were only mainly playing subs or Destroyers its got to the point WG are offering camo’s in daily battles to get BB players to play in the sub games and it aint working and I dont blame them.

  2. Great video, now just noticed you are over 12k subscribers now! Grats man, i remember the early days 😀 Glad to see how far you’ve come.

  3. ye lots of bots ,2 matches end full time,most of them end much suner,but i have 1 macth end after 3 min,,,,,wth never see such a short one,funny thing is subs atack bots bb,rest is eazy,,,i mostly play cruser find that more fun then subs …

  4. the only good thing about this game mode is that you can grind elite captain exp when playing sub

  5. The most important data: A very short time into the test and its a dead mode.
    Bet this is the fear behind CVs never getting its own mode.

    • I fear the conclusion drawn from this is going to be “we cant put subs into a separate mode because then it will die” vs the conclusion that should be drawn “nobody likes fighting these things”

    • @Kevin Casto people totally like fighting them, thats why players are choosing destroyers and light cruisers if they cant be a sub.

      Also subs LOVE hunting other subs.

      The game mode is dying cause lack of interest in playing against bots.

      No ones playing bbs or heavy CAs cause they either want to be a sub, or a cl or dd just to hunt them. Why play anything else?

    • @Bigs I guess BB’s and heavy cruisers don’t like fighting something they can’t do anything against.
      A submarine vs a BB or heavy CA 1 vs 1 is not fun.

      That’s how it feels for me.
      I never play cv’s regularly. (Mostly BB and Cruisers)
      But in submarine battle mode, it’s the only class I can bear to play, or extremely good dd ships.
      Anything else with subs around, no thank you.

  6. What do you think? Will WG release I-400 class with spotter airplane in the future or Surcouf submarine with her 1×2 203mm deck gun?

  7. Whatever they try to balance and fix, WG should keep them in a seperated game mode. I dont want this class anywhere near my random mode.

    • Yes definitely agree. It takes the fun out of other modes. I would rather depth charges be automatic like secondaries. That way i could concentrate on surface and ignore the below other than dodging torps.

  8. I got the subs in first day. There were 90 subs and 1 carrier in queue, me. The only good thing about these battles is that it is a good way to grind tier 6 CVs. But the battles are a mess. If you don’t have DDs surviving til the end of the battle, there is literally nothing you can do against subs. Eventually you get a rocket run in one that decides to surface, but that is rare.
    Awful game mechanic and I hope it doesn’t go forward.

  9. Nobblk Praetorian

    I’ve played the game mode always as a destroyer, preferably gunboats. I dominated most of the games because there are so few CVs and CAs to stop me.

  10. I play on low graphics settings, and I couldn’t see the underside of the surface of the water while submerged, so I had a hard time gauging how deep I was at a glance.

    • There is a gauge smack dab in the middle of screen for you to see how deep you are. Hover around 6-7m so you can shotgun anybody that rushes you and avoid getting shot at by surface ships.

    • Not true, you just need eyes m8. I play on low and I see the surface from underwater

  11. Got subs on the third day, never bothered to play them. Why? WarGaming’s two missions of “bonus xp in anything but subs” and “win 3 games in a BB”. As a relatively new player to the game, it has allowed me to, within a week, get 2/3rds through the xp grind of the UK tier 6 BB the QE. When I finish with the QE, I’ll grab a different tier 6 BB and do the exact same thing.
    BBs have “protection” from subs, as they stand right now, if (a) smartly played, (b) you know how to hit targets long range with a BB, and (c) stay behind all of the rest of your team (especially the subs and DDs).
    If subs make it into the game, BB play will become even more of the following (than it already is):
    1. Never push. Always stay at range, out of range of the subs, behind your team’s DDs/subs/light cruisers that can detect subs. Sling HE shells at the enemy (or, if someone is stupid… AP at a broadside).
    2. Always play a tier line that is better at HE and has good mid-long range accuracy. Forget about secondary builds, forget about Soviet BBs with “poor long accuracy”.
    3. Your entire team of friendly DDs and subs died? Act like a CV and run to a corner of the map. Hope your team capped enough items (and the sub players look for you / won’t surface at the one/two you can shoot at from the corner to cap it) so you win on time / points.
    4. And, most importantly, got a sub behind you? Run directly away from it. Try to / Make them surface to catch you. (Especially since everyone is playing the short torp range German subs instead of the long range American ones with the speed boost.)
    Fun BB play? NO. But, if they go into the game… welcome to the new BB life. Just like DD life in the era of the current CVs.

    • Keep them in their own game mode and reward people for playing them as they do now. If you keep them at t6 and possibly have a t7 line it will refresh and make these lines a little more regularly played. Sub scenario battles with a little wolfe pack play would also be good.

  12. Florisato Lisoritonaro

    It’s pretty funny how there’s basically no one playing bb in submarine mode anymore
    They’re just bot

  13. For me the Subs are just Meh 😕 I personally find them boring to play .

  14. Once I had a bot dd who had six kills on the enemy team. Lol

  15. Played Dallas on test server against subs. Sunk the one’s I sailed over and dropped cans. Now when I do same thing I get 5-7 hits and only damage subs. If surface ships that can kill subs, can’t they’re just targets like BB’s and CV’s.

  16. pinging ships is really hard in subs

  17. Will never play subs. Just like haven’t played a CV since rework. Not all all interested in anything other than surface to surface as the game is intended.

  18. Wargaming should put some easter eggs now that we can see underwater

  19. Göran Gustavsson

    subs dont belong in wows

  20. I remember if it was you or someone else who discussed this but I think the key to balancing submarines would be detection. as soon as a submarine drops below periscope depth it should lose all friendly detection and make the submarine entirely reliant on its own ability to detect things, in addition all friendlies would lose targets spotted by the submarine. submarine would be entirely reliant on passive sonar and if equipped hydro (which the passive sonar range would be much lower than half the submarines detection level and force the submarine to navigate via last known detection on the minimap and teammates pinging stuff on the mini map. also every time one of active sonar pings is released it creates a larger ping more detectable by enemy ASW ships. what this means is a submarine needs to come up to the surface periodically to maintain situational awareness and to spot enemy targets for the rest of his team who may be hiding behind islands or whatever. also as a punishment it should take longer for a submarine to go from surface to peri depth to completely submerge, and torpedo reload speed should be nerfed. I think these changes would be great because it forces good submarine players to go off of the minimap as well as sonar and coordinate with there team more and be more than an OP torpedo boat. other changes I would recommend, Depth charges work even if the submarine surfaces, but as a balance a destroyer can be killed by its own depth charges if it stops moving within its blast radius (this is historically accurate from what i can tell) also the main guns of BB’s firing HE should be much more effective when a submarine is in the process of submerging because of the sheer amount of explosives they contain so they should do a lot more damage or at the very least have more depth to there blast radius. hard cap the population of submarines to 4 per match (2 per team). maybe even give CV maritime patrol aircraft equipped with things that can detect submarines (it can be as a consumable like fighter planes or as its own squadron and it would basically be a PBY Catalina style aircraft with sensors and depth rockets/bombs) and it would be like 2 aircraft which could be shot down relatively easily by larger ships and with a longer turn around time than the traditional squadrons.

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