World of Warships – Indianapolis Premium

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Indianapolis on Islands of Ice initially moves to capture the southeastern point with a couple friendly destroyers. We run into a good chunk of the enemy and attempt to hide from most enemy ships. I make use of radar, we spot out two enemy destroyers but lack the angle to take them out. The team moves to the middle as we attempt to take out enemy ships. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Cruiser Indianapolis Replay


  1. Brian Lock (神通)

    Kagero is nearly garbage now
    Shimakaze why? Fletcher

  2. Isn’t the Myoko stock detection like .7km better? It’s a T7 cruiser, won’t
    have amazing concealment.

  3. i wish that they get rid of the grey icons of sunken ships – you barely
    need that information and it is just flooding the minimap

  4. Never really mentioned anywhere but the Indy was the ship that carried the
    main parts of the first atomic bomb to Tinian Island.

  5. Got the Ship to help Commander skills etc.. Great Video. It is also
    important to tell others that your radar is going to be used if others are
    in position to fire. It does not last long.

  6. is this ship rly worth 32usd

  7. ハンセンウェスリー

    Alright Notser! I have to ask since you pretty much played all the ships,
    which one is your favorite or what’s your top 3 favs?

  8. No “concealment again” this time ?
    Where’s Notser ?!

  9. why have both radar and hydro

  10. the ship had 1196 men aboard when she sank, between 300 to 400 went down
    with the ship, roughly 800 to 900 went into the water. after 5 days, only
    318 were rescued, of which 2 died in a hospital on Guam. 880 men died
    altogether from torpedoes, sharks, drowning, exposure, murder and madness,
    among other reasons. such a tragic story

  11. on a bad note you have another treaty cruiser that is higher tier than a

  12. Use hydro before rounding the island.

  13. lol Hating and killing sharks for being sharks. What an impressive opinion.

  14. Sebastian Kassem

    Hey Notser I have a replay of my Tachibana. I had great game, kraken and
    many medals. I’ll send it to you.

  15. Really enjoyed the video Notser. Everything went right in my first Indy
    game; I had 3 kills, 117k damage, 5 fires and 8 citadels. It is a fun ship.

  16. Aw a shame this wasn’t the Indy game I saw you in, I was in my Tashkent
    yesterday and ran into you on the enemy team. I tried, I tried very hard to
    kill you. But I couldn’t focus on you, I was dealing with that Kiev and
    Hat. So every time they popped up I had to switch and deal with them.

    I am the one that said when you was shooting at me “Notser stop shooting
    me, I’m a follower” or something to that effect. It was nice to finally see
    you in a game. :)

  17. Christian Anibas

    Indeed the story of this ship is very sad. I played in a Furutaka today
    against an Indianapolis….pretty though, so I was sunk. I think its a very
    interesting ship in the game.

    By the way I also try to learn aiming as described. Very nice that you
    found that out Notser. And indeed I hit more already, especially when I
    play cruisers and battleships!!

  18. WindmillStalker

    I noticed you never pre-select ammunition. Could save you half a second on
    that reload…

  19. Notser the detection might not be very good but remember it is like 2km
    better than the Pensa, only pointing out for a tier 7 it’s detection is ok
    next to the other ships at that tier. I just is really bad next to the tier

  20. The Molotov rips through this ship like bullets through glass. It probably
    has a lot to do with opponent skill as well. Angling and so on. But I’ve
    gotten to where I specifically go after Indys in the Molly just because she
    eats them up so well. I know how it sounds, and “heeey no it doesn’t work
    that way”. I know. I know. Still.

  21. LeonaTimberCompany

    You forgot in your history that the Indianapolis was torpedoed just 4 days
    after it delivered the first atomic bomb to be dropped to Tinian Island.

