World of Warships – In The Zone

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  1. W1es Inspirational

    This made my last birthday a fair bit better. Im 80% sure to die of cancer, so Im not expecting to go a full year. Thankyou Jingles for giving me your warm voice,fun humour and insightful thoughts and experiences. Youre one of youtubes greats

    • Man, Never give up, You have no Idea how many people are willing to sympathize with you on your struggles, Many Netizens here have heart, and We Care for your Health, and Pray for Your Successful Recovery

      Happy Birthday good Man, If we ever meet again, let’s hope you’re doing better

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      Happy birthday!

    • Don’t give up the ship, brother. Pass the ammunition and keep fighting. Stay strong.

    • Have Belated birthday. Never give up and fight like Hell!

  2. No, it was probably best for the Arizona to stay in the cap. The enemy was not really in any position to stop him, and as he got into the cap first he very much could have won by capping out. This was winning harder.

  3. 滅の髪ジャキ

    Yay!!! Another legendary post battle results after a while

  4. My wife often comes in and I have drifted off to sleep listening to Jingles. Sometimes she’ll say: “Turn on the British guy”. Last night she admitted he sounded “kind of sexy”. 20 years as a sapper and now I have to put up with this from MrsEnzo and her gnome crush? Just…geee-zusss.

  5. Istvan Gabor Vida

    Jingles , you should print these famous battle end result pictures to fans

  6. Post game screen: Jingles od getting better at it?!

  7. Your mouse has a mousewheel for excel colums but not to mimic a captain using 5 different binoculars!

  8. Ah yes, the rear turrets numbered 1 and 2. As they usually are jingles.

  9. Have you ever thought some people don’t send in the battle results screen because of the fabulous artwork you produce?

  10. But no slander on the fact that he ran that mousewheel several miles in a single fight?

  11. Someone please tell skidooman that he can use the shift key to instantly zoom in/out of the binoculars lol

    The mousewheel scrolling makes me feel weird

  12. Great result for our protagonist here, but the scrolling is tough to watch. @Skidoo, the shift button would save you a couple of seconds scrolling before each shot.

  13. Ah yes, the Pennsylvania class Battleship Arizona, an “interwar” design that was used by the USN to train merchant gunners during the first years of her service, in the conflict known as WWI, You may be able to call the Tennessee class or Colorado class “interwar” ships but not the Nevada, Pennsylvania, or New Mexico classes of US Standards

    • Shh don’t interupt out overlord while he’s making a mistake we don’t want more time in the salt mines

  14. gurk_the_magnificent

    Not gonna lie, the artwork on these post-battle result screens has gotten a lot better

  15. Christopher Johnson

    With all the amazing post battle screen drawings Jingles, you might want to consider a coloring book for adults. 😀

  16. Greetings Jingles! Thank you so much for featuring my replay. Been watching your stuff since I started playing WOWS in Open Beta. I’m not the best player and don’t play often, but I do thoroughly enjoy the game. Truth be told I’ve always expected to see myself on your channel as one of the poor ships getting shot up by whatever protagonist you feature, not as the protagonist. And thanks to everyone for the advice about using the shift key, I’ll be sure to give that a shot in my future matches. Cheers everyone.

  17. Kartavian Macrath

    So… I just want to point out, that even though it is only mm, the Konigsberg can tank a tiny bit more than the Omaha… Yes, against 14 in shells it doesn’t matter, but the Omaha is just a destroyer with more guns, worse torps and a citadel, I am so glad to be past it. I suck at not being seen.

  18. Shining Darkness

    Good on that allied New Mexico captain for maintaining an effective crossfire with skidooman basically the entire game.

  19. The Huanghe had a good game too. He secured his third kill on the Devonshire before being sunk by skidoo. Also when is the world famous “Jingles Post-Battle Screen” merch coming out, cause I need that masterpiece on a shirt so I can wear it to work!!

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