World of Warships- Incomparable Is Here! Update 11.0: What You Need To Know

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Hey guys! Today we go over the patch notes for update 11.0, enjoy!

Patch Notes:

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. asymmetric battle looks like can be a great way to grind T8 and T9 ships

  2. technolgy moved fast after ww2, i see no reason why instead of “super ships” we just can’t get new tier 10-15.

    • While yes, i agree, there needs to be a way for the players to restrict matchmaking. Entirely seperate queues or like checkboxes to enable / disable certain tiers.

    • @Onauc C The population is low as it is, splitting the playerbase in more queues would result in coop battle at T1-T5 and low populations plus longer queue times across the board

    • This is why they have to create a alternative world where things panned out differently. This is what Crimson Skies did, a postwar where USA lost and broke up, industrial centers became their own isolated nations. It’s a long stretch for WG to do that but whenever I hear “if missiles weren’t developed and guns kept getting bigger” they need to stick to it.
      Hypothetical idea: Countries were devastated after the war jet & rocket technology went the way of Greek fire, etc.
      WG should make a statement framing their game theater direction.

    • @Oleg Jakovljev Yea i know, that’s why i want it to be player-sided, so they can decide: do they value being highest tier so much that they are willing to wait in queue for 10 or so minutes? If they use regular (= current) matchmaking, they’ll get into matches much faster.
      Alternatively WG could / should introduce hard limits, especially that T7 can NEVER, EVER see T9 (2 module slots difference) and that T6 can not see T8 or only very, very, very rarely.

      I personally, in my T8+ ships don’t care to be high or low tier, but would definitely disable being uptiered in T7 and T6.

    • biggest issue would be how do you afford them? when tier 10 is a tough tier to make credits at and very easy to lose, they would either need to rework cost and payouts or the grind could be far worse than we’ve ever seen before if they just continue on a linier line.
      As far as splitting them into their own game mode. Isn’t that what the 3 tier restriction does? If all the make believe or futuristic ships are tier 12-15 then only tier 10 would have to deal with them. Tier 11 would be current superships.

  3. Mountbatten, GK and Khaba aren’t getting removed this patch but the next patch (0.11.1)

  4. I do like that the Pan-asian tree finally get a new techline (now hopefully Pan-europe gets cruisers) and they seem interresting. But i absolutely dislike you can just buy the tier 10, You should earn the tier 10 by grinding through a line, not buying it! And that the tier 9 will be in random bundles, it will be just gambling again like the previous new lines.

  5. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: GK and Khaba are leaving NEXT patch (11.1) NOT tomorrow

  6. I do not understand w G love of a losing economy in the game. I can see making one credit on a losing match at tier 10 but there’s no reason to have it negative and be so penalty it doesn’t help the grind it helps rage quit. The reason veteran players have stacked up so many credits is they have to keep go back and grind yet another new line. And five to seven you make money.

  7. I can see super ships gain a buff due to HE spam

    Also that mouse shake against the Napoli 🤣

  8. USS Kitty Hawk CV 63 is to be scrapped, Would you like her to be a museum ship or not. Maybe a super carrier in WoW’s lol

  9. I question whether the secondary “bug” was really a bug. It seems convenient that they’d have a bug which makes secondaries a lot better when they release a line of secondary battleships, which people will and have spent money on getting to T10.

    I question whether it may have been put in on purpose in the hopes that people would enjoy the German battlecruisers more and be more willing to spend money.

    • So what are the new battlecruisers bad now? Do players just need to get the secondary armament protection mod?

    • @Chris 88 I don’t know as I’ve hardly played them myself, but I imagine they’d be slightly worse now.

      It just seems like a bit of a coincidence and they hardly rushed to fix it. If it wasn’t a bug, maybe they were hoping no one would notice. And then they could stealth nerf them later once the event people were spending money on was over.

      After all the bug has hidden the true performance of these secondaries. For all I know, they might be knocked out as easily as the French ones.

      Or WG could be innocent and I’m just being overly pessimistic. I doubt we’ll ever know for sure and it’d hardly the worst thing they’ve done.

    • @ Joshua Lynas it’s one thing when one ship gets a buff then a nerf but it seems like it’s only Germany that gets an entire line released with cool things then they’re swatted from being anywhere close to the meta. DD line split, CVs, now Battlecruisers all subpar, not even a single ship to fear.

    • Don’t know anyone who thinks superships have been well received

    • @mike savage I can’t want to get an Annapolis. I’ve got Des Moines and Salem (I really like those ships) and can’t wait to add Annapolis to the mix.

  10. I hope f.sherman comes too, i saved coal just for her…
    And i hope sevastopol won’t need too long, i qm already farming RP for her, although she gets changed pretty much regularly.

  11. I’m really looking forward to Asymmetric Battles again. I thought that Game Mode was really fun!

  12. So, asymmetric battles are just like playing randoms at T7 with a really bad MM? I’ll take my chances with this mode.

  13. The more Asian cruiser we get, the more radar cruisers will counter them. Just equipped radar on Edinburgh.

  14. Will adding super ships mean tier 8 ships will be more viable? No more t8 v t10 if super ships are involving in the random match. WOW could make the game more fun by keep MM at a plus 1 or minus 1 tier competition in random battles.

  15. Remember that tokes like in the past should be buyable by dublons also… So t10 is all dubs spend on tokens +20k dubs

  16. “Jinan is not locked behind a paywall it’s locked behind a grindwall”

    I think what you mean is it’s not locked behind a LUCK-wall, but rather behind a paywall. WG said you can only reach the tier 6 ship from the bundles in the shop without paying, that means you have to pay for 2-3-4 or so bundles, which will cost you maybe 10-20k dubs, and then another 20k dubs for the tier 10. So in other words, rich people get to stomp others. I don’t know why Wargaming kept putting tier 10 ships behind bids or didn’t release them at all during events like these, but now they suddenly decide to lock the tier 9 behind random bundles and make the tier 10 for the rich people. It’s absurd and unfair for people who don’t have that kind of money but actually give a shit about the game.

    • wont be a stomp. looks just like an atlanta for T10 but with a lot more torps. they will be 1 shotted to death. but, they could be fun to play.

  17. It really wouldn’t surprise me if WG put the secondaries bug in the game on purpose. That way the community gets upset with “that” issue making it possible for WG to slot the new German secondary monster into the game without any hullabaloo as everyone is focused on the bug. Then patch the bug and the secondaries don’t seem that bad anymore 👋Very very sneaky indeed, diabolical even 👌

  18. Aysemetric battles! I see them almost any time I play a Tier VI or Tier VIII now! I kept track for a month and found if I played a Tier VI or VIII, I was bottom tier in 73% of the games and middle tier was 23%. I felt I was just put there to be a points farm for the top tier ships. Especially when there were only two to three bottom tier an equal number of middle tier and six or seven top tier!

  19. Getting tired of getting squeezed for DUBS every patch that comes out, and the ships are NOT that great. Plus, the minute you get it, they Nerf it, or power creep it to death. I think the Marlborough was the last straw. And why does every steel ship that comes out cost the most? How about some Tier 6,7,8 steel ships for 7500 to 15000 ?

  20. I have no interest in the Pan Asian line of the Super ships. so that saves me a lot of money. Will just keep working up the normal line I have not got. Thank you for giving this view of the update

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