World of Warships – Indianapolis Review UPDATE – Much Better!!

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The protection issue has been FIXED!! I go over her strengths, weaknesses, module and captain choices. I also provide a few suggestions on how she should be played. Now that her armour is fixed, the Indianapolis can be played much more aggressively when she is top tier, however you should still avoid battleships if you can. In the event you are bottom tier against tier 8 and 9 ships, the Indianapolis should be played as a support cruiser. Still, she has definitely improved and should be quite a good ship to play. Anyways, enjoy the review 😀

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  1. I always wonder hwo you can rack up these citadell hits. That’s amazing.

  2. Thanks for that update! I love my Pensacola, so its defenitely a go. :D

  3. atago or this ship?

  4. Outwardpanicjoe

    So do you think it’s worth it now chase ? And look like the armor might
    bounce a few cruiser or DD AP shells now ??

  5. Sean Henry (RushGaming)

    Thanks for the update.

  6. everyone I need help on my channel plz

  7. Chase, could you test Indianapolis As vs Atlanta as? pls!? I want to decide
    what to purchase. Keep up your videos can!

  8. Chase, Great Review and match but i have a question, what mod do you use
    that makes the ships show up on the side of the screen? I’m currently using
    aslains but not quite sure which to select for that. if you could help that
    would be great, keep making good videos :)

  9. Very happy to see you back

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    and see you there.

  11. “I suck at times at aiming!” – *has 13 citadels*

  12. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    hey chase I just got flagged for TKing because a friendly on 607 HP came in
    front of my kawachi when there was an enemy BB 2.7 KM away, and you know
    how it goes, my secondaries killed him and so I lose 10000 credits and 150
    XP and flagged pink for AI’s mistake… what do ido?

  13. Thanks for the update! Looks better now. Fun to read the chat 🙂 You very
    active answering questions :)

  14. this or the atlanta? both cost $35 at the moment

  15. Since the Indianapolis is tier 7, does that mean that the Altanta will be

  16. Yo chase does Citadel Overpen actually possible?

  17. A Pensacola could be penned by a rabbit on the shore throwing rocks. :p

  18. Der Wahre Hunter

    the only question is: how long will it be good xD,

  19. Indianapolis now on sale in NA for $45.60 cdn. Atlanta sells for $53.64
    cdn. Not a tough choice. :-)

  20. YAY! thats me in the video Ninja_Chacha. :D

  21. Hey Chase, any idea when they will be introducing the ship into the game?

  22. I had in a situation that an almost bow in Pepsi and I can multiple
    citadels him with AP on Kutuzov. Caliber definitely smaller than Indi. That
    Pepsi is basically a floating citadel 😀 Also, dispersion on this ship feel
    like Zao, especially that final salvo!

  23. more armor
    better concealment
    extra 1 gun at bow

    i like Pensacola and will get this ship.

  24. Iowegian Immigrant

    What mods do you use?

  25. Should I get the Molotov or Indianapolis ?? I like how both the Pensacola
    and Kirov plays so am kinda torn between choosing.

  26. Thanks for the updated review, iChase. After the first review, I was
    definitely a no-go for this ship, but now she is looking far more
    attractive. Keep up the great videos!

  27. clayton eutermark

    Does the indy still have the 16mm armor at the bow and stern or was that

  28. cool video Chase!

  29. Thank yo man. Scared of the armor protectio, but now im probably going to
    buy it. Hopefully you dont get stabed by a kid today. lol

  30. Hi Chase. I have 2 replays for you to look at. Kongo Bongo in a T7 match
    and a Mini with 10K+ EXP.
    Maybe these will be helpful for your subscribers. Also fun to watch.
    Puddhead – Patreon

