World of Warships- Improved Matchmaker

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So according to WG, we are getting an improved mm. Yes I did forget the table *headdesk*

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  1. Well we have to see how it plays out but im always skeptical if a game tweaks MM…

  2. it will be better but it dont change the games where one team has 4 radar cruisers and other team has 4 smoke cruisers. and that is what i find to be the biggest mm problem or a team that has two radar and two smoke cruisers vs a team that dont have radar or smoke cruisers since mm dosent care what cruiser it puts in each team

  3. 3:20 Did not see the table.

  4. Every time WG “improve” MM. It makes it worse.

    • WG would like your address comrade.

    • Most games i get into either my team is really good or really bad there is never a balance, and DDs need to learn how to play most die within 3 minutes with or without CVs in game

    • @Elder Lich also DDs are quiet useless without a decent team to clear out what they spot. Unless ur a super player then ur fine anyway and stay out of trouble. But most ppl dont.

  5. That Brindsi really tried to sink that island 😀

  6. LOL 1st match tier IX in a Scharny, 2nd tierX in a balti!

    • Sounds familiar. My Loyang regularly sees T10. Oddly, my T8 rarely sees T6 but my mostly T6 fleet sees T8s every second game. Getting splattered while angling properly because they just have that much more firepower is just so much fun… :/ I guess the population is lower in the mid-tiers.

  7. Listened very carefully to the details and just came away with the realization that a couple of Tier 8 ships will still just be cannon fodder for a game full of Tier 10 ships. I’ve always thought a 1 Tier difference in matchmaking would lead to better games and less hiding at distance behind islands. I doubt if these changes will make for a more enjoyable game to be honest.

    • if you want less hiding in the game, the first thing that needs to go is the flood of HE spammers. though I agree that for T8-10 a +/- 1 Tier difference will likely be more fun for the lower tier players.

  8. The games with 3 carriers per side, usually at t4-t5 have got to go. I’m still fairly new to the game and I’m forced to play higher tiers because gameplay at these mid levels is almost impossible when the aa is weak and the freindly carriers don’t have fighters to help.

  9. You just made the case why CVs shouldn’t be in the game. They need to go.

  10. I would prefer they keep the low tier mm where you can only be uptiered one tier for the entire mm. Especially beeing the low tier as t8 and t5 all the time is not fun at all. I dont know how that would work with server population on other servers but EU is definitely active enough. Well 3 CVs wasnt fun but I see the overall lack of AA on low tier ships vs. the possible damage that even t4 CVs can pump out as the bigger problem.

  11. Until they limit it to +1/-1 Tiers…. it s still a joke. A Tier 6 in an 8, Tier 5 in a 7, Tier 7 in 9 matches….just a joke

    • This is nonsense! The power gap between my 1916 dreadnought battleship and 1941 super battleship is just fine! Absolutely nothing wrong there!

    • I used to be in the 1/1 camp, but realized I make a shit load of XP and credits if I perform well in a uptiered game. Since I’m a pretty good player I can make most ships work well if I’m at the bottom. Learn to play your ship differently and better when u are the bottom one and you’ll reap the benefits!

    • im ok with t5 to t7 or t7-t9, but boy…t8 vs t10 is entire different experience especially you play cruiser….their relatively short range gun just never reach any ship in big map and they are so squishy in current max range shooting meta.

    • …USS Massachusetts has entered the chat!

    • this this this^^^^^^^

  12. We’ll have to see if these changes really help the MM or not. It’s just so depressing being one of the few bottom tier ships against a horde of tier 7/8 ships. Also depressing is watching my priority target meter running 4+.

  13. Awww, I’m gonna miss my 3 carrier, 5DD a side games.

  14. I’m more concerned about Skill Based Match Making. I won’t be returning to the game until that is fixed.
    I’m sick to death of Roflstomp games

  15. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

  16. @Not A Bot Not happening sadly Bot…World of tanks player base has been SCREAMING for skill based MM for many MANY years…exact same issues in that game, but war gaming still has no plans for implimenting a skill based MM.
    Heck, All they need to do is use the amount of games played by a player to set limits/tiers…it would be a start!, and that alone would ensure newbys play newbys and the top 25% play the top 25%…and the huge blob of us “normys” in the middle get to keep our sanity!! lol

    Kia Kaha from NZ Bot 07

  17. As long as I can battle T9 with my T7

  18. The only MM I care is an MM that puts the same amount of good players on both side. There are too many games with 3-4 good players on one side and it is a steam roll for one side.

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