  22. Notser, you should have used your Hydro, just in case a scenario just like
    that comes up.

  23. Sir Failalot The ll

    my indenapolis dosnt have radar…

  24. If that kagero had droped a wide spread there you would have died

  25. Playing against it the armor seems better than the pensa but hard to say

  26. Notser, would you be interested in a 311k dmg replay?

  27. Nosterism Number 23: Play the Objective; Play Smart

  28. That kagero die an honorable death, should have gone for a banzai ram after
    that one torp hits.

  29. my suggestion for the next couple videos mogami, cause we loved her so
    much, Nürnberg because germany ? and finally what about the Karl? ?
    Surely you can bring it so it works.


    how do i sent you a replay and what do i have to do

  31. Andhika nur Aulia

    Oh well, I’ll just wait for her to be available for doubloons *(:37L)*

  32. After the sinking of the Indianapolis, most sailors didn’t die because of
    the sharks. This is a common misconception. They died of dehydration,
    injuries, hypothermia, exhaustion, sunstrokes and even suicide while the
    sharks fed mainly on the dead bodies (there were only a few direct attacks
    by tiger sharks).

  33. Johannes “Jojo” Siemers

    I think you didn’t mention one interesting information. There will be a
    film about the incident: USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. It stars Nicolas
    Cage as Captain and will probably go straight to DVD. So I wouldn’t hope
    for a great film, but maybe it will be decent enough …

  34. Aren’t the guns on the Indianápolis better than the Pensa ? I thought they
    were the New Orleans guns !

  35. Henrik Rasmussen

    Hey Notser! Great video, i need to ask you a question you might get a lot:
    what benefit do you get for basic and advanced training when you are in a
    ship with main guns of over 139 mm? Other then secondary and AA buffs. Or
    is there something I’m missing?

  36. Hey Notser! Do you have any tips on how to play the current version of the
    Mogami? I just got it today and I don’t know if I should cry or learn to
    play it better…

    Keep up the good work!

  37. Additionally, in the history of this ship, the captain was the only
    commander court martialed in the war because he lost his ship to enemy
    action. Some say it was a personal vendetta against him, but he was found
    guilty. The Navy even brought the Japanese submarine commander that sunk
    the ship in to testify against him. It wasn’t until 1996 when President
    Clinton finally pardoned him, posthumously, of course. It’s a sad story all
    around, because the ship’s SOS was heard by three stations, none of which
    responded to it.

    Unrelated to the real ship’s history, the rudder shift on the Indy is
    actually four seconds slower unmodified. Stock rudder shift is 9ish
    seconds, Pensacola goes down to 5.7? seconds on the B hull.

  38. Ironically i was in a match against an Indianapolis today, I was in my
    Cleveland trying to burn as many things as possible and this Indy turns up.
    We exchange fire and in fairness the guy is whipping the floor with me. I
    notice we were getting really close so thought…sodd it “all ahead full,
    RAMMING SPEED” and took him out…felt sorry for the guy as I asked later
    on in chat how the Indy was and he said he didn’t know cuz it was his first
    game in it

  39. bandgeekforever100

    Can I add you on world of warships?

  40. looks like a solid ship to buy. im thinking of a new prem ship. shall i go
    for this or the atlanta, what do you think?

  41. Hmm..Now the servers will be flooded with Indianapolis =)….good i got one
    myself xD

  42. Finandi Amartyadeva

    notser, notser..pls make a video of you citadels a BB with cruisers..

  43. Man, I saw that Kagero popping up from the island from a mile.

  44. That kagero should have turned in and closed to within .5 km and
    annihilated you….. The banzai run in ijn dds is very underrated. I
    practice in the tachibanana when I need creds :D

  45. can this ship print credits?

  46. Actually sharks were only one factor, most died of exposure, dehydration
    and hypernatraemia (drinking salt water is a bad idea). They were only
    spotted 3,5 days after the ship went down and had to survive on whatever
    rations were floating among the debris, with an insufficient amount of life
    boats and life rafts for ultimately 4 days in the water. Sharks were a
    comparatively minor factor in actually killing the sailors, but they most
    certainly gorged themselves on the dead sailors.

  47. is running into enemy’s dead body considered a pull-a-notser?

  48. Killed by sharks is hollywood BS. Sharks did go after the dead bodies. Read
    it up

  49. I have just purchased it – thank you for your reviews on this ship.

  50. Sunk after transporting a nuclear bomb through Pacific. One would say that
    it was a fate.

  51. why are premium ships so OP … this thing has everything over the other t7

  52. RNGesus_Taketh_Away

    Lol uploaded 57s ago. Hey dude n_n

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