  31. Uploaded on the same day as Eurobeat? World of Indianapolis incoming?

  32. thanks for the video chase, appreciated!
    however I have a little question in yankees’ 203s penetration ability when
    it comes to against angled ships.
    I really think that citadel you did was simply due to the lack of armour on
    a pensacola. While I was working my way up from pensa to now in a baltimore
    (still suffering from it…) I find US 203s having “just” about average
    penetration, whereas no problem when target showing broadside, but a pain
    in the as* when them angled or bowed in.
    Just expressing my own opinion&experience, no offense. 🙂

    always enjoyed ur video, keep up the good work~

  33. Thanks for the update. You mentioned being top tier.

    ? I played 10 games yesterday and I was top tier in only 1. One was a T10
    battle so don’t count. This happens more often than not. Also my 1st game
    of the day seems that I always get pulled up 2 tiers. Anyone else have this


    Good review , thank you. I had a game yesterday were I got a detonation on
    a Cleveland with HE from my NY in the first minute of game play !? Never
    thought it possible? According to the other player I hit him on one of his
    rear turrets.

  35. The Indianapolis could never replace the Atlanta in my port

  36. Which ship would win in a pure head-on duel, the New Orleans or the


    Indianapolis can be very good in team games or rank battles, a DD hunter
    and a crusier killer. I want that ship now! Thanks for the update Review
    Chase ^_-

  38. The Nick Holland

    greetings from India on the NA server?

  39. When will it be released to the SEA servers?

  40. Vladimir Efimov

    I guess I’ll buy this ship only if it’s cheap, I already have Marblehead as
    a trainer and I don’t really need another US premium cruiser. For credits
    gathering I’m waiting for a high tier premium destroyer that I can use with
    my already trained captains, not like the currently available isolated
    ships of nations with no tech-trees.

  41. Nice ship and review. As a Minekaze player gonna have to read up about
    radar, didn’t know they had that in the game!

  42. As much as I like the additions of new premiums, I can’t help thinking WG
    has some of their priorities in the wrong place. I would much prefer they
    focus on adding regular ships and new tech trees.. Such as the Royal Navy!!
    Yes.. Yes.. I’m British so obviously I’ll complain that they haven’t added
    the worlds oldest and largest (at the times this game was set) navy *sarcasm

    Also on another point, the premiums being introduced into the game seem to
    be, in some cases, better than the equivalent regular ships. If you look at
    the “dream team” show games at the eSports event in Poland a few months
    ago, nearly every ship was a premium. iChase – what are your thoughts on
    this? Is there a danger of the game becoming pay2win?

  43. it did be sad to see if the Atlanta end up left FUBAR like the kitakami and
    got removed in the future whereas the Indianapolis took her place: afterall
    I would rather prefer a unique weaponry layout ship as a Prem rather than
    having a slight buffed/modded ship of a specific class, much like the
    Atago, while being s takao class CA but by all means weaponry wise is just
    another Myoko class with a little better performance and up a tier. If they
    did use the Remodeled AA cruiser Maya instead I did be happy, just like
    where Atlanta, while being magneto to all hurts but least to say she’s one
    heck of a AA dark zone.

  44. at times we all suck

  45. Hey Ichase remember the pts talk for 0.5.5 you mentioned the kagero toros
    going 81 knots or something like that. Can you show a video of it?

  46. From what it seems the Indianapolis is like the New Orleans, layout of AA
    and guns, but with Pensicola health; funny thought though, at tier 8 non of
    the Destroyers seem to be able to counter radar, or even expect radar to be
    used against them.

    Love the videos Ichase

  47. Warner Moczulski

    So how does it compare to Pensacola and New Orleans, I love both ships

  48. Tommy Biltcliff

    When is it getting released?

  49. Kudos! You said you would update when info came available and you did.
    Thanks. Good to hear your voice without the trauma.

  50. whats with that waterline issue so frequently? they dont see the paint job?

  51. LimitlessWorld747

    How do i sent replays? DO i need to record replay and send that or can i
    send the raw “.wowsreplay” file?

  52. Ghetto Gaming XIV

    Does a 147k damage game in Minekaze sound good to send it?

  53. I wish I could trade in my Atlanta straight across for her.

  54. much better…if u no see any bb in all round u can’t say that is much
    better, it’s only about a tVII cruiser raping others tV-tVI cruisers.

