World of Warships- In Like Flint

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Hey guys! Today we have another from BadPanda in the Tier VII Premium American Flint! Enjoy!

Have a replay?

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  1. I used my Flint to rank out this time and it did not take long at all. it has the same defensive AA as the atlanta, and smoke. 9.2 km torps instead of 4 km torps. it does not have radar, but can swap the AA defense for hydro. it works best when you have a 19pt captain to use as it is needs a lot of captain perks to work well.

  2. Im waiting for the game to settle down as commander skills are all over the place right now or simply do not work like manual aa control. Maybe just bring the old game back? The new flood mechanics are also garbage as is being spotted.I tried the atlanta and also texas in the new meta and both had been killed off vs planes.I have not had a game on wows for so long even having premium account and new ships i just couldnt be bothered.

  3. would you like to review jean bart replay ? 214k 3 devastating strike 4 kill missed kraken by .1sec

  4. Me and a sims (I was in Flint) went in the middle of the map and kept an infinite smoke screen while a bunch of HE shells burned 2 Nelson’s. It was beautiful. Also, lol, 5:34 *mom in background*

  5. I saw a game with a Flint, Belfast, atlanta in a division, it was Flambass

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