World of Warships – In your FACE ship

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Some ships in WoWS are designed to be played IN YOUR FACE style. Still I see sometimes ppl playing them all the way in the back…pls don’t do this. THIS is how it works best.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. This video reminded me that I forgot to post new CoH video 😀

    Coming up today or tomorrow 😉

    • if you need help with bk mod, i will gladly help you guys. i m playing it for over 7 years now 😀 i can help you prevent desync problems

    • Hey Flambino why u dont use the wows mod then health bars of all ships are left and right it is better to plan the next step because u know all HP

    • FlambaFish ?

    • Try CoH2 with thr wikinger mod, it really fixes CoH2, i have like 1k hours of CoH on steam but man, i prefer the wikinger mod

  2. that moment when the lil sister gets all the love than the big sister and can shove a baguette right down your throat

  3. One major flaw of CoH – de-synching game engine… Reduce pop cap and graphic settings – this might help and also try beta BK Mod! 😉

  4. So I’m not the only one who experiences the game not allowing me to shoot -_-

  5. how does it feel to be a legend of the game?

  6. talking about in the face without a cv isn’t so hard ?

  7. General Grievous

    I love it when you try to speak german ?

  8. I play Alsace and this is how I want to play every game. But every time you aimed for the turrets you actually scored a hit of 5k damage, my shots would be either overpens or ricochet.

  9. Synchronized uselessness…..lololol

  10. synchronized uselessness….lol. now that is a phrase that should become permanently part of wows lexicon.

  11. Those 2 kills at the end were killsteals of mythic proportions.

    • At first I thought you were talking about Flambass, then I thought you were talking about his teammates (the 2 kills at 14:41 and 15:32), then I realized you were talking about Flambass all along, lol.

  12. Oh cool new Flambass video. Starts to watch. Oh it’s a Jean Bart game. pause. Gets popcorn. Starts watching agin.

  13. to bad about your blitzkrieg experience, last time i played it with a friend it was awesome. No desync or other issues either

  14. When you take 107 damage in a Jean Bart.

  15. The other team should be thankful there was no Queen music playing in the background..xD.

  16. When Jean Bart loses a turret that just means she’s in the perfect position to fight Massachussetts

  17. Sebastian Schmidt

    I’ve never had such problems with this Mod in years^^
    You just got too much salt into your interwebz, because of your regular and intense saltstreaming, I suppose.

  18. Classic ass kicking with one arm tied behind your back while distracted by a cat. Great job Flambass.

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