  55. “The Indie was too fragile and took citadels from everything, but it’s been
    fixed now.”
    Meanwhile on the Pensacola…

  56. 12:28 You don’t suck at aiming, pretty sure AP and HE shell velocities are
    different enough to make switching shell types disorienting at first.

  57. Fighterpilot555

    Maybe we could make the Houston, a Northampton class, into a tier 6 cruiser?
    (her number 3 turret will either be permanently unusable or really weak
    compared to number 1 or number 2 turrets.)

  58. The indy is front armored according to jingles, no?

  59. It’s still so very sad that little 6 and 8 inch Cruiser guns perform SO
    MUCH BETTER than anything carried by Battleships… Twice the firepower per
    gun, twice the guns, twice the firing rate, 10x the accuracy…

  60. the airbornepotato

    Who is ready for the Nic Cage Indianapolis movie? For the PBY they wrecked,
    I hope it is… But its Nic Cage, so….

  61. have you ever talked to the devs about the state off the montana chase?

  62. I am curious about how my play-style will change when I get to the
    high-tier cruisers with half decent armour. At present, with my T6
    cruisers, I prefer to dodge and dance like a drunk ballerina. Angling
    against even 6 inch AP rarely seems to help in the T6s. I do wonder just
    how effective the heavy cruisers can be when forced to tank against other

  63. Good second review. Thanks man.

  64. Schools Undefiable

    Is the atlanta being replaced by the Indianapolis, or is the Indi becoming
    a new T7 premium cruiser?

  65. I will do you all favor, and not buy her. Whenever I buy a premium ship,
    never fail they nerf It. For me It’s a sucker bet.

  66. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    An equally important question: is it balanced?
    It seems to basically be a Pensacola with better armour, range, guns and
    detection and slightly less health.
    Oh and radar.

  67. Welcome back, Chase. This update is encouraging to hear. LWM & Lert’s
    review seemed to be rather unfavorable. One even mentioned the Atlanta was
    preferable in terms of being a fun ship, if I remember right.

    That seems like a solid amount of credits, what’s your impression of
    Indianapolis as a credit earner?

  68. Thanks Chase, for not just sorting thru the bull and giving us a
    level-headed analysis of this ship – but also taking the time to test out
    it’s bugs, sending in the reports to get them fixed, and helping those of
    us who might end up spending money get a decent ship – thanks for all your

    At the end of the day, when considering whether or not to buy a premium
    ship, I usually end up watching your detailed analysis to see what makes
    the ship tick, if it’s balanced, any features I might find a turn-off, if
    it would fit my playstyle – and then I watch what Jingles has to say, to
    see whether or not it would be a “fun” ship to play. LOL, as crazy as that
    sounds, it works for me – because at the end of the day, I play this game
    for enjoyment and to have fun – it could be the best ship in the game, but
    what’s the point of buying it if it’s only going to sit in your port
    because you don’t enjoy playing it?

    The Indy certainly seems to have generated some divided opinions – on the
    NA forum, they’re basically saying the ship is crap, along with all other
    high tier USN cruisers – mediocre armor, mediocre guns, long reload, floaty
    shell arcs, it’s not fast enough, rudder shift is too slow, it’s radar is
    worthless, an Atlanta would be more fun to play, it dies to BB’s and HE, it
    doesn’t have torps, etc – IOW, it’s not armored like a Budy and doesn’t
    have Tier 9 rail guns like a Molotov.

    OTOH, you, Jingles, and Flamu have noted that while it does have it’s
    weaknesses, it also has redeeming features – in particular it’s guns – even
    Flamu saying it had “strong” guns and “very strong” AP performance. Hell,
    when even Jingles can regularly score citadels with these guns…. And for
    my part, I’ve never found what are basically the same guns on the Pensacola
    to be lacking in any respect.

  69. Appreciate the update on this ship Chase. It is good to hear that the devs
    admitted there was an issue with armor protection. Now, I really look
    forward to getting this one in my port.

