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Despite an extremely dubious start, HMS Incomparable makes short work of all opposition in todays’ tier 10 ranked battle.

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  1. I saved my coal for absolutely ages just to get this ship. Bitterly disappointed when I found out that WG decided to make it only available for steel! Fingers crossed that they decide to come out with a RN battlecrusier line so I can get whatever the tier X tech tree equivalent will be.

  2. 10:53 “the Yueyang better have some flex tape” ,this made me laugh so hard

  3. I think he fired the torps exactly because there is no team damage anymore.

  4. Ships like this really show why there should be more ship classes ingame.

  5. The Mighty Jingles

    I show a player being an asshole without mentioning it. The Internet: “OMG Jingles how could you promote this disgraceful behaviour I thought you were better than this!”
    I show a player being an asshole and do mention it. The Internet: “It’s just a game, Jingles. Calm down.”
    Fucked if I do. Fucked if I don’t.,

  6. With Incomparable in the game, 1917 HMS Furious with the 2×18″ guns at T4 is only a logical follow-up.

  7. Aahh, the Incomparable. Jackie Fisher’s ultimate fever dream,

  8. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    I’ll be honest, If there’s no friendly fire, I really don’t get why you’d be so angry at him. It seems more like showing a middle finger: Still a douche move, but It really doesn’t seem that serious.

  9. The ship accelerates from zero to 20kts in like seconds. Fanstacially done.

  10. We’ve all been frustrated playing online games and I am just as guilty of being quick to anger as a lot of other people. The fact that sniper went back and apologised after battle on his own initiative shows he was just having a moment, and seems to not be a genuine a-hole. Good game, well played, and as always love your stuff jingles!

    • Sebastian Lehrbaum

      While true, the fact that he only apologised after winning with such a result does leave a sour taste that he might have just done it to have a chance at jingles showing it. I’m not saying he did, I’m saying he might have and it’s impossible to tell which it is unless he sends a lot of Screenshots of other apologies.

    • He also effectively apologised twice – after he was challenged about the torps. I’ve met people in real life who wouldn’t do that, never mind a game. Fair play to both of them, but yes it still wasn’t nice.

    • You can’t rule out that he knew he wanted to send the replay to Jingles, knew that Jingles would see his toxicity and therefore only apologised in an effort to get his replay shown.

  11. FDG has only 6 guns now? Strange how I’ve been managing to fire 8 the whole time I’ve had it.

  12. Funny enough, the speed boost was actually negatively impacting the incomparable’s ability to dodge the yueyangs torps at 10:31, because the speed boost is apparently bugged – watch flamu’s vid on it:

  13. Pfff. We recently played a round where I tried to grind out some upgrades for the Ranger. At some stage, our division noticed that our Prinz Heinrich had turned pink, but ignored it. Only later did we realise that that tool was busy sitting in the cap torpedoing me and shooting me, whenever his guns reloaded. We won handsomely, with me ending up somewhere in the lower half of the team list, while Mr. Pink had also managed to report me. Just for playing a carrier (which is not my main ship class, nor ever will be) while being neither very bad nor very good with it.
    As regards our Salt Mine Overlord: 6 guns on the FDG? 6 guns on the Leander? o_O never change, Jingles. The Zieten has six, yes, and the Huanghe, but they are ever so slightly different ships.

  14. If anything, showing this battle despite the incident – and the quick conversation from after the fact – makes this battle all the better. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone loses their temper at some point. It takes a real player to turn around and say “I’m sorry for what I did” and genuinely mean it.

    • @Justsaying Nor that he does this quite often and just “apologises”, rather than working on controlling his temper before losing it.

    • @Bill Browning hard to judge this after 10 min

    • Kristian Andreasen

      I would say his apologies isn’t a real apology. He says “you stopped right in front of me…”. The guy in front slowed down to stop, and he just sailed forward and didn’t turn, not until the last second. I could see that crash way earlier, and this guy should also.

    • @AnnexedCrown Yes it is.

    • @Kristian Andreasen eh? You don’t expect someone to stop so early in the battle. Also, this temper is tame compared to tanks. And this is ranked, so stakes are much higher.

  15. Now that there’s no friendly fire, sniper torping a teammate to no effect is barely a douchebag moment for me.

  16. Question on my understanding of judging the “incident”: why is the toro attack considered the worse part compared to the foul language? If it was still with team damage I would understand, but without damage, no real harm done, no? Or is this regarded as heavy disrespect in the wows pc community? I do only play wows console where there has never been team damage in standard and can from that perspective not catch the hard feeling.

    The foul language was crap, kudos for being a grown up and apologising.

    • Wows team damage always came from rogue torpedoes, intentional or unintentional.

    • @Sudipto SHP that part is clear, but as this is a thing of the past now, why is the team topping still considered so bad and even worse than the cussing?

    • @Rev personally i dont care too much about getting hit with torps on accident. Its a little frustrating if they were shot at a target and then someone gets in the way, but theres no penalty unless its an extreme amount of team killing. Most the time I get hit with friendly torps bc the target is already dead and then I dont want to change direction. Also, the ¨cussing¨ was basically nonexistent. He called the DM an idiot which is pretty mild for the NA server

    • I played WoWs several years ago on PC, lower tier before I got tired of being paywalled out of a supposedly free-to-play game. One time, I encountered a destroyer, already pink, who immediately claimed in chat that he would ‘kill us all for what we did’ or something like that, before beginning to light everyone up with his guns to little effect, since he chose battleships first. He died soon after plowing his ship into mine – not sure exactly how, I’m not sure that team ramming damage has _ever_ been in the game but he might’ve torpedoed someone and gotten slapped with damage reflection. While, from my newer perspective at the time, it was merely funny and a bit confusing, it was indeed rather disrespectful – this player takes a slot on our team, insults us extensively for no apparent reason, and then proceeds to waste time, effort, the heals of some ships, and his destroyer on… nothing. That’s not even something personal, which could and likely would be seen as even more disrespectful. So it can happen.

  17. had it been someone new I’d probably have clicked away, but for a returning star like sniper and with Uncle Jingles’ disclaimer active I’ll give the benefit of the doubt… and I agree, it was a good battle after that

  18. Just an FYI: When speed boost is “active” on the Incomparable, the ship’s acceleration is actually DECREASED to a significant degree — even when the “Brisk” commander skill is active. For example, it takes 5 full seconds longer to reach 15 knots (from a dead stop) when speed boost is active. Hopefully WeeGee will fix this bug soon.

  19. What do you mean completely unacceptable? He did absolutely nothing to the DM. Calling him an idiot was the worst thing he did. The torpedo thing did absolutely nothing. It was more of an additional “screw you” than anything. Sniper did nothing wrong IMO. Might have been a bit too harsh to the DM but that’s about it.

  20. “Leander only has 6 guns”

    Evidently, old age has set in and has made ship misidentification one of two problems for Jingles.

    Get the gun already and remember to set the safety to off this time.

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