  70. springie bonnie

    +ichasegaming i love ur vuds man keep up the good work bro :)

  71. DutchGamerBrothers

    I’ll stick to my Atlanta, I don’t like this ship

  72. Hey iChase are you going to do a summary update video about the buffs on
    the US Battleships? Is the Montana worth grinding for now?

  73. Greetings to you too India.

  74. Cant wait for this ship :D. considering I loved the Pepsi I think the
    advantages that the INDI brings will just up my Pepsi play style

  75. Nice video, Chase. You got a new sub.
    Also, considering that the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland is
    coming this Tuesday-Wednesday, do you think WarGaming will release any new
    content for that day?

  76. Should I buy a trpiz?

  77. “But the Indianapolis even right now still feels strangely vulnerable to
    rapid fire 152mm guns…”

    That goes beyond game mechanics. Factually the majority of cruiser building
    navies gave up building 203mm / 8 inch cruisers in the 1920s and went on to
    building 152mm gun cruisers by the 1930s.
    They are more economical to built and more economical to man and in both
    peace and war time proven that return to investment isn’t that different
    from their more expensive 8 inch counterpart.
    Plus in the 30s the Royal Navy realized that a large 152mm cruiser has more
    damage output at brawling ranges than a similar sized cruiser with 8 inch
    guns and that’s why they build the large Town class cruisers.
    RN had 8 inch heavy cruisers on paper Pre WW2 but didn’t have the money to
    build a fleet of them (at least 15,000 tons each).

    Germany was the last Euro nation to put 8 inch cruisers to water but even
    they lost interest to finish the class.
    The last 2 members of the Hippers were never completed (Seydlitz was 95%
    finished when work stopped on her) .
    Their PLAN-Z had no Hipper successor.

    Japan like the US seriously kept its interest in building future 8 inch
    cruisers but in Japan’s case found out the hard way that they couldn’t
    built Heavy Cruisers and Yamatos at the same time.
    Their last attempt in heavy cruiser construction was only possible when
    further construction on the remaining Yamato sisters stopped but during
    wartime was not possible to complete the Ibuki. Ibuki’s sister was never
    laid down.

    Only America was financially capable and INSANE enough to keep pressing on
    with the Baltimore 203mm cruisers while at the same time maintaining a
    separate light (152mm) cruiser line that’s over Treaty Limits (Clevelands
    and Brooklyns).
    America even build a separate Battlecruiser line which was the Alaska
    (Had WW2 not broken out in ’39 there would have been a Battlecruiser Naval
    Race which included the Netherlands)
    America was that BADASS with cruiser production.

  78. Alexander Stephenson

    Nice to see you back in a chirpy mood Chase hope all stays this way as
    usual thoroughly enjoy your channel

  79. looks like i go and get a new prem AGAIN =)

  80. 13 citadel hits?! Good grief!!!!!

  81. I was gonna get one anyway, cuz I figured WG would fix it eventually after
    all the complaints rolled in.

  82. When will we be able to purchase this ship Chase?

  83. chase when i see the f2h in the intro i cry everytime

  84. wow.. the armour in the first 5 minutes is beast.. it looks like a huge

  85. What about the center area which is flat. Is that still easy to pen and do
    boat loads of damage?

  86. Thanks for the update iChase, glad you’re feeling better after the events
    from the other day :). Will definitely consider picking this one up,
    especially for the tears of lower tier DD’s raging that there was “no way
    you could spot me” with radar *trolololol*.

  87. American Molotov?

  88. Good video!

  89. So it isn’t a glass cannon?

  90. Nice, keep them coming.

  91. Just in time for ranked.

  92. Chase, what is your opinion on the cleveland? I personally think it is
    quite OP, but what do you think?

  93. so they community come out and say the cambeltown is no good and nothing
    happens but when the community cry about the Indianapolis everything is

  94. is this a contest of who is first?

  95. Teertho Bhattacharya

    i was here at 32

  96. Wow I’m early at 93 